Whether the source of our troubles comes from within ourselves, or outside threats, this magick severs all connections or control they hold over us. This spell casting ritual calls upon the aid of planetary Saturn, Mars and Venus to break the chains which bind us to worry, fear and self-defeating thoughts. Bind, banish and nullify the effects of whatever is hindering your freedom by casting this Worry Jar Binding Spell during a Dark Moon.

Worry Jar Binding Spell for a Dark Moon

Material and Tools to Gather

All of the magickal correspondences mentioned here can be easily found in the book: Llewellyn’s Complete book of Correspondences: A comprehensive & Cross-Referenced Resource for Pagans and Wiccans, by Sandra Kynes. If you don’t have the exact material called for here, find a substitution from the same planetary or elemental power.

  • Recycled glass jar with tightly sealing lid- Tomato Sauce jar, or pickle jar will work fine.
  • Red candle burning, calling elemental fire energies to be present.
  • Slips of Paper: Cut up brown craft paper from a grocery store bag is perfect. Construction paper is fine.
  • Black Ink Pen.
  • 13 Iron or Steel Nails or screws. You can also use anything that would “cut” like razor blades or old knives. Rusty and treacherous is all the better. We call the powers of Planetary Mars through the iron content.
  • 1 cup of sea salt (Elemental Earth)
  • 29 black peppercorns (Mars, Fire) Aids in bindings, banishing, justice, security, strength.
  • 3 stems of roses with sharp thorns (Venus)
  • 3 branches of flowering blackberry (if they are in season), or a tablespoon of dried Blackberry leaf. (Venus, Moon, Water) Aids with releasing attachments, death, protection, inner purification.
  • 3 garlic cloves (Mars, Fire) Aids with anxiety, banish, courage, defense, fear, envy, healing, hex-breaking, justice, release, protection from baneful magick.
  • 8 Black Tourmaline chips or small chunks. (Saturn) Banish, neutralize bane, grounding.
  • 3 slices of ginger root (Mars, Fire) Aids with courage, hex-breaking, power, inner purification.
  • black tea-light or 4″ chime candle. Saturn. The color black absorbs all light.
  • any anointing oil prepared for protection, with Saturn or Mars associations.
  • 18″ square of black cotton fabric, like a bandana, or cut the back out of an old T-shirt.
  • 3 yards (9 feet) of black leather cord (animal)
  • Your piss, fresh from the tap (that would be you.) (or White Vinegar, but really?)
  • Athame, aul, or iron nail for inscribing.

The video below is a demonstration of this spell-working on my YouTube Channel. The details are slightly different, but the technique is demonstrated. There is also an in-depth conversation on magickal timing, and about the complicated mental and ethical issues surrounding cursing or hexing. This spell could be used to break a hex or curse regardless of the source of the worries you need to release. Our own self-defeating thoughts are usually our biggest down-fall. I wrote an article on that which I recommend you read first here: Breaking the Chains of a Magikal Curse. 

Binding Spell-Casting Ritual

This spell is best done during the fourth, waning quarter of the moon, preferably on a Tuesday for Mars, or Saturday for Saturn. Create sacred space as you normally do, make sure to call the powers of fire to be present, lighting a red candle. (you’ll need to pour out some red liquid wax later.) Lay the fabric out on your working altar. Place the jar in center of the fabric. Gather all other ingredients and materials around.

Consider all the worries, fears, addictions, or baneful connections that you wish to release from your life entirely. If you fear that some baneful hex or curse has been cast against you, that could also be broken. On a strip of paper, write each worry, fear, or potential harm from which you seek protection. State them aloud, followed by, “You are banished from my life.” Then drop the paper into the jar.

Awaken each plant and mineral ally to their purpose, dropping them into the jar. Call each spirit ally according to their purpose: of release, binding, order, and banishing of Saturn, or their defense and protection of Mars, or their tough love (but gentle) tending of boundaries of Venus, transmuting fear into Divine love.

Pour in the salt, calling earth to purify and nullify all bane within the jar.

Anoint the candle widdershins (counter-clockwise) charging to bind all harms, and draw the lingering connections they hold over you into the jar. See the candle like a black-hole absorbing harmful causes, and nullifying their effect on all levels of your being, for the highest good of all involved. Carefully set the candle on top of the salt inside the jar, and light it.

For at least 29 minutes (number of years of Saturn’s revolution) tend the burning candle, while visualizing the release of all worry and bane in your life, seeing the attachments they represent being pulled into the jar, and transmuted by the flame. Cry, sing, chant, dance, do whatever you have to do to raise power. Cut all ties to what worries lie within, and push that desire into the jar. Take care that nothing else in the jar ignites. You have to watch the burning the entire spell-working, so settle-in. 4th rule of witchcraft: Must be present to win.

With the jar lid, smother the flame. Then open again and piss in that jar. Own it like the Alpha-Boss you are. Urine is sterile, acidic, and represents your toxic physical refuse now released, but also your muddied emotional waters. In a primal, animalistic way you just exerted your authority over this territory. It isn’t witchcraft until it gets visceral, so don’t be squeamish now. If for some reason urinating in the jar isn’t possible for you, fill to the top with white vinegar.

Reseal the jar. Pour the red wax from the fire candle onto the lid. With your athame, aul or a steel nail, draw into the semi-firm wax a banishing pentacle, announcing “I banish you, I banish you, I banish you. So mote it be.”

Fold up the corners of the fabric, to wrap around the jar. With the black leather cord, leaving a tail of free cord at the top, begin wrapping around the jar starting around the lid, hopefully making 29 revolutions of cord down the jar, chanting as you go, “I wind, I bind, this spell be mine…” (in the video I only made it to 13 before my cord ran out. That is good, too.)  Take up both ends of cord at the end, and tie three knots together, chanting “one, two, three, so mote it be.” Thanks to Orion Foxwood for that charm.

End with “The work is complete.” Clap your hands three times.

On the day of the dark moon (Sun and moon conjunct in the same zodiac sign), take the bundle to a wooded place far from your home or property. Find a tree of Saturn, and ask for this plant priest’s aid in putting the contents of the jar into proper karmic order.

Trees of Saturn include aspen, beech, blackthorn, cypress, elm, fir, holly, magnolia, mesquite, mimosa, pine, poplar, roman, witch hazel and yew. If the tree agrees, pour out an offering of fresh water with your gratitude. Carefully bury the bundle out in the roots of the tree. Rearrange the soil, leaves, stones and other debris such that the burial place cannot be found again.

Stand tall and proud, stamp your foot three times and repeat with authority: “Above and below, within and without, I am free and sovereign. I am secure on all levels, harming none. The work is complete.” Again, clap your hands three times. Turn widdershins on the spot. “So mote it be”

Leave that place; do not look back; do not return; do not think of it again; be free.

~Heron Michelle

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