Jewels of Truth Statement #2,271: "We Are A Unique & Universal Representation of God"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement #2,271 is on the age old question of who I'm I and why I'm I in this world much less a reality? As a child I suffered greatly with this question not wanting to have been born for I felt separated from my source. Little did I know about divinity at such a tender age before I was tween. Circumstances on my homefront back then my parents were experiencing a separation of their own that eventually led to divorce. I still have the vivid memory of this innocent child that I was praying I had never existed. I was nine years of age at that time. That unfortunately became the opening act for years of depression and anxiety being baked into me.

Gladly now much wiser however scarred by the world nonetheless sometimes by my own hands of ignorant foolishness. I feel that much stronger having survived those formidable years now well into adulthood. Still if I had the relationship with my holy angels I do now my life would have been by far better in my outlook. Perhaps spared or not of this cross of depression seeing the world as a practical optimist and/or practical realist when the mood strikes me worst. Although my stillness runs deep in this life my joy sometimes mischievous is the grace that keeps me alive everyday.

This "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement takes us on the journey of self-realization of our divinity that is way past our present day humanity. It may seem nonsensical at times, but the divine scale trumps our puny self-imposed limitations as people struggling usually just to survive this world.

May you find statement #2,271 written just moments ago intriguing as you find it refreshing. Amen.

Who I'm I?

2271) With any soul comes the question who I'm I truly in the world? Be this a reflection poised with honesty or just a passing lamentation. You are a precious living emanation of God etching out its own truths in a reality that can seem quite unreal. We are sparks as luminaries or individualized souls of the meta omnipresence of God(dess). We haven't ventured all that far from within our role as part of the lifecycle of God in eternity. We are the passing lights of this moment interacting with the constant now. In short you are God himself as a united tiny piece of his supreme beautiful ineffable truth. By this we mean that you are a segment or unique aspect of God experiencing the universal of this Creation right here and now.

Every other person, creature, and landscape you see with the eyes of your flesh is yourself united in God. This seems as a contrarian perspective, but you are not the whole Creator God. Just a living piece of him in majestic spiritual perfection having a flawed human reincarnation that is all. As "Jesus the Christ" stated; "I and the Father Are One" (John 10:30) fulfills the Divine Law. And, so it is for everyone of us that Christ was showing the way to our holiest divinity shared with him forever. Be one a Christian or not is immaterial when we are united because God is linked to us all simultaneously as his meta self.

To further explore the majesty of our united divinity we are miniature versions of God as a whole. As we are in the Image and Likeness of our biological parents here on Earth. We are equally the Image and Likeness of our supreme perfect Creator God as our souls having never ever been born or can never die. We are constant with God, be him a he or a she as the lovely mother Goddess of all absolute Life. As God is every real and unreal reality macroscopically. We in our divine selves are a reality of our own making. We are co-creators with God as God's nature is to create miraculous wonders. So we venture to fingerpaint as child like souls of God to create wonders of all sorts as the angels of heaven. Geniuses are born and reborn into the world in order to experience first hand their godly handiwork from paradise with God in his Holy Spirit.

No one can divide us from our majesty with God, because we are universally tied to God as his meta self. The horrors occur in primitive evolutionary realities of your own making like your world. Where having not the courage to realize you are God fully times infinity. You slaughter each other through crimes and warfare creating not heaven on Earth, but a devil's wet dream of hell instead. Every generation of incarnated life must restore not the holy name of God, but the sanctified love of God into their sacred reality without corruption and hypocrisy. When a critical mass of divine collective unconscious is reached in any one society on a planet any planet with sentient life. Then it is possible to create heaven on such a world, otherwise it all becomes a self-induced twisted farce. Achieving mediocre results here, but not there and it only lasts a moment versus decades.

We are the whole united anatomy of God given shape and purpose in the world. Strike down your divine self in another person and suffer the consequences of a self-inflicted wound upon your minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits for a lifetime. Save another in mind, heart, spirit, and body you have overcome the world for an instant, and have ushered in the heavens into your combined lives in the sublime Will of God. Live your holy truth, but at no ones expense especially your own and you will remember that you are angelic gods of Heaven. Amen.                                                                                                                                      ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan, is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work is available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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Comment by The Least 999 on July 19, 2016 at 1:21am


Thanks as always.

In regard to sharing these kinds of ideas, I fully intend on doing so, but just want more time to find the proper light to place them in.  There is quite enough confusion in the world without me contributing more to it than i have to, and I want to enlighten more so than darken.

I will definitely find some time these next few days to explore your blogs, specifically this "Gems of Opportunity" you mentioned.

Looking forward to your next "Gems of Truth", and will be seeking you out elsewhere on the interwebs.

Comment by Atrayo on July 18, 2016 at 2:25am

Hello The Least 999,

Wow, thanks for the kudos I and the Angels have only shed a light. What you do with it in good or otherwise is your path. I appreciate you breaking down the words of: analysis, synthesis, and syncretism. Aside from being highly intuitive I'm also in contrast very analytical. Especially with my other series of conceptual designs (hundreds documented as a channeler slash innovator) which I call "Gems of Opportunity". 

In many ways I'm the first student of the content I'm taught by my angels. Although I utilize other sources such as spiritual authors and self-improvement guru's that I distill. Otherwise as I learn it and channel it I teach it to whomever is open to experience such a plateau of my present understanding. Doing this has transformed me from within and by extension i'm like a fountain. In Christian terms it could be construed as the everlasting waters of eternal life. 

