5 Reasons Your Home May Be Haunted

This article was written by Debi Chestnut
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As a paranormal investigator, one of the first questions I’m asked is, "How did the ghost get here?" The answer isn’t as simple as it sounds—it requires asking a lot of questions of the homeowner and conducting hours of research. However, it’s been my experience that there are generally five reasons why a ghost takes up residence in a home.

  1. The Ghost Is Attached to the House.
    Many times previous owners of a home will come back to the home after death. Normally when this happens a lot of paranormal activity will occur in the house. The ghost is could be confused and, in some cases, frustrated because strangers are living in "their" home.

    This type of ghost may have come back to the house because that’s where they were the happiest. They can cause footsteps and the opening and closing of doors, and will generally seem to be going through the same routine they used when alive. The ghost of a former owner of your home may give you a real sense of a distinct personality being present, and in many cases, may attempt to interact with you in some way.

    Normally, if you just sit down and calmly talk to the ghost and set down some ground rules you and the ghost can cohabit the house quite nicely. For example, you could ask them to stay out of your childrens' bedrooms at night, not to leave the water running, to stop changing the channel on the television, etc. You can also use this technique to nicely ask your ghost to leave your home and cross over to the other side.

  2. The Ghost Is Attached to the Land.
    Much in the same way a ghost can be attached to their home, the same can be said for the land. This can happen when the house the ghost lived in was destroyed or torn down. The ghost does not acknowledge the new house that may be on the property; rather it’s remembering their house the way it used to be. This can account for ghosts appearing to walk through walls or doors that aren’t in your house, but perhaps were there in the old house.

    A ghost attached to the land can be a little more difficult to get rid of, because in its world, you nor your home exist, and if they are aware of the existence of you and your house, it’s very rare for them to try to interact with you in some fashion.

    You can try talking to it like you would if they were attached to your house, but you may not have much luck. If you’re a religious person, you can ask your clergyman to come out and bless the property and your home; this could put the ghost to rest. However, in many cases, it may be necessary to learn how to co-exist with this type of harmless spirit.

  3. Home Renovations
    I have seen many cases where paranormal activity will suddenly appear when the homeowner starts renovations on their house. Home renovations could awaken a ghost that has been dormant for years; in many cases the ghost will be that of a former owner who doesn’t want changes made to what they perceive to be their home. In other cases, the ghost will become very excited because the home is being taken care of.

    A renovation ghost that is unhappy with the work being done may hide and/or move tools and building supplies, knock over ladders, try to scare the workmen to prevent them from doing the work, etc. A ghost that is happy the work is being done may also move tools and supplies, and mistakenly scare the workers. Or, alternatively, they may try to help in some way with the renovations.

    In some cases the renovation ghost may not bother the work site at all, but show its pleasure or displeasure in other ways by causing paranormal activity in another part of the house. They could be doing this to try to get your attention in order to express their feelings about the renovations.

    Generally, once the renovations are complete this type of ghost will simply disappear over time. If a renovation ghost shows up, simply try talking to it and explain why the renovations are being made and that you understand it may be upset by them. Empathizing with the ghost’s position could make the paranormal activity slow down or stop completely. You can also talk to the ghost calmly if it doesn’t disappear within a reasonable time after the renovations are complete, and ask it to leave.

  4. Haunted Items
    If the paranormal activity in your home started very suddenly, think about what you may have bought at a flea market, garage sale, or antique store recently. There are cases where a ghost will haunt an item that they loved or cherished when they were alive. A ghost can attach themselves to just about anything, such as jewelry, a doll, chair, sofa, mirror, a piece of clothing, etc.

    The first step in determining if you have a haunted object in your home is to keep track of what room the paranormal activity occurs in most. If it’s the room that contains the object you recently bought, chances are there’s a ghost attached to that object.

    If you’ve determined you have a haunted object, the only way to make the ghost go away is to get rid of that object. Keep in mind that if you’ve inherited some items from a loved one who’s passed away, it could be that their spirit is attached to one or more of those items (such as a piece of jewelry). In that case, you would know who the spirit is, and may choose to keep the item and live with the spirit of your loved one.

  5. Haunted People
    Although rare, it is possible for a person to be haunted. By this, I mean that ghosts tend to gravitate to these types of people. If you’ve moved several times because you believed your house was haunted only to find out that your new home is haunted, it could be that rather than the houses being haunted, you are.

