As we get older, and our experiences become more a lesson on personal and impersonal history than they do a life lesson to the younger generation. These are the thoughts that sometimes plague my consciousness at night.

Why at night, you ask? Simply put, because in the day I'm too focused on me to worry about anything else. I find that if I prioritize myself and my own needs first, during the time that I dedicate to my own journey and presence within it, I am ready to tackle any challenge I may face. And this does not mean I always succeed at doing so. In fact many times I fail. But I don't do so with the intention of giving up.

Unfortunately, not every soul gets this opportunity to let their presence speak clearly towards their intentions. Whether they are unable to grasp enough initiative to fulfill their dreams, or they are preoccupied with survival to become a meaningful change within the circle of hope they need to forget about their own personal shortcomings. I feel it important to address the theoretical elephant in the room, when these types of people, who are growing in number, approach me.

IT is not to say that these people are uneducated, or are making a series of bad choices to account for such mistakes. But rather, they lack the drive to carry them as far as their ambitions would allow them to go. And as such, these restrictions, cause us to become separated, and unable to see one another as the equals we are outside of the bodies we inhabit.

In order to be able to offer guidance to such souls, I have to ask one question of my own to satisfy my own feelings on this subject. In an effort to justify the presence of a lack of focus there has been in areas where my own success could not have just as easily been applied to another. For I feel that too much competition is harmful to the spirit of exploration, which is something we all have in abundance - an inner curiosity to be someone we know and love. And to not desire to change who we are in the face of ridicule or belittlement.

And so, my journey to set out on such a quest begins with the very nature of the planet we are now incarnate onto. For me, I will have a much different outlook on life here, because my experiences have been a mixed bag to say the least. The older the people are, the more stable their outlook on life is. The younger people get, the more varied and indeterminate their view of reality is likely to become. Even though this is a generalization of the people who will one day replace us in the roles we play, to uncover something more, like what what we have through our own spirit, and to recognize this, would truly take a miracle. Beyond the capabilities of which, we may be able to impart onto others.

To ease your worries which have undoubtedly cropped up at the behest of this line of thought, I will simply ask you to formulate a response. One that will let anyone who read it be aware of what Earth means to you. Is this planet a midway point between worlds you may otherwise know, or a place of home you feel you belong to as it is for me? Is this planet a prison that you cannot easily escape, or did not choose to come here and experience. Or is this planet your home, and you wish to enjoy all it has to offer. Perhaps it is even a mixture of all three concepts, and that is okay. It may even mean more to you than the definitions which I have brought to the table. I welcome all views on this topic, for I truly believe, it rests within the root of our purpose here, to become most familiar with the aspects to awaken to all of who we are.

As a soul who not only believes in the concept of other worlds, but have been able to visit them, I look forward to returning there and discovering other places along the way. I am saddened by the actions of a few ruling elite classes of people in charge of the war machine that has cost this planet Earth so much in spiritual damage. It is my belief that we must work as a collective to overcome the dangerous journey of judgmental analysis, for we are but equals out of body, not enemies of each other with but a face to represent our appearance with.

Such spiritual teachings over the years has become resembled in part by the followers of cults, to which undermine the nature of freedom and diversity as it is meant to be expressed. For I do understand that in order to believe, you have to see another you achieve what you wish to replicate in the deeds of the legacies that attract you to them. And by doing so, mirror yourself to add to the history and the wake of a shadow that presents itself in living memory of the souls who will replace us in all we have lived for.

But in truth I cannot take the actions of life seriously to the point where I regret much of myself. For indeed I mitigate this feeling of holding back from experiencing the world for the vibration I attract will mirror my own drive as a soul to know the greatest minds of wisdom and invention to have come here and present their mark in a meaningful way. A way that I hope to impart to others of similar comprehension, so that we may present our mark as a collective of love and peace upon those who know us and the loved ones they know in turn. We are united by all who have made it possible for us to belong within the embrace of soulful presence.

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I like this a lot, because in a lot of degrees it paralels my own perceptions of life and our purposes.

However, I have had memories of many past lives, amongst them one of the destruction of the planet where I lived a long time ago, the planet Maldek , that was destroyed by design from people of outer space, who must have belonged to another planet. 

Then Iwas taken for healing to another planet before they determined I should continue my Soul experiences on this planet Earth. 

I love Earth and I love so many things about it, and yet there is so much that needs to be changed here, as well. 