All teachings prosper as it becomes shared earnestly as a collective. What is yours today will be another's tomorrow and so forth. It is a continuation like a daisy chain of comprehension. What I attempt to teach spiritually and with wisdom is ultimately everyone's through my selective character driven filters of self and of all. 

The Universe as a work in progress yes mostly. Speaking of incarnations it isn't just for people or creatures. There are meta incarnations as equal children of God. I call these the phenomenal children as our holy siblings with shared divinity. So the Mother Earth and to a great extent the Universe as well is a meta-incarnation. We're just in comparison the molecules within this material universe evolving and maintaining our constructs therein. However God in its allness is fixed unmovable like a frozen stasis field encapsulated within our souls and vice a versa of we within him/her/it self. :o) 

Comment by The Least 999 on July 17, 2016 at 9:21am

Thanks for your accessible and insightful analogies as always, Atrayo.  Reincarnation is not as scary when you imagine it taking place within your own life like a Doctor's regeneration - and when the big one does come, and you do die, it can be viewed as equally transformative: a continuation, an evolution; not a termination, at least not absolutely.

Then again, in all ideas and things lurk the seeds of their own contradiction, so even the above, after a manner is false.  And so too, accordingly, does the idea that in all ideas and things lurk the seeds of their own contradiction itself has its contradiction lurking within.

Maybe these conflicts with our contradictions, our shadow selves, as Jung might say, trigger these "regenerations" - resulting in synthesis (or union with our opposite), analysis (or disunion with ourselves, and being subsumed by our antithesis), or syncretism (simultaneous union and disunion, what I have been expressing as the paradox of union of union and disunion) – or any combination thereof.


Though I have certainly had many analyses, syntheses, and even some syncretisms, and some of these have been negative, positive, or neutral, I know I am closer to knowing myself to a degree appropriate for my life here and now – much more so since you responded to me, during which such a small time much has happened for me.

Thanks as always, Atrayo.  Your wisdom, and just knowing I wasn’t alone in my unusual degree of understanding in these matters (though more in a technical sense as opposed to your intuitive sense) helped me set a great happening in motion.

By the way…

In your second paragraph, where you describe your writing endeavors - both books and blogs - and not hoarding your knowledge, has teaching and healing others and the world become your purpose, your calling, your best idea of the purpose of your incarnation?  I think after a slightly different manner, but similar in many if not most ways, teaching both myself and others, and when it is consistent with the wills of all involved, transforming myself and others has become mine.

It, like the universe, is a work in progress though!  :-)

Comment by Atrayo on July 16, 2016 at 9:05am

Hello The Least 999,

Thanks for sharing your journey I'm sure anyone reading this will find themselves on a similar plateau your experiencing right now. Given that is the universal sound track of our human condition and like I say above we can be paradoxically unique as people. 

In my earlier writings which these statements your reading here will find themselves in a future book (ie Jewels of Truth Volume 7). I share them in advance since to horde them would be criminal in my opinion. Also, I've only published 3 Volumes to date (Volume 3 just last year) and so I've behind the curve ball in playing catch up in cranking these volumes out. That's the 2nd reason why I share this content for the dozens of lurkers I have reading my main blog site. You can count yourself in the minority that is leaving comments and asking questions which I find refreshing. :o)

This is a roundabout way of saying to follow your bliss and you'll find your truth in life. In other words live the avocation you love dearest even if it doesn't make you a dime. Eventually after several iterations of yourself sorta like a Doctor Who getting regenerated in his body. You'll land on your feet in the world and truly know who you are mostly and how to serve (perhaps make a career out of it?) to come full circle in your own life. 

Also, technically the perspective isn't entirely my own since I'm a channeler. Your getting an equal whiff of the Angels themselves in how they do the sentence structure above. I personally don't write like that give how I'm responding to you here. When I channel them the Angels it feels more top down with complete authority and strength that I'm not so much as a person in personality. It's sorta like that old Star Trek deep Space Nine on that space station near a worm hole. The female science officer had a symbiosis with another creature that was immortal. In a way its similar with myself I have a symbiosis with numerous Angels spiritually speaking. 

The old line of you never know that one may be in the presence of Angels. Applies with me since they're but a thought or calling away with me constantly. :o) 

Comment by The Least 999 on July 15, 2016 at 7:00am

Again, you have a very refreshing perspective, one which is not too different from my own, but more intuitively accessible - which is good for me to read, because I am always confusing myself!

The idea of being an individual, unique, yet connected to and one with God, has been an interest of mine for some time, and we touched on that in our last discussion. However, I frequently find myself subsumed by what I think God would want me to do, have a confused idea of what my True Will is, and would like to find, or at least speed up the process of finding, this more balanced and simultaneous, but dynamic, simultaneous union and disunion with God.

From my readings, it seems accimplishing this on the highest level means to gain conversation with and knowledge of your Holy Guardian Angel, which is sort of your higher self more directly connected to God. Although I have had many encounters with "supernatural" entities, I don't know how much of that is an expression of the Homy Guardian Angel. Now, but after a different fashion, I seem connected to a guiding intelligence, but the messages are not always clear to me.

Any suggestions on finding my True Will, my true self, and communion with my Holy Guardian Angel, or whatever such a line to simultaneous union and disunion with God?

Thanks Atrayo. I'm glad to have made your acquaintance!

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