I really couldn’t figure out what to write about, so I’ve been quiet for a while. Actually, that’s not true, I could think of tons of things to write about, I just couldn’t decide where to start and what would be good for our current situation. There’s a need to feel like one is contributing in such situations, ya know? So, I’ve been working on a small collection of many of the spells I’ve created for Llewellyn over the years. Sharing some of those with you here seemed like a good thing to do. And so, I present some simple spells to get through this. Some help with healing energy and keeping loved ones safe and some are simply for smoothing over frangled energies within a house of cooped up folks. Take them and use as necessary, substituting where you need to, making them your own.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay six feet apart. Oh, and wash your hands…again.

Healing and Energy Work

Shielding Meditation for the Strongly Empathic

The psychic shield that this meditation crates will allow you, when it is activated, to filter out strong emotions that can be disorienting, or even extremely draining. To start, sit or lie comfortably and calm your breathing. Feel your body coming to rest. Now, take an extra-deep breath and, as you continue to breathe deeply, begin building a mental shield around yourself. Feel layer upon layer building up, wrapping itself around you in a warm protective coating. Feel the shield becoming translucent, even porous. Let it become part of you, and then, visualize yourself reaching out a hand to touch the shield, seeing a static pulse spark under your fingers. Know that when any strong emotions come toward you, they will be “vaporized” in a similar pulse. Let the shield damp itself down, remaining dormant until needed. To activate at an time, visualize the shield “powering up” around you like a force field brought back to life. 17 May 2005

Healing at a Distance

Send healing energy to a loved one fairly quickly and easily with this simple spell.

You will need:

Picture of your target

A green candle

Rosemary or lavender essential oil

Candle holder

Place the picture under the candle holder and then light the candle. Place your hands on either side of it. Take a calming, centering breath, and visualize the person well and healthy once more. Pour your energy into the image and send it spiraling out in their direction. Ask that the energy be accepted if it is the best thing for the ill person. Ground yourself and cut the link to the spell. Allow the candle to burn out or burn it for ½ hour over several days. 22 April 2007

Protection of a Warrior

The beliefs of soldier’s in times past have imbued the golden coin with protective powers. Prepare this safety charm for the warrior in your life, whether they be a cop on the streets or someone in the military overseas.

You will need:

Gold-colored coin*

Picture of person to protect, if possible

Hold the coin in your hands and go into a meditative state. Visualize strong currents of protective white light moving about your warrior. Build them up and make them truly strong before sending all of that energy into the coin. Ask them to carry the coin on their person. 25 November 2008

*Here in the US, you can get Sacagawea or presidential dollar coins that are gold in color.

A Little Empathy

Sometimes wish that a loved one better understood you? A little empathy is usually what is needed.

You will need:

2 pink candles

White candle

A picture of each of you

Place your image under the pink candle on the left and the other under the pink candle on the right. The white candle goes in the middle. Light all of the candles. Centering yourself, look into the central candle’s flame, saying the following, “May you walk in my shoes. See things from my perspective and understand. May I do the same for you.” Switch the photos under the candles and allow them to burn down.

Note: You can’t force someone to see your point of view if they truly have no interest in doing so. This spell only nudges things, or helps along a person already willing to see your perspective. 26 December 2008


Scented Candle Friendship Spell

While this spell won’t repair serious damage in a relationship between two friends, it can help ease over those occasional rough spots that we all go through. For the simplest version of this spell, you’ll need:

A scented candle


Paper and pen

Heat-proof bowl

Pick a candle scent that makes you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease. Hold the candle in your hands and inhale deeply. Now, light the candle and on a piece of paper, write down what it is that’s causing tension between the two of you. Take a moment to watch the candle flame while you focus on all the positives in your relationship. Create as vivid an image of those good things as you can and keep them in focus while you light the paper in the candle’s flame and allow it to burn to ashes in a heat-proof bowl. Feel free to burn the candle often, remembering your friendships as you light it. You can also give matching candles to your closest friends as an offering of how much they mean to you. 29 April 2011

Tension Easing Stovetop Potpourri

Life has a way of becoming hectic and our energies become stressed and jumpy. To help ease those tensions in a stressed-out household, try putting this brew on a back burner and let the aroma work its magic.

You will need:

Equal parts: lavender



Cinnamon sticks

Oak moss, a generous pinch

Lemon peel (great for spring and summer)

Orange peel (great for fall and winter)

Place all of the ingredients into a small saucepan*, place on the back burner, and allow to simmer as long as needed, refreshing the water and the ingredients as necessary.

*I prefer to use a glass or ceramic saucepan because they don’t leach anything into the mix. However, since this isn’t an infusion to be drunk, it doesn’t matter nearly as much what sort of pan you use. 3 March 2008


Tide Me Over Spell

This spell will help you find a job, but not necessarily a career. This is for those seeking something to keep them afloat while looking for more enjoyable long-term employment.

You will need:

The want ads

Green candle and holder





Sm. glass container

For ease, you might want to powder the spices before starting your spell, although you could also powder them during the spell working. Doing so will give you a chance to add extra energy into the herbs.

Place the want ads under the candle and the light it. If you are powdering your spices during the ritual, now is the time to do so. Add your spices to a small, glass bowl and stir them together. As you do so, focus on your need to earn extra money. After it is thoroughly mixed together, store in a special jar. Let the candle finish burning out.

To use, sprinkle the mixture lightly onto resumes, job applications, and cover letters before sending them out. If applying online, consider burning some of the spices on a small charcoal near your computer area. (Make sure it’s well ventilated!) 9 August 2007

Money Bottle

You will need:

Sm. corked bottle

Piece of jade, to fit in bottle

Piece of tiger’s eye, to fit in bottle

Piece of aventurine, to fit in bottle

Salt, pinch

Tea, pinch

Basil, pinch

5 cloves

Olive oil, extra virgin

Green candle

Charging the items with prosperity can be done all at once before you begin, or one at a time just before placing an item in the bottle. Either way works just fine. Place the gemstones in the bottle, followed by the salt, tea, and basil. Add in the cloves. Fill the bottle to the top with the extra virgin olive oil and cork it shut. Light the green candle and allow the melting wax to drip down over the cork, helping seal it shut.

Let your money bottle sit in a windowsill in the increasing moonlight for a week, spending a moment here and there looking at it and its contents while imagining your money problems disappearing. Put the bottle in a safe place and it is done. 11 October 2007

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Thank you for sharing this ! It is much appreciated, especially in those exceptional times

Good ideas sis


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