Sacred Geometry - Designs of Creation and the Symbols of Wholeness

Sacred geometry symbols come from the patterns of nature, spirit, and various mystical concepts. Behind all sacred geometric symbols is the knowledge that enables us to take complete control over our lives, taking us out of chaos, fear and hatred which affect so many of us. According to ancient wisdom, all is one! In truth, there is only a "Oneness" or a great wholeness at the foundation of all creation and this "Oneness" can be illustrated by the symbols of sacred geometry.

All peoples and all religions are from one and the same source (God) and we are all together in this vast quantum ocean (the Zero Point Field) of timeless love. The universal and timeless designs of sacred geometry have been created by artists for thousands of years to represent their ancient knowledge derived from thousands of years of mystical experience.

A perfect example of a sacred geometry symbol is The Tree of Life which is considered the most sacred geometry symbol. The Tree of Life is also one of the most familiar of the Sacred Geometry Symbols. The Tree of Life configuration forms the key to God's original creation. The Tree of Life is often used in the Kabbalah teachings as a sign of unity and love. Even though the structure of The Tree of Life is connected to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah it can also be seen in other traditions such as the ancient Egyptian. The Tree of Life is explained in the Sefer Yetzira or "Book of Creation." The book explained the creation as a process involving the ten divine numbers (sefirot) of God the Creator and the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The ten sefirot together with the twenty-two letters constitute the "thirty-two paths of secret wisdom."

The Flower of Life is another outstanding example of sacred geometry. It is a beautiful circle containing thirteen spheres that hold many mathematical and geometrical laws. The overall effect creates nineteen flowers with six petals each. The Flower of Life can be found in all the major religions of the world and can be seen in many of the ancient temples of the world.

Quantum physics will someday be much more fully understood through the study of geometrics and higher dimensions. All of nature ultimately has the origin of its expression through sacred (eternal) geometry. All the laws of the universe are based on the quantum interaction of geometric energies of various dimensions. Math is a universal language, and geometry is a way of expressing that language. Geometry is the organization of space within which all objects happen. Every object is geometrical. Every natural object has geometry built into its very structure. The electron clouds that make up the shapes of every atom, for instance must be in the form of three-dimensional patterns. And, of course, all solid objects are made up of these geometrically shaped atoms.

Amazing works of art have been mysteriously appearing throughout the world in cropland such as cornfields, etc. Whether they are just the result of ordinary human artists or not, crop circles have inspired millions with their beauty and elegance and possible otherworldly origin. Many UFO sightings, alien sightings, and other unusual phenomenon have been seen and felt around or near crop circles. The crop circles are a universal art form thriving on mystery and anonymity. Crop circles do sometimes appear to mimic atoms or the orbits of alien solar systems. If intelligent life from other worlds and dimensions is visiting the planet we live on, then most likely they are wisely remaining hidden and obscure until humankind is ready to evolve out of the darkness and conceitedness it has struggled with for centuries. It has been said by Bashar (Channeled through Darryl Anka) that in 2012, an "extraterrestrial quarantine" will end and Earth will from then be considered "safe" for visitors from other worlds to land on.

The universe is consciousness learning about itself. One can see in the beautiful and universal designs of sacred geometry the connectedness of all things. Sacred geometry embodies the notion that all of nature is organized geometrically. And all this geometry is not limited to the third dimension, but possibly extends into countless other dimensions and even the dimensions of the spirit or soul. What happens when one closes one's eyes in front of a strobe light? One sees something quite remarkable: amazing geometric patterns and swirls very similar to some of the designs found in crop circles and in the Flower of Life that timeless geometric symbol often found on the floors and walls of of some of the most ancient temples ever discovered. The universe is consciousness learning about itself!

Geometry is the ultimate basis of all reality. It is only through the dimensions of geometric space that all things interact in an orderly pattern just as a geodesic sphere, all life forms, and natural crystal structures for example reflect various universal laws such as those of mathematics and those of physics.

What is energy? An object with energy is a three-dimensional object in motion: either spinning, moving through space or both. In the real world, the fourth dimension (or fourth direction) of time is essential if any sort of motion is to exist. Energy is therefore nothing more than four-dimensional geometry! There really is no motion, only in the way a four-dimensional object is observed makes it appear that it is in motion. The real source of all energy lies in the interaction of the higher dimensions of space with the lower ones. The real source of all intelligent design lies in the formation of geometric shapes (such as crystals) as they interpenetrate all the dimensions of space. Geometry becomes sacred when it is studied (observed) in the context of universal spiritual truth.

