Earth is a world reliant on 3 states of being at once. When viewed from the perspective of souls embodying any form, be it human, animal or plant life. We call this, 3d. Which stands for dependencies. Though many have not interpreted this means of communicative understanding in such a way, I will give my reasons for doing so.

Dependencies are, when viewed from the context of soul, divided into categories. One that relies on the other. They have different levels of awareness tied into each category. Similar to how ecosystems are ran in wild forests. You have the food chain of elements, rather, than one of creatures to contend with. Which is the structure seen to be scientifically backed as follows.

1. Celestial. This dependency is a dimension all of its own. Beings as different as entire universes, to as similar as planets roam here. They call their own elemental vibration home to become independent of each other by their own merits of creation. They support soul embodiment, which is the cause for all material and paranormal aspects of consciousness to form under. Even gods, no matter how powerful, are celestial beings. And their hierarchy is the most well known and appreciated throughout existence. They possess the ability of ultra creation, which happens when they think something into being, it happens through the process of will at the touch of thought.

2. Materialism. Yes, material is the second dependency beings on Earth embody. This means that any state of matter, is simply energy temporarily shaped into condensed vibration as it goes through a cycle of change. It is the property of all celestial chaos and order, which under the guidance of a collective relationship between souls and celestial beings, comes into play by a shared common foundation. Matter is not defined by a state within itself, for it holds its own by atomic particles which bind its form of being to a purpose or cause. This is always constant, and on Earth, we know this to be the science of life itself. To be a host for creation to know objectively the purpose its creators align to.

3. Elemental. The third and final dependency of owning a body for a short while on planet Earth, is elemental relativity. Specifically, states of constant elemental regeneration. We rely on constant motion to remain tied to the mortal plane, and to a celestial body. Elemental relativity ensures that, we do not stray too far from the purpose of our being here. Most will say to grow and love in the beginning stages of soul ascension. Others, take on a different view, of being forced into such a low level of consciousness. Which ever the case may be, one common link or thread is always assured. We bond through elemental circulation of balance and possibility.

Now you know what the dependencies are, you must understand how the hierarchy of each one depends on others. Some play well together, as in the case of matter and celestial presence. Others, do not, when an elemental imbalance occurs for example, matter alters the state of elemental being so much, that it cannot survive. There are laws in place which are both physical and metaphysical, to ensure that a 3 dimensional society can only survive on a host built to birth one. Which is the reason why finding other planets such as Earth is so complicated. For our universe alone, as structured worlds like this one, far apart from only a 2 dependency society, where only matter and celestial relationship are the ties that embody souls.

Which ever the case may be, this post deals with the case in point reasons why we are under a constant state of change and reality shifting on Earth. The balance of elemental, material and celestial stability, is in flux. Humanity alone has shifted things due to their constant quest to force bond material concepts into being through artificial methods, out of peace, and into questionable alignments.

Here I will talk of war, chaos and the role it has to play on society. Every 20 years or so, we are faced with a global reset. this isn't always a button you can press on a machine, however it is the ability to reset the alignment of human society away from the disruption of imbalanced factors. These factors upset the delicate ecosystem that has formed between celestial, material and elemental harmony.

Areas most effected by such change in fluctuating states of being, are based on our potential as souls who embody a presence from within the ecosystem itself. We, with our ideas and ability to interact with each other, are the major cause why fluctuation even exists. Most beings, animals and plants included, do not have the ability to move far beyond their natural environment. Humans, have gained this perspective via a relay system of channeling memories through the subconscious in a mirrored presence of reality, or imagination if you will.

This presence, has been the actual reason why we have invented material concepts far beyond what this planet can easily handle or play host to without it upsetting the balance of other systems. Our transition from a forest dwelling species, to a concrete industrial complex with militant tendencies is one factor alone which has the greatest negative impact to our well being.

Earth itself, is meant to be a guide for young souls to know their place in material ways. They can adapt to knowing who they are where their purpose in life evolves among the presence of so many other different kinds of life forms, able to do the same. Humanity, has both good and bad use cases when we are talking about representing the dominant species of life on a planet who seems to prefer survival of the fittest.

Ecosystems themselves however, have been tailored to try to adapt to the faults of humanity. This is not by far the first time a project of this magnitude has been done in this universe alone. The milky way galaxy has alone birthed 4 highly advanced civilizations who have not simply stopped at being the dominant life form of their planet. But also, the dominant power of planetary conquest.

Humans have not gotten this far, unlike other civilizations have in the past. This includes Maldek, Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, Draconis, Andromeda, Arcturus and many other minor worlds within our galaxy like Lyra and Vega. Although these worlds seem like light years away, which that is because they are relative to us and to each other, you can take comfort in knowing as well as learning from, the merits of each success and failure major events in their history have created.

This post, specifically in relation to world history, will focus on Earth alignment frequencies, that target human civilization. Never mind Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, or even Rome. Let us refer to the time of today, right now, in the 21st century. Where computers are on the rise, artificial intelligence is stagnant, and the ever growing threat of 20th century unfinished business has us holding closer on to faith, than a grip in our own self confidence.