    There is a theory among many paranormal researchers that certain people project a particular type of energy that attracts ghosts. Unfortunately, there is no way to really change your energy. People who have this type of energy must learn how to deal with the ghosts that come to visit, and firmly but calmly ask the ghosts to leave them alone.

You can learn more about how a house can become haunted, types of hauntings, and ghosts in my book Is Your House Haunted?.

Debi Chestnut
Debi Chestnut has been able to see and speak to ghosts her whole life. A paranormal researcher for more than twenty-five years, she gives lectures and conducts workshops to help people better understand paranormal activity. She resides in Michigan. Visit...  Read more


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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you for this valueble information. :-)
most welcome. :)

i have now moved to hull and moved in to a house tonight we have had the most horrid feeling me and my fience have felt r arms go cold and we have had a ral heavy feeling my 15 year old grandaughter felt real scared and we felt like there was something wrong scared like a panic attack could there be something in r house

Yes, it's always possible that there is some residual energy in a house when you're first moving into it. Often this is nothing more than some negative energies from the people before, if you're sensitive as a family, you'll pick up on it. This is not necessarily a haunting, it may just be that the people that lived there before fought alot, or someone may have had depression, or been ill, or suffered from nightmares. All kinds of things can leave residual energy.

It is also possible that it is a spirit haunting, or another type of presence.

Regardless of what it is, the most important thing to realize is that despite anything spooky you may have seen on tv, or have been told, it is very very very VERY rare for these things to ever pose any danger, and when they do, the danger is usually minimal.. even if you see or hear or of very scary ghost stories, usually the worst worst have things like househould items being broken and people getting scratched, and that is rare rare... what affects people the most negatively is something you have control over, and that is fear.

So a 'ghost' at it's worst is really usually not a big deal, we've just become conditioned to fear things we don't understand.

Almost all negative residual energy will dissipate if you don't feed it with more negative energy - don't give that energy more power by directing fear, panic and worry about it. All it's power is in that illusion. If you realize there is no true power over you, and that love and peace is far stronger, it will dissipate.

If you have chants or prayers you use in ritual or at any time, use them to build positive energy. Uplifting movie, comedy, anything to produce a positive mood. Empower your daughter to overcome panic by learning the relaxation response... I developed panic disorder at 17, and thankfully resolved it shortly after, by learning by reading psychology books that it is biologically impossible for your body/mind to be in an anxiety/panic state at the same time it is in a relaxed/meditative state. If your daughter practices muscle/body relaxing combined with slow deep breathing, when she's in a good mood, and masters it so it becomes a habit, she can prevent panic for the rest of her life by being able to push her mind/body into a relaxed state.

There are also specific rituals you can do to spiritually 'cleanse' a new home that can help you focus that energy that enforces a positive energy state in your home. What you do is not as important as how you're feeling about it, do what makes you feel empowered and energetically in control of your home environment.

This is now YOUR spiritual territory, your home, and your sanctuary. If you assert that belief energetically, it will become completely true. Tell negative energy it's no longer welcome.

Very well written article. She touched on all things that make a haunting a haunting with concise information. Thanks Leila :)

Very interesting....I myself have never been in a haunted house or been haunted but I do believe in ghost....I know they exist. I watch most of the show about parnomal or ghost hunting.

Glad this article has been helpful. I grew up in a 'haunted' house too. It was very challenging for me as a child, especially with skeptic parents.

I have had experiences with entities since I was about 12. The feeling I had at my old house seemed very heavy and dark. I never liked being there, had difficulty sleeping and could never do anything to brighten the house enough. I moved and everything seemed much lighter and brighter. I would hear footsteps in the house when I was by myself and doors opening and closing themselves. Now I live with 3 empaths and the activity seems to have escalated within the past few months. It doesn't feel like anything will do harm but I'm curious if it is all attached to me or if it is a culmination of everyone I live with now or could it be also attached to the new house? Recently, I've started seeing a shadow figure in my room when I stir in the middle of the night.  I've considered welcoming a local paranormal research team into the house but not sure what I'm dealing with and it may escalate things even more. Just looking for some guidance in the matter. Thanks.


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