I know 420 has passed, but 4:20 happens twice a day, so celebrate how far we've come in legalization and thank those who came before you that cleared the way for you to be able to even know how great this plant is. 

Black people have been enduring stats like being from 4 to around 8.5 times more likely in some states) than a white person to be arrested for cannabis possession in America. They don't deserve to be a minority in the legal market. It's time to  release anyone who's imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis crimes. 

And this plant is so so healing. We need to let it do its job. 

Speaking of how healing my gal pal, MJ, is. Lets chat about some magical ways in which she can aid you. 

Botanical (species) name(s):  Cannabis sativa, C. indica, and the unpopular third child, C. ruderalis.

Common Names: Cannabis, Marijuana, MJ, mary jane, weed, pot, ganja, grass, dope, reefer, chronic and oh so many more.



Primary element: Air 

Secondary element: Fire 

Cosmic: ♄Saturn, ☉The Sun

Astrological sign: Capricorn, Scorpio 

Colour(s): the bright spring green of new leaves, and the spectrum of colours in a sunrise. 

Crystals: Labradorite, clear quartz 

Magical Properties: Creative energy, social confidence, active ritual, divination, the third eye, energy magnifying, transformation, anxiety, paranoia


Primary element: Earth

Secondary element: Water

Cosmic:  The Moon, Venus,   Earth 

Astrological sign: Scorpio, Taurus

Colour(s): Inky blue, deep purple, and the spectrum of sunset colours. 

Crystal: moon stone, clear quartz

Magical Properties: Meditation, sleep, grounding, trance work, divination, the third eye and root energy points, spirit work, relaxation, hunger, sloth (like laziness, not the animal,) binding/freezing physically.


They can have any mixture of these traits, or some of their own. The also tend to be a very all-purpose plant. The clear quartz or white candle of herbal spell ingredients. 

And then beyond that, of course, each strain can have it's own correspondences, and then if you want to really get specific in your grimoire (you know I do,) you can make correspondences for each cannabinoid and terpene. I won't list each correspondence here so you can use this as practice at making up your own. Take CBD for example, if you wanted to write correspondences for it, I'd look up it's medicinal info, it's physical effects, if and how it's been used spiritually, and I would have my own experiences with it. Try it as a supplement if you (and your doctor) want to try it. The closer your relationship with a thing is, the easier it'll be to come up with correspondences. 

Methods of Use

Inhalation  - All the ways in which you can inhale the smoke or vapour of this plant into you lungs and then exhale it. This would include things like smoking joints, blunts, bongs, vaporizers, dab rigs, pipes etc.

- Bring the smoke into your body and visualize the energy of the plant entering your body. And then use the exhale to infuse that energy, plus your own breath, into the spell.

- Smoke as part of a ritual, offering, or in preparation to do some spell casting or divination. 

- Use the exhaled smoke to cleanse a space, or create sacred space.

Ingesting - Edibles! Cannabis infused foods and all the ways in which you can eat this plant. This would include things like taking oral capsules, oral sprays, brownies and other baked goods, oils, gummies and anything you eat.

- Make cannabis infused foods to eat as part of a ritual supper. Especially great as a Samhain offering during the dumb supper. 

- Since edibles take longer to take effect than inhalation, they're better suited for long rituals and spells. So if you're going to an all-day magical gathering, you may want to use an edible if you're doing any preparation spells, instead of using a fast-acting but also fast-fading method of consumption like a bong hit.

- You can use edibles as the entire spell itself. Try out kitchen witching and bake your spell into some brownies.  Making it a cannabis infused brownie could help in delaying the effects, but making them last longer. 

Topical Products - Anything you put on instead of into your body is a topical product. (As opposed to internal.) This would include things like salves, body oils, lotions, balms, and massage bars.

- Anoint your body with cannabis infused body oil. You can use this in ritual as well as an every-day part of your skincare magical practice.

- Enchant your lotion or cream and infuse it with cannabis. You can enchant topical products for so many different things. From protection and warding to attraction and absorbing good stuff.

- There are cannabis-infused personal lube products that could be added to some sex magic weather you're practicing alone or with partner(s).

Ways to use it without absorbing it into your body:

- Smoke Cleansing without inhalation. You can add cannabis to your herb bundles for smoke cleansing or other smoke magic.

- Use the flower to divine with. I believe that this is easiest and best done with flower you've grown yourself, purely because of the deeper personal connection, but it's fine with your every-day bud too! See what patterns or symbols you see in the flower when you look up close. All those gorgeous hairs and sparkly trichomes can make some gorgeous symbology. Similar to how you'd do tasseomancy, or flame scrying. I usually prefer do do this with whole buds, but you can also try it with dumping out your ground herb onto your rolling try, now acting as your throwing mat. You can also use a handful of buds to act as throwing stones and divine that way.

- You can use flower, or the leaves as you would any other herbal spell ingredient. 

Of course you can use your weed however you like! Just make sure you're doing so safely and responsibly, and as long as you're of age/qualify to use cannabis legally in your area.

As for all the medicinal actions and benefits, I'm going to ask you to go talk to an experienced doctor, herbalist and/or cannabis consultant. They have much more knowledge and experience than I, and there are studies being published all the time about new information we've found out about regarding this magical plant. 


* This info is for educational purposes only and should not be used to treat or diagnose any disorder. Always talk to an herbalist before using any herb! 

Sources: Arrest stats from the ACLUMagickal Properties of Hemp, by AarTiana from Llewellyn's 2007 Wicc...




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It's worth looking into in the event that it can help you.

It's still illegal here.


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