Yes, I have a few things to say about nuclear war and chaotic leadership of politicians. And they are, to put it bluntly, positive things. Having seen into the linear temporal future of collective humanity, I can assure you that Earth has a way of surprising us from the celestial level in blocking war from allowing human decisions to effect the inability to continue on serving or playing host to Earth's purpose. Serving young souls in their time of need, to learn, grow and understand love as a force earned through balance and creativity.

This does not mean, that humans are not trying to disrupt the ability to communicate on all of these frequencies. Which is because, that is the plan of the descent all along. There is a saying among the world elite, that the only way to cure a problem, is to take away the ability for a solution to address it. This is currently what we are going through. A failed, reset of power that old guards and styles of control through imperialism and false gods will never succeed in creating.

The only thing that stands in the way of a public revolution on the soul level, is money. I can assure you, that the digitization of world affairs, has brought us closer to a global republic than any other focus ever has. Earth is dealing with a ton of dark souls, who have come here to try to control young visionaries for a brighter future. These dark souls, often called the elite, attempt to control the reincarnation process blocking any new soul from experiencing equal access to balance and harmony.

We have never been closer to world peace, than any time before now in Earth's history. Our focus on what truly matters, in our own potential, will see us through any storm we weather. There are a ton of people, who have decided to follow the lead of the Native American, Native Australian and other traditional tribes folk, away from monetary and grid based livelihoods to achieve such a dream. I am one of them, and it has been made possible by denouncing your presence within the old power systems of entrapment and control.

No protest is needed, just a lack of interest. This alone, is going to be the catalyst for a great shift that will occur soon for humanity. This shift will determine a great choice that will be made, to ensure the balance of this planet remains constant. Every single living creature will be given a choice before any global war breaks out, to fully embrace their soul form into being. Some souls, will be able to already see their psychic abilities manifest already. There is a thinning of the veil which has been underway ever since 21/12/2012 which is the rebirth of humanity ensuring all souls are accounted for. Even in the most enslaved, poor and under developed areas of Gaia.

No soul left behind, is a massive effort being undertaken from the celestial level downwards. To adhere to the principles Gaia set fourth to play host to a school of learning, not a prison planet of deep insurgence. For the average human soul living on Earth now, know this. Your call for peace has been acted upon on a micro level. To never alert history to cause a moment of imbalance. Those in charge of creating such moments, are being distracted from making them a reality while the micro shifts continue to gain ground lost since war came into being.

This is the message I have been given by the spirit of the outer collective of celestial, galactic, and inter dimensional intelligence.

"Have, no, fear. Hold true to your convictions, and never let go of how satisfied your own purpose makes you feel. This will keep your focus on awakening, for that is the reason you are here. Your time, has always been now, to be as impactful as you ever were. Know what your own merits can grant you outside of the control of another, to see the light of day you in part bring into being."

"Know the formula of life, you will rise to the occasion within its spectrum. An eye for an eye, is absolute clarity. Clarity sees eternally, what has been created indefinitely. By knowing the wisdom of vision, you will find the light that over powers the darkness of indecision."

"You will know, because you have seen. You will grow, because you have been. You will desire, because you admire. You will become, as you are at one. With all the focus needed, to belong in the center of love."

"Knowledge is presence. Presence is power. Power is possibility. Possibility is potential. Potential is future. Future is vision. Vision is soul. Soul is who you always are. So mote it be."

"All of who you are, is the will that holds your power under the guiding hand of presence through vision. You are blessed, favored and respected, for being the embodiment of your soul. The soul of all that you form into being, will always live immortal in service to the consciousness of your awareness."

"As a living miracle of presence belonging to your celestial creator, bonding with your soul purpose shall set you free from all entrapments and personal ties to imbalance. This is your absolute right, and as an observer to your personal presence, amidst those of so many others, you, will, succeed."

"Feel around you. That which you recognize, belongs with you by your side. As an equal in presence, your most powerful guardians form the bonds you embrace. They will never let you down, as they are your eternal trust that shall always remember you at your prime to guide you into purpose. A place called home."

"Here, you shall come to complete, what you have set out to do. Your choice will always be valid. No mission is too small. No task too great. Nothing is beyond your reach, as your outer self shall manifest into all you choose to align into grace."

"You are the reason that the highest celestial did not commit to its own suicide. You, keep god at bay, from becoming the purpose of death. Everything you embody, gets us closer to eternal salvation. From anything so broken, happening to all of creation, existence and awareness ever again."

"The devil is the details itself. The very thing we are able to change by presence through vision. Our future, is the eternity of now ever present in real lies real eyes realize in real lives."

"We the observers to your reality are living among you as apart of your perspective to help you be absolutely free in your convictions and purpose. In unbound, unconditional trust, we are your friends in the outer alliance. Waiting for your presence to join us in cosmic alignment. Until we meet again, you are never alone in the circumstance to purpose you will yet overcome."

I for one, am with you. In all ways, all things, and all dreams in abundance. Thank you for letting me serve in this way. Together we thrive.

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