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At 1:29pm on February 27, 2013, L. Love said…

Ohhh I love that necklace!!! Thank you Debbie :)  Yes I know about the retrograde and Spring Cleaning lol I hope all goes well with your ticket and the landlord honey and will be sending you positive vibes that all goes as you hope.

May you always be blessed dear sister and sending you love and much hugs!

At 9:16am on February 25, 2013, L. Love said…

Thank you dearest sister.....that was beautiful!  Much love to you on this Full Moon :)

At 2:02pm on February 22, 2013, L. Love said…

Yes I know what you mean about the claustrophobia Debbie....I am hoping to have a good clear out in the next few weeks!

Love and blessings to you dearest and may you have a most beautiful weekend :)

At 7:03pm on February 21, 2013, JoAnna Varney said…

Create Beauty

At 2:46am on February 21, 2013, L. Love said…

Hello honey....I am doing good thanks and all is well....moving forward :)  Changes taking place but that is a healthy thing I feel so I am going with the flow as I have no other choice right now :)  Hope all is well with you and yours dearest sister and thank you as always for the gorgeous picture!

Sending love and big hugs your way :)

At 2:29pm on February 19, 2013, L. Love said…

Ohhh Debbie!!! You have surpassed yourself this time dearest sister!!!  That is a stunning picture!  Thank you so much!  Hope all is well and that your week is going well :)

Sending lots of love and hugs :)

At 2:02am on February 17, 2013, L. Love said…

Good morning honey :)  Thank you for the gorgeous picture! The meteorite was scary for those watching I would say and the poor people in Russia that were affected by it.  Hope the one in California didn't do too much harm!

Much love to you dearest and hope you have a beautiful and restful Sunday.

At 1:57am on February 15, 2013, L. Love said…

((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) and lots of love to you dearest sister....have a beautiful weekend Debbie :)

At 8:39am on February 14, 2013, JoAnna Varney said…

At 1:45am on February 14, 2013, L. Love said…

Hahahaha love the picture Debbie <3  Have a wonderful day full of love my sweet sister :)

At 5:50am on February 13, 2013, JoAnna Varney said…

At 2:28am on February 12, 2013, L. Love said…

Hey Debbie *big smiles*  Thanks and always a delight to see you have been by my room.  I love that dragon picture and bless you.....thank you for being my friend and sister dearest.  I appreciate it more than I can say <3

May you and yours be always blessed with the very best of everything, always.  Lots of love and hugs.

At 2:32am on February 9, 2013, L. Love said…

I am glad you liked the picture Debbie :) I felt the right one for you honey.  Yes I went ot the beach last weekend for a walk and it was wonderful to get the sea air into my lungs and the sun shone! Alas it is raining today so I don't think I will get out and about today.

My leg is healing very well and I am doing good thank you. I hope you and your family are all well dearest.  Much love and hugest hugs to you Debbie :)

At 2:11am on February 6, 2013, L. Love said…

I am glad you like the picture <3 And glad to hear things are easing for you now Debbie. I just felt it was for you :)  Sending you love and wishes that you are recovered fully honey.

At 3:07pm on February 5, 2013, L. Love said…

Hoping you are feeling better now dearest.  Just wanted to stop by and send love to you (((HUGS)))

At 3:18pm on February 2, 2013, L. Love said…

Thank you dearest for the candle (((HUGS))) means a lot Debbie.  Its been ongoing for about 7 months and I finally got out of the cumbersome bandages they had me in and its healed up now.  I got to a point where I just didn't want to think about it anymore lol

Yes my sister had diabetes as has my granddaughter but she is doing brilliantly at managing it herself now :) 

Hope you are feeling better now honey....sending love <3


At 6:57am on February 2, 2013, L. Love said…

Yes I do love her work and sorry to hear about the migraine honey....hope you are feeling better now.  I got out to walk for the first time today!  I know how things can be that make you feel so rough.  The ulcer on my leg has finally healed and so I can now wear normal shoes again woohoo!! lol

The sun is shining here today and I just had to go walk by the beach and get some fresh air and sunshine into me.  

Be well dearest sister and sending lots of love (((HUGS)))

At 3:09am on February 1, 2013, L. Love said…

Hello my dearest sister....just stopping by to wish love and blessings for the coming weekend and always <3 Thank you for your friendship, it truly blesses me (((HUGS)))

At 4:51am on January 31, 2013, L. Love said…

Oh Debbie......thank you for the picture and them!!!  And the poem!!!!! Wow!!!

It touched my heart so much!!! It is beautiful honey and thank you for sharing it.

Love and hugs to you always dearest :)

At 2:05pm on January 28, 2013, L. Love said…

Oh I did like it Debbie :) And you do bless me with some amazing pictures including this one you have left today :)

All is as it should be dearest and hope things are good where you are.  May your week be truly blessed ((((HUGS))))

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