Glamor spells are a fascinating and often misunderstood form of witchcraft. This form of spell work can be very intimidating to newer witches. It can seem very complex, unpredictable, or intangible, and many witches avoid them entirely simply because they don’t know enough to feel comfortable performing this kind of magic. Some witches consider glamor spells to be immoral, almost like lying, while others consider glamor to be more like magical makeup, in other words, not immoral at all. And then there are the misconceptions about what glamor spells even do and how they work. Does it change how you look? Does it change what other people are seeing? Are the changes permanent?


Not to worry. Today we’re going to clear up all of this confusion and take a look at what glamor spells are, how they work, how you can use them in your craft, plus three new glamor spells that you can add to your grimoire today.


What Are Glamor Spells?

A glamor spell is any spell that changes how you are perceived by other people. This might be a change in how you look to other people, it might be a change in how you sound to other people, it could even be a change in the emotional response that you create in other people. Often when we hear the phrase glamor spell, we think of it as a purely physical type of magic, focused entirely around the visual presentation that you have, but this is not always the case. And glamor spells are not just for making yourself look more attractive!

This kind of magic is excellent for adjusting not only how people see you visually but also how confident your voice sounds, how competent you seem, how your gender presentation is being perceived, how put-together you seem, how much people feel like they can empathize with you, and much more. If you can think of a way to adjust how someone else is perceiving you, you can probably achieve that with a glamor spell.

That said, you can use glamor spells for vanity! There’s nothing wrong with that. If I’m going out on a date and I want to feel more confident and attractive on that date, a glamor spell can give me a little boost and help me feel much better going into my evening. If I’m going to a job interview and I want to impress the interviewer, I can use a glamor spell to make myself seem more competent, or professional, or trustworthy. As long as the magic adjusts how other people perceive you, then it’s a glamor spell.


How Glamor Spells Work

The big thing to know about glamor spells is that they do not actually change anything about you. Using spells that make you look more attractive to your date does not change your physical appearance. A spell to change how your gender presentation is perceived will not change your gender. Hell, a spell that’s designed to make you seem competent and trustworthy will not make you competent and trustworthy if you’re not. All a glamor spell does is change how people are perceiving you.

This means that if you cast a glamor spell to make yourself more attractive, your appearance is not changing. Instead, people are going to be more inclined to be attracted to you exactly as you are. If you cast a glamor spell to seem more confident, it’s not giving you confidence, all this spell is doing is making it so that the people you encounter feel like you are a confident person.

Some of you may be disappointed by this, but this is an excellent way to approach this kind of magic. It might take ten times the amount of magical energy to give you a boost in confidence, as it would to just make you appear more confident. And the amount of energy it would take to create actual physical changes to your body would be astronomical, to the degree that it’s practically impossible, compared to simply changing how other people perceive you. Not only that, but creating real, tangible changes takes time. Remember, we have to work within the bounds of the reality that we live in. Physics still exists. Time still exists. If you’re going to change something big about yourself, that change will take time. Usually, by the time you realize you need the change, it’s too late to cast a spell to do something that big. Glamor spells are a quick, relatively energy-sparing form of magic that can give you the result of making the change without having to spend a ton of effort making that change first.

You should also keep in mind that glamor spells can only do so much. You can’t make yourself look totally different from how you are. You probably won’t be able to make someone who hates you suddenly feel positive toward you. These spells are for creating subtle shifts in perception, not for making you into someone totally different!


Is Glamor Magic Immoral?

Okay, this brings us to the next question. Isn’t this kind of like lying to people? While I can’t give you a definitive answer as far as morality is concerned, since morals are highly relative and very much dependent on your individual beliefs, I can give you my perspective on the matter. Using glamor is no different from pretending that you are more confident than you are or putting on makeup to make yourself feel more attractive. And we do these things every day! Almost everyone pretends to be more confident than they are in a job interview. Everyone takes steps to make themselves look and feel more attractive before going on a date. These things aren’t lying, it’s natural to want to present yourself in the best light.

Often, glamor spells are used on special occasions. They’re used for that first date or they’re used for that job interview or they’re used for meeting your spouse’s parents. Usually, we use them in situations where we want a little boost to help things go our way or to help us feel more comfortable going into a situation. Now, if you were to use a glamor spell every single day, at that point it might tip into being morally questionable. For instance, if you use a glamor to make yourself more attractive on a first date and then you continue to use that same spell every single day for the entirety of your relationship, that could be seen as lying to them or manipulating them with magic.

Again, it’s not my job to tell you what’s right and wrong for you to do. But if you feel you have to use a glamor spell every single day, you should consider making real tangible changes to your life instead. Ask yourself, why do you feel like you need a glamor spell every single day? Do you feel like this person wouldn’t like you without the spell? Do you really want someone in your life who doesn’t like you unless you greatly alter their perception of you? Is this a change that you would want to make in your life, and would that change be worth the effort?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself and it’s going to vary depending on your circumstances. The bottom line is that glamor spells themselves are not immoral, but how you use glamor magic may or may not conflict with your moral compass. It’s up to you to figure out what feels right and wrong in your practice.


