For the uninitiated, succubi are demons who traditionally appear to men during the night to take their souls with the help of sexual energy, but has anyone ever had a real succubus experience? Of course they have, but they’re not as harrowing as you’d think. Some people manage to have long-term relationships with their succubi while their souls are slowly sucked dry. Real succubus encounters involve a sexy demon creature that latches onto you and pulls out your essence, one late-night encounter at a time. If this sounds familiar, then you might be unwittingly in a relationship with a succubus, and if you’re not careful you can end up as a withered husk of a human with no soul. Although there's always the possibility that you're just dating a psychopath.

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re dealing with a real-life succubus, all you have to do is check out these helpful tips to determine if your girlfriend, wife, or significant other is secretly a demon swiping your soul. If the possibility of dating a scary monster, like a vampire or succubus, is high on your list of fears, then you should know what's out there.  

Succubus by rakibhasan | Artist interview, Cool artwork, 3d character

She Doesn't Have Any Family

This could either be good or bad depending on how you feel about dating someone with zero connections to the human realm. Succubi aren't born of human flesh, so they have no parents, cousins, brothers, sisters - you get the idea. Plus, they're demons so they really only respect the demonic hierarchy, which you aren't part of.

If this kind of relationship works for you (keep in mind that when things end you will be left without a soul), then you've hit the jackpot, but if you prefer to be in a relationship with someone who's tied to the mortal coil, then you should cut things off before they become too intense.

Succubus sketch #human #human #form | Character design, Concept art ...

Succubus by rakibhasan | Artist interview, Cool artwork, 3d character

Your Friends Hate Your Significant Other, But They Don't Know Why

Everyone has been in a relationship where their friends don't like their significant other, but when you're with a secret demon who wants to nab your soul via intercourse, this kind of friction will be ratcheted up to the nth degree. You may think that your girlfriend/wife/whatevs is the sweetest flower that ever blossomed, but if your friends are constantly warning you about how they've got a bad feeling about her, or they simply recoil whenever she suddenly shows up on poker night, you might be dealing with an ageless succubus from the nether-realm.

Do You Feel Like Someone's Watching You When You're Alone?

Specifically, do you feel like your girlfriend or wife is watching you when she's not even in the room? And not just in the way that she's set up a complicated video system, but in the way that the air seems dense with her presence despite her not actually being there

This could be a sign that your significant other is a succubus who is watching you even when you're all by your lonesome. 

What is a succubus? - Quora

Does Your Significant Other's Voice Rattle Through Your Head?

Quick question: When you're walking home from work or school, does the voice of your girlfriend bounce around in your head like a racquetball? Are you finding that your thoughts are no longer your own? When a succubi's hold over you begins to increase you'll hear her voice in your head, constantly telling you to do things and act certain ways.

Please note, if you're at this point in your relationship with a succubus it may be too late to separate yourself. 

Have You Stopped Talking To Your Friends?

In the early stages of dating a succubus, you may find yourself being drawn further into your relationship, ghosting all of your friends without even knowing it. If you wake up one morning and realize that you haven't seen your friends in weeks you may be coming out of a succubus haze, and this could be a sign that your life force is being slowly drained by a demon.

During Intercourse Your Cells Feel Stimulated

Due to the nature of succubi, they are really good at intimate relations. Not only is it their raison d'être, but after thousands of years of swiping the souls of unsuspecting men, they've probably picked up a few tricks. If you feel like the intimate encounters you're having are more intense than anything you've ever experienced before, you may be hooking up with a succubus.

A Premonition (of the Succubus) by ErikShoemaker on DeviantArt

A Premonition (of the Succubus) by ErikShoemaker on DeviantArt

You Feel Drained After Intimate Relations

And not just in the way where you feel dehydrated, but in a way where it seems like you're wasting away, and that a portion of whatever soul you have left is gone. Take note the next time you have relations with your significant other, who may or may not be a succubus: are they also super tired, or do they seem like they're more charged than ever?

If the latter is the case then they may be pilfering your soul while you're in bed together.

She Can Feel Your Emotions

Succubi are incredibly tuned into the emotions of others. And they kind of have to be in order to make the dreams of their lovers come true while slowly taking off with their soul. If you feel like your significant other always knows exactly how you're feeling, and maybe even uses it against you, there's a good chance that you have a succubus on your hands. 

Were You Repressed Before You Met Your Significant Other?

Succubi use their powers to pull men out of their comfort zones so they can freely give up that sweet, sweet soul during sexual intercourse.

Before you accuse your significant other of being a succubus, ask yourself if she's really pilfering your soul or if she's just trying to get you to have fun outside of societal norms.  

She Only Visits At Night

Have you been in a long-term, super-intense relationship with someone who only visits you at night after you've gone to bed? Maybe she just appears to you as you're drifting off, or her body suddenly appears out of the shadows; either way this is a pretty accurate way to decipher whether or not you're seeing a succubus.

However, before you try to break up with your succubus, you should probably make sure she doesn't just have an intense day job that makes it so she's only available in the night-time hours. 

Tell-Tale Signs Your Wife Or Girlfriend Is A Succubus (

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