Mandy the Haunted Doll lives at the Quesnel Museum, which is located on the Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail in British Columbia. There she is just one of over thirty thousand artifacts on display for the public, but there is little doubt that she is the most unique.

Mandy was donated to the museum in 1991. At that time her clothing was dirty, her body was ripped and her head was full of cracks. At that time she was estimated to be over ninety years old. The saying around the museum is, “She may seem like an ordinary antique doll, but she is much more than that.”

The woman who donated Mandy, also called Mereanda, told the museum curator that she would wake up in the middle of the night hearing a baby crying from the basement. When she investigated, she would find a window near the doll open where it had previously been closed and the curtains blowing in the breeze. The donor later told the curator that after the doll was given to the museum, she was no longer disturbed by the sounds of a baby crying in the night.

Some say Mandy has unusual powers. Many speculate that the doll has acquired these powers over the years, but since little is known of the doll’s history nothing can be said for certain. What is certain is the unusual effect she seems to have on everyone around her.

As soon as Mandy arrived at the museum, staff and volunteers began to have weird and unexplainable experiences. Lunches would disappear from the refrigerator and later be found tucked away in a drawer; footsteps were heard when no one was around; pens, books, photos and many other small items would go missing – some were never found and some turned up later. The staff passed these events off as absent-mindedness, but this did not account for everything.
Mandy did not have a permanent “home” inside the museum when she first arrived. She was placed in the museum entranceway, facing the public, and visitors would stare and talk about the doll with the cracked and broken face and sinister smile. Eventually, Mandy was moved to another part of the museum where she was carefully placed alone in a display case because museum staff had been told that she should not be placed with other dolls because she would harm them.

Since her permanent placement there have been many stories about encounters with the haunted doll. One visitor was videotaping Mandy only to have the camera light go on and off every 5 seconds. When the visitor’s camera was turned on another exhibit, it functioned just fine. (It is interesting to note that the same thing often happens when visitors try to photograph Robert the Doll in his Key West museum home.)

Some visitors are very disturbed by the doll’s eyes, which they say appear to follow them around the room. Others claim to have seen the doll actually blink, and still others say they have seen the doll in one position and minutes later she will appear to have moved.

Although they’re used to it by now, museum staff and volunteers still prefer not to be the last one working or locking up the museum at the end of the day.
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I've read many stories like this one and always wonder why a spirit would attach its energy in an inanimate object. I guess I can see a child spirit attaching to a favorite doll but there are many stories where the attachment is to a chair or a table or other furniture. If I was going to attach myself to something it would be a place not an object.

And I intend to write about spirit energy that I have encountered in the past such as Harper's Ferry in West Virginia and Lake George in Upstate New York here on this page. Here's a preview!

I worked during summers at my brothers restaurant which was very spirit inhabited. I hate the word haunted. My many experiences with earthbound spirits have been happy ones with a few that caused me some concern. For some reason I always find myself working in a highly energized spirit environment. I'll delve into these stories soon.

A spirit will call anything home that can keep it stable. Some do not wish to take on new identities in body after body. But rather remain focused in one location, where they can be themselves and perhaps not be disturbed so much. Sometimes it is like the inverted nature of a soul, that can cause one to wish to disappear from the vibrations of change.

Interesting. I guess as soul entity I just wouldn't want to attach myself to something that other entities could just move around at thier will. In other stories that I have read like this the attached spirit travels to where ever the object goes. That would personally not be my wish.

I wouldn't wish for this either. And yet to that entity, I think the draw would be to still call a particular place home without having to worry about finding a new one. So to them they'd likely be pulled in by something like a tourist spot for others to come and visit, or admire. Yet I also do believe that spirits can leave their place of haunted refuge should they wish to and cross over in time when they're ready to do so, as far as I know.

In many cases where I have read this happening, not all certainly, the entity is of a dark nature and it just seems to me that this a doorway into somewhere else where they can cause Chaos. And yes I also believe that they can cross over, or back, when they feel the need too.

Yes indeed. So long as they still in part feel like they are tied here, then they will remain. Like a ghost, or a poltergeist.

Yes, that was what I was going to mention.  The whole "in popular culture" haunted objects tend to be portrayed as a demonic trap.  Unsuspecting person buys an antique box off ebay only to receive it and then have all sorts of not so fun paranormal activity start.  A rather smart idea considering how much we humans covet material goods.  Reminds me of the Ouija board urban legends. Ouija boards returning to their owners after being thrown away, causing all sorts of chaos along the way, with the only remedy being breaking the board in half and burning them. 

As an INFJ one of my super powers is picking up information about previous owners from some item they had in their possession.  I forget the technical name for that ability.  I didn't get visions of the person but instead let the object tell me it's story.  At the time I just chalked it up to a heightened sense of observation.

Sooooooo......This made me consider the possibility that we leave trace energy on everything we interact with.  Like a fingerprint and can unconsciously turn our favorite objects into talismans of sorts, or leave personal identifying data, like a cookie is to a browser or IP address is to a network.  Then there is also the super powerful "Belief" factor.  Object is just a object but you believe or have been convinced to believe the object is haunted and unconsciously/subconsciously start to manifest haunting/poltergeist phenomena.  Thus the advice to not react nor interact with the paranormal.  Hmmm...there is also the "thought form" manifested as an intelligence by a group focused on creating something out of nothing and then interacting with it. Most of whom are released after the experiment is completed.  I'm guessing you could create a "Servitor(chaos magick term)" and bind it to an inanimate object. 

from wikipedia:

When a complex of thoughts, desires and intentions gains such a level of sophistication that it appears to operate autonomously from the magician's consciousness, as if it were an independent being, then such a complex is referred to as a servitor.[3][1] When such a being becomes large enough that it exists independently of any one individual, as a form of "group mind", then it is referred to as an egregore.[4]

Alternatively, a magician may choose to create servitors from negative aspects of their psyche, such as "habits, shortcomings, faults, revulsions", rather than positive desires or intentions. In doing so, they can interact with those traits as personal demons, and bind or banish them to eradicate them from the psyche.[5]"

Yea Ogrin I believe everything you said above. As an example of energy being transferred from host to object one need look no farther than crystals. What activates a crystals unique powers is the hosts own energy and beliefs. Crystals do magnify certain energies before they come into contact with their host but it is the host that brings these energy qualities into the physical realm.

On a side note: I do buy clothes from thrift shops and always wonder what energy the previous own may have imbued upon the material while in their possession. But I figure that if I like it and it attracts me I'm probably pretty safe in wearing it!


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