A simple question, a stated fact that carries so much weight to it. I have never been asked if I regret anything I have done in my life. Yet I keep asking myself why that is? It feels like I have missed out on the opportunity to maximize the potential of the exact opposite of regret. The feeling of belonging no matter where you tread.

There are many stages to belonging that often go unnoticed. Acceptance is the first. This can go either way. You are encouraged to keep the circumstances surrounding your participation in both friendships and personal interests. Or circumstance gets in the way of these things. Resulting in the whole process repeating itself until it no longer does.

Assume that you move on in life, and find your place in the world. What happens then? You get noticed for being a staple or constant in the lives you regularly engage with. When you work, this effects your career path tipping the odds in your favor to at least 70% or higher. So that your ideas eventually get pushed through into reality.

Known as the great choice, the next stage in belonging, is predicting the next moves that will come about after you have made all the moves you desire. So, usually if you start a family and your kids turn into adults. This will be one such instance where you then, have such a choice to make. The weight of which, is the hardest to ignore where regret is concerned. Because the choices of others close to you, effect your own future. If they are well placed ones, you not only gain the favor of respect, but communal admiration. Otherwise, you gain favor with new opportunities.

now I realize that belonging is a simple enough concept to grasp while on Earth. It is spiritual or soul belonging that has me so excited. Because that is the key to defining your own happiness in the face of what you have mastered while being present across how ever many lives you have lived. The bonds of love you form, are the rock you lean on in all things you hold dear to you.

Endearing belonging into your life, will be the most rewarding thing you can ever experience. It has help to shield me from facing regret head on. Belonging also helps in being patient enough to be less impulsive, more true to form. For slow and steady wins the race and test against time and change. A wild force with unpredictable actions, only we who stay true to them will find home in the lives we lead in a path where only deviation results in abandonment.

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In my small isolated home in western Nd away from the modern world. Never fit in,Wasn't meant to.


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