Using Glamors In Your Craft

Okay, so you have a better understanding of what glamor really is and how it works, and hopefully, you’ve taken a bit of time to figure out what feels right to you in terms of using this magic in your own life. Now how do you go about using glamor spells in your practice?

The good news is that glamor magic is just like any other spell. Provided you are following a quality spell and you’re comfortable and confident in your spell casting, there’s very little difference between casting a glamor spell and casting weather spells or love spells or money spells. The end goal is simply different. Here are three of my favorite glamor spells that you can use to try out this kind of magic for yourself.


Come To Me Glamor

This spell is used to make yourself more attractive or to give you a charismatic draw. It will not necessarily create sexual desire in other people, it simply makes people want to be near you and feel drawn toward you. This is great on first dates, but it’s also useful when making new friends, when networking, when meeting the in-laws, and for job interviews.

You Will Need:

  • A hand mirror
  • A black cloth to cover the mirror
  • Clove powder
  • Allspice powder
  • Nutmeg powder
  • A glass of water
  • A plate
  • Incense or liquor for offerings

Begin by placing the glass of water on your worktable. Take a few pinches each of clove powder, nutmeg, and allspice and put them on the plate. Make offerings of incense or liquor to the herbs and ask them to help you in your spell today. Petition them for exactly what you are hoping to achieve, tell the plant spirits who you would like to draw toward you and what you want them to feel when they’re around you.

This might sound something like “I ask that you, the spirits of clove, nutmeg, and allspice, lend your assistance to my spell. Make me irresistible to potential new friends, draw them to me and endear me to them. May they feel that I am funny, interesting, and enjoyable and make them desire my company again in the future.

When you are finished making your petitions, mix the spices well and set the plate aside. Take your mirror and set it flat on the table facing up. Sprinkle your spice mixture around the edge of the mirror so that the mirror itself is ringed in the powder. The powder should be on the surface of the mirror, but not obscuring the mirror’s reflection. Now, lean over the mirror so that it reflects your face and recite the following incantation.

“Come to me, come to me

All you who gaze upon,

The face reflected here.

I draw them in,

And hold them rapt,

And the longer they stay,

The clearer this draw becomes.”

When you are finished reciting the incantation, quickly cover the mirror with the black cloth WITHOUT losing sight of your reflection until it is covered. You essentially want to “catch” your reflection in the mirror. Leave the mirror covered for as long as you need the spell to function.


Invisibility Glamor

This glamor spell doesn’t make you literally invisible, instead, it makes you much harder to notice. Please keep in mind that glamor can only do so much, if you’re making a ton of noise or if someone is specifically looking for you, it will be less effective. This glamor does not create “rob a bank without being seen” levels of invisibility. Instead, you will skate under the radar of most people’s notice. When I use it, often people are distracted at opportune moments, absorbed in their own affairs, and otherwise unlikely to take any notice of me.

The one downside of this spell is that it takes a bit of practice and you need to be feeding the spell the entire time you want to be invisible. I would suggest that before you use it, you dress to blend in. Don’t wear a suit to a college campus. Don’t wear pajama pants in an office building. You want to make it easy for people to overlook you. Blend in with what people are expecting to see and they can ignore you.

Practice this at home and around housemates first before trying it out in public. Start somewhere secluded where you can focus. You will tap into a feeling signature or energy and then maintain that as long as you can.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Notice the surface of your body, where your skin meets your clothes or the air around your body. Feel into this very tangible part of yourself. When you’re ready, imagine this barrier between yourself and the outside world dissolving, leaving your outline hazy and indistinct. Imagine that your body becomes as insubstantial as mist, like someone could look right through you if they tried. Work to strengthen this feeling signature and cement it in your mind. When you’re ready, try opening your eyes and then getting up and walking around. Avoid catching sight of your reflection as that can jar you out of the right headspace. Can you maintain this sense of an insubstantial body while you are moving? When you can keep the insubstantial, mist-like feeling while moving, it’s time to try it with another person around. Again, remember that if you make noise or speak to anyone, they will probably still see you. If you struggle to maintain the insubstantial body around other people, or if it’s not effective, don’t worry. This takes practice! You might try adjusting the visualization or sensation that you’re focusing on. What would invisibility feel like to you?

Try this around different people and in different situations as you become more comfortable with the technique. You may find that some people are more susceptible to it than others, or that it’s easier for you to maintain in some situations more than others.


Sweet Words Glamor

This glamor sweetens your words so that other people are more likely to believe you, to agree with you, or to think you’re right. This is a quick, simple spell, so it’s great to use in a pinch. Excellent for use before presentations, job interviews, or any kind of negotiation.

You Will Need:

  • A dab of honey or a pinch of sugar

Place a drop of honey on your fingertip or take a pinch of sugar. Close your eyes and place it on your tongue, let the sweetness fill your mouth. Now say “May all of my words taste this sweet and may all that I say fall on their ears like honey.” That’s it! Now go and watch them fall over themselves to agree with you.

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