Jewels of Truth Statement #2,264: "Heaven & Hell Exist In Sublime Balance As A Metaphysical Paradox"

Hello All,

Now that we've arrived at the start of the month of July. Here is one of my most recent "Jewels of Truth" channeled spiritual wisdom statement #2,264. It's on the topic of "Heaven & Hell" in regards to have perfect balance in the spiritual realities they're split like hemispheres into two broad dominions. There the blessed heavenly realities with a border esque realm ascribed to as limbo of all things of enlightened neutrality and finally the accursed realities. As I channel by clairvoyant automatic writing on mundane well into mystical topics of interest this is one such metaphysical topic I decided to explore.

The reason why I asked the Angels is I've seen many high profile psychics exclaim that Hell doesn't exist. My human response is to roll my eyes that these hippie well wishers are really naive. Then my angels rein me in by gently reminding me never to condemn or in this case castigate anyone. (easier said than done) Entering into a mental telepathy session in channeling my angels as a medium. They basically stated the others are partially correct and so I'm I with a contrary point of view as a belief / knowing.

I do a double take and the "Aha!" moment over takes me that heaven and hell as metaphysical realities are a whole united paradox. The perfect sublime afterlife is a unified whole circular paradox in pure expression. One thing to understand when dealing with a paradox all sides are correct and erroneous simultaneously. That is why one's perception even the celebrity psychics and mediums can state one perceived truth and another can proclaim something entirely different, here both camps are true. Although in our material physical reality that sort of cognitive understanding is considered fantasy, if not utter bull shit. One has to realize we're not in Kansas anymore since the laws of physical nature don't fully stick in the spiritual realities.

I just wanted to break this down for you before I went directly into the topic at hand without a proper introduction. May you find it intriguing as I did informative as the Angels explained it to me by clairvoyance.

Heaven & Hell:

2264) Many of the innocent well wishers on an evolutionary spiritual journey have stated openly that Hell doesn't exist as point of fact. Since the totality of the spiritual sublime realities requires perfect balance in all things. This doesn't omit the realm of the damned from evil having a place to call its own in expression. The divine free will of all souls can never be invalidated with good, neutrality, and evil. Albeit our eternal, constant, and infinite souls are enlightened several times over due to endless reincarnations. Enlightenment can be achieved not just through the blessed tract, but equally through all neutrality as well as accursed nihilism. Which is unheard of in many circles, but nonetheless to be fully transparent it is possible as Creation is filled with souls in all three camps.

To naively declare that there is no spiritual dominion of evil is careless, if not selective in point of view. As the living must respect fire which they can easily get burned so must all souls in benevolence and neutrality respect the dangers of evil. To unequivocally state that hell doesn't exist using the model of a balanced paradox in absolute divine order would equally mean that heaven isn't real by the next breathe of life. Heaven and hell are twins as a circular metaphysical reality as abodes where all of totality rests upon as the source of all good and evil. All paradoxes offer a symmetry that few can deny is elegant in function and presentation when the angels as minor gods chose to help design Creation with God the Supreme Creator. Yes, binary arguments can become tedious attempting to dissuade the other group of its veracity. Within a paradox especially in spiritual realities with perfect divine order both polar camps are valid and have an equal claim to existence.

Revered spiritual figures as people on Earth be they psychic-mediums or lay people. Who haven't ventured fully in faith back to God can easily make an incomplete assertion. Thankfully in godly paradoxes all are true and erroneous in relative expressions for the truth of God is absolute and Inclusively Infinite in nature.

The argument that there is no heaven and hell by atheