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I think this is important to expose, and really explain what's going on today in this 5th dimension. I got in initiated into the occult in the fall of 2010. Before that in 2006-2007, I had gone to a college like ivy league school called Virginia Military Institute, or V.M.I. It's in Lexington, Virginia. I had gotten a scholarship to play football. I played defensive back, but this is just the beginning of the story...

"And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places,"

(Revelation 6:14).

I went to the Bahamas for spring break with three of my friends. The last day in the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, I had met my Master Guide in his original form. He is known as a "Nec(t)ar God" from the Orion Constellation, specifically Alnitak, the left most star in Orion's Belt. This is where my oversoul originates from. After the trip, I had gone back to school. Long story short, I had dropped out because of severe depression. I was finding myself in situations where I was running into law enforcement in Lexington at summer school. It was nothing new, because I was always running into cops in highschool. I was extremely mischievous!

Fast forward to 2008 fall, I was home, and I moved in with three of my friends in a house in Chantilly, Virginia. One of em' was finishing class at George Mason University, the other two were working to pay the bills. I was being a bum, and just doing drugs and alcohol. At the end of 2008, after Obama won the election, I was exposed after eating the "forbidden" fruit, and started Googling and YouTubing the Illuminati. I had ran into information discussing what the Roc Nation rapper, Jay-Z was involved with.

I wasn't too sure what to do, but I committed to trying to expose these Masonic Societies, and I tried to enlighten my friends about the Illuminati. Of course, they thought I was crazy, it was a scary situation. One of the last days before I left my friends and moved in with my mom, I had a vision of a red pentagram on my ceiling on night, and heard a loud thunderous boom. This is when I incarnated my higher self.

After I had gone home to live with my mom, I wasn't really motivated to do anything other than do drugs and alcohol, be a nerd, and play Halo 3 every morning. I was really into uppers, and adderall was my drug of choice. In the fall of 2010, I had gotten initiated into the occult. I had gotten my audience with the Ruling Council telepathically, and I had joined... Take it however you want, but I swear I'm not blowing smoke up your ass.

It was weird, because I was working a job at a Italian restaurant, before this day, I was against joining this "dark society." I had actually cut my thumb at work, and I felt a relief. I then thought, "Shit, they got me." It's interesting, because a smurf months earlier during the fall came on to our gaming chat, while me and my friend we're talking about the Illuminati. He then proceeded to say to me, "You should join, all you have to do is prick your thumb, and there's mad perks that you would enjoy." I thought, "This dude is a troll." But after having a conversation with him, my higher self had been seduced, because he convinced me that I was one of em'. If you think of the Illuminati, and the amount of power they have, then it's logical to think that you don't have to be initiated in whatever "lodge." They can initiate you telepathically, and that's what happened to me, even though I was denying in joining this "ethereal" order. Anyways, back to the job situation...

I started having visions at my job that night, after cutting my thumb. I was doing wine tasting, and a 18 year old white boy that was a server, walked by and said, "You know the nagas built the pyramids?" I'm thinking, ok, how does this dude know about the nagas? He's only in highschool! Then he walked by again, and said, "The Illuminati is taking over in 2012." I was literally seeing this, but at the same time, I thought I was having a vision. I knew I had been initiated into this occult order, crazy, eh? Stay with me though.

When you're initiated, you don't necessarily know what bloodline you're from, because your telepathic handlers don't tell you. You're suppose to follow the yellow brick road to make sense of it. I'm African American on my dad's side, and German and Cherokee on my mom's side. Around 2015, I started to understand the Asiatic Negro bloodline, which was the Illuminati Chinese Bloodline. This bloodline incorporates the nagas, and the word "nigga," is another name for "naga."

Besides that, I was having visions of Hitler from time to time. I had come across the Rothschild bloodline on, and I found out that Hitler and Abraham Lincoln were Rothschilds, aka Edomite Jews. Interesting, eh?

Hitler portrait number 1 Painting by Alexander Moldavanov | Saatchi Art

Now to the Rockefeller Bloodline, aka the "Roc Nation Bloodline." This is Jay-Z's bloodline, his real name being Shawn Carter. I remember when I was playing mind games with the cops at my mom's house. They were there because they were trying to commit me to the mental institute. They kept trying to get me to admit what kind of job I wanted to work. While we were having a debate, my mind felt like it was being sucked beneath my feet. I now know what exactly what was going on, my soul was going to the Bottomless Pit in M42 underneath Orion's Belt. Anyways, I told them I wanted to be a musical producer. After having a debate with these cops, they realized I didn't need to be committed to the mental institute. Later that night, I had a dream of a crowd of people in a UFO. The great Jay-Z, was there and proceeded to rap battle this Caucasian dude. I realized what was going on, and told Jay, "I'm not rapping." He locked eyes with me, and said, "YOU'RE RAPPIN'!"

I thought that was interesting, ha. After these events in 2010, it was 2011. I'm a real musical fanatic, and I found it curious, because it felt like I was experiencing what these rappers were talking about in their raps. I was literally living their lives. Mind you, I can't prove this, but I live in two different worlds, I have this visions in the 5th dimension, and I was following along with it. It's interesting, because that's why the Illuminati is so powerful, you can't connect the dots for someone trying to explain to em' how all this shit works. But yes, you don't have to believe me, but maybe someone will resonate with it?

Fast forward to now. One of my guides that I inherited is John D. Rockefeller. John is another "code" name for one of my Guardians. He's of the Leviathan species, and is an Ušumgal, aka a Grand Dragon who hails from the Big Dipper Constellation, or the "Bear" Constellation. These are the biggest of all dragons in the Universe! My Guardian promotes himself as John D. Rockefeller, to the point where America has inherited the Beast of the Sea from Revelations. I'm confident in saying that I think we're in the End Days, even though I don't think Christ is coming back in the flesh, even though he is here in spirit. The Illuminati Li Bloodline, the Roc Nation, and the Turkish Onassis Bloodlines work together. I find in the ethereal, these specific bloodlines are trying to indict Donald Trump for his crimes against America.

I say this because the Rothschilds are heated at the fact that Trump didn't win a second term. Donald was always referring to Abraham Lincoln in his debates against Biden, because Lincoln was a Rothschild, and Donald is German. That's what these rappers, politicians, and people of wealth do when they are in these secret societies, they talk in "code," to try a desensitize you to accepting their agenda.

On June 28th, 2022, Cassidy Hutchinson exposed Donald Trump's crimes, regardless of the Limousine "incident." It's a slam dunk, because I'm like 98% sure that Donald Trump is going to get indicted. This was the doing of the Rockefeller Bloodline, and the one who runs that American Bloodline, is Shawn Carter, aka JAY-Z. It was a win in this book, and to be honest, I had it in for Trump as well. That was is why the Rothschilds are down in the dumps, because the Rockefeller bloodlines got the "Tablets of Destiny," and control the fate of the Earth now. This is a good sign for America, because the Rockefellers are an American Bloodline. That is when my handlers revealed to me just recently that I inherited the Rockefeller (ROC NATION) Bloodline. I can't prove it, but if you're crown is wide open like me, you'll understand why I'm saying this to begin with. It's interesting because Jay had organized the situation where "John" is really JAY-Z, and JAY-Z is the Beast of Sea from Revelations. What's important to understand this, is that Shawn isn't looking to expose America and the rest of the World, but improve upon a Utopian Society, and rebuild from the hellish like Trump years, with his administration.

I find the Illuminati are really philanthropists, just like JAY-Z, he use to sell crack. He did what was needed, so now he can do the "right" thing by the citizens of the World. What I'm saying is, he isn't a sadistic brother in Masonry. I know it's hard to swallow, but I always believe glass half full. Now, I'm not gonna reveal what exactly my part in this, because simply, it's outlandish, and will discredit this article. But I will say this, I had been working on this Beast of the Sea (Sirius/Orion Constellations) for a decade, it had been sold to America, and now the Beast of the Earth (The Draco/Aquila Constellations), are finding new recruits to contribute to this Utopian Society.

The Roc Nation Bloodline has all races, it's delegated as an American Bloodline, there's Latinos, Caucasians, African Americans, Persians, Asians, Christians, Muslims, basically people of all faiths and creeds.

This article is disinformation.

^ This is saying Rockefellers promoted Trump, this is wrong, the Rothschilds are the one that promoted Trump to be the 45th President.

I hope you got something out of this.


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