The realm of three dimensional space seems to extend outward forever. However, the fourth dimension which is time also seems to go on forever, but it eventually must, by its sheer gravitational weight, spiral into itself back toward the past over a distance of billions of light years as each cycle of creation repeats itself perhaps in a slightly different way each time. However the fifth dimension, which is the abode of all possible motions, and having infinite potential energy, because it's so concentrated and so heavy, must by its own sheer weight immediately collapse and therefore curl back into itself within the distance of an atom's width.

All space has the bizarre property of having an electromagnetic shimmering at subatomic distances creating a constant "white noise" sound that can be heard between stations on any FM radio. Zero point (or "free") energy is therefore not just a theory, but something that can actually be observed, measured, and oftentimes heard on any FM radio. There is almost unlimited energy available within every cubic meter of space. The only things preventing its full utilization is skepticism, its extremely fine level of extension, and the right technology.

The realm of the atom is the gateway to higher dimensions beyond the four of space and time. At atomic scales all kinds of bizarre things happen: quantum particles reappear and disappear, waves become particles and particles turn back into waves, all causation melts into probability (either location or velocity is allowed but never both), and time often comes to a stop, is distorted, or even sometimes goes slightly in reverse. Subatomic particles are so minute that they easily fit in and exist well within the vibratory influence of the waves, twists and turns (multidimensional geometric curls) of space-time extending into the five dimensions of all probabilities and possibilities beyond time and space. Under the influence of zero point energy, subatomic particles jump around at an incredible speed giving them many times more mass and far more solidity than they would if no five dimensions existed.

The complex geometry of five dimensional space, where the uncertainty principle causes tremendous turbulence, is an everlasting source of energy that sustains all the building blocks (atoms) of creation. If this were not so, what would sustain electrons in their orbits? How or where would energy even exist or come about in the first place? The five-dimensional geometry of subatomic space is the ultimate source of all energy. Five-dimensional geometry is not only the source of all creation, but is also the sustainer of all creation which in turn is sustained from higher sources such as the sixth, seventh, eighth and even higher dimensions each being many times more tightly curled and concentrated as the number increases. Any particle of matter is where electromagnetic energy (light) has "lodged" into one of these multidimensional geometric curls.

The sequence of higher dimensions of sacred geometry may go on forever, however each one collapses into much more concentrated and much tighter and finer vortices than the ones beneath them in a way similar to the fractal images created by mathematicians using modern computers. The three and four dimensions of space is the familiar reality of life and its history, however, the fifth dimension is the cosmic borderline where time, space and causation start breaking down into a universal oneness or wholeness. The gateway of the fifth dimension is an "event horizon" into eternity. Rather than being an eternity of chaos, it is an eternity of perfect order or perfect, transcendental (sacred) geometry. Beyond the four dimensions of time and space, lie the higher dimensions of reality where there is no more distance inverse to the square, no more cause and effect, only an eternal consciousness, perfect stillness, wonderful wholeness, and infinite knowledge where any part of creation can be explored and enjoyed from a single point of perfect love. The psychic phenomena of remote viewing and astral projection and the yogic powers of seeing and hearing at a distance are all evidence of the existence of this great truth.

All matter is electromagnetic energy (or light) trapped inside higher dimensions of space. The geometric organization of higher dimensions embedded in space is the source of all consciousness, intelligence and energy. The ancient and timeless symbols of sacred geometry intuitively mimics the great designs of creation from the higher dimensions of subatomic energy structures to the forms often seen in crystals and even life itself such as the nautilus shell and the pattern on the shell of a tortoise.

More information and movies related to the above article can be found here Sacred Geometry

Russell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has dedicated his life to finding wholeness and is living the "wholeness" lifestyle. His website, Science of Wholeness is a spiritual and nutritional information and research center dedicated to helping you find your keys to wholeness (everlasting joy, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). Wholeness can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the different aspects of wholeness but also all the different ways toward wholeness. There is no greater thing of beauty, value and joy as wholeness! The rest of his original articles and his free online book, Science of Wholeness I & II can be found here Wholeness Site Map

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A link that relates sacred geometry and physics very well I feel.

Thanks for the resource!
As always Leila a wonderfully thought provoking post! BB...~M~

I am quite surprised and honored to find my own portrait, article, and links to one of my websites here! Thanks very much Leila for doing this! I only joined a few hours ago and am still exploring the temple halls of your amazingly beautiful website.

It's a pleasure Russell, we're honoured to have you join us. Looking very much forward to sharing in times to come.

Is there symbolic significance to a cross within a triangle?

Also does the number 5.55 have special meaning?


Hope you don't mind that I've asked these questions.  Thanks for your response.



This? Where did you see the symbol and number? 8)


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