Yes, we are all but ONE and yet we chose to come and experience all that there was capable to be experienced here, and here we are, experiencing it all!

I have lived many lifetimes already, as well, in this planet, but we belong to none, they are all physical so that we can have our phisycal experiences, and yet we need to be willing to let go even of that!

I was raised in a very unusual way and I have never belomged to this or any other place, and yet I have enjoyed all of my trips and they have not ben enough, either, I want to know it all on this beautiful Earth, which is nothing but one more dream we are all having together!

That coincides with my own journey to ensure that all which is experiencial can do so with the purity of intention to not need to alter our vibration to a point of discontentment because of it. It's very nice to find a soul from actual Maldek. You are most welcome to speak of your lives there if you can recall them as well as here, what do you find that has influenced you perhaps?

Wow, I could probably write a nonfiction book on this subject. 

In my case I'm a starseed that has been to many planets and realizes that everything is created by energy and consciousness. I look at energy as being the blackboard and consciousness as the chalk. And I'm made up of both. My home is wherever I'm sent by a superior all encompassing entity that indians would refer to as The Great Spirit.

I guess if I was to summarize it all, I would say the universe is eternal, and what else are we going to do for an eternity? And so here I am.

As far as Earth goes, I believe I was sent to raise it's vibration to a higher level. I believe that my soul, you might refer to it as an old soul, was created from the core consciousness a very long time ago. This Earth at present is also home to many younger core entities who still have a lot to learn as do I. I am a teacher more than a student, but I will always be both. 

I died I believe in WW2 and probably many other conflicts that have taken place on this planet. But I admit to being very tired of these kinds of incarnations and need take a spiritual vacation away from chaos and conflict. I'm certain there is a planet that I felt at peace on and would like to do my time off thier after my job is finished here. After that, I'll travel back to the core and get my next assignment!

I also am a starseed. I two believe in the concept of a spiritual purpose, though I however, may not return to Earth once my body has finished. I do not know where I will go, I just wish to be reminded of home. This planet is beautiful, but I long to travel the stars once more.

You will!

Is the Earth a prison, a paradise, a journey, a proving ground, heaven or hell, or just some place in-between?

The world is what I make it. 

Regarding the roles we play. When I was 15 I had a conversation with my Mom about the ugliness of people and society in general. She told me to be most grateful to those people who know only pain, are afraid of everything even themselves, have no faith or relationship with higher self, are violent, hate filled, envious, forgotten, left behind or addicted, those so blinded by selfishness they only serve themselves and in the very worst cases abused to the point nothing remains but the shell of the person because if it wasn't for them it might have been my role to fill this lifetime. I was like yeah okay that's kinda out there...but the seed was planted..and it grew to an attitude of gratitude.

I believe this world was created so that creation could experience itself. I believe we need the friction caused by people of differing beliefs, lifestyles, cultures, intelligence to drive change or evolution.

It's a never ending thread of creation. We were given an ego so we would think we were separate from the source, of course we're not. 

As we move through each level of experience, kind of like a video game, we move to a higher realm while others move into the space we departed from. The Earth is about to transition to a higher level of experience but not all are ready for that jump yet. They will continue on a more dense physical plane to add on to what has already been learned/downloaded to the core.

Others will move to the next level replacing those that have moved a notch higher. The next level for many of us will be less physical and more spiritual and much less dense. 

However, before that takes place we get that 1000 year recess that comes in between. I'm looking forward to that. I'm really tired!

If you call it Star Seed, that is fine, but we all are!

I have lived in other planets, as well and I was living in Maldek just before it was destroyed, in one of those horrible planetary wars, but I was taken to another planet and sort of rescued on time to survive during that lifetime and then deposited on Earht, finally, where I have re-incarnated many times and in many different places!

We are all Universal Beings, and furthermore, we are all but ONE Soul!

One Soul: Awaken to His Love: Will, Sheila S.: 9798218950521: Books

I do believe that we are not only here to experience the planet, but to modify it, and themodification is not done through outer exeriences, but through our own mor elevated consciousness, the more we stick to it, the more we can bring othrs to our levels of consciousness, and thus change the whole environment!We are all here to help one another and to raise the consciousness of those we encounter in this lifetime, bar none!

We can continualy be teaching, while we are also learning!

I do not mind sticking around here in this place and as so many lifetimes as I would be needed to do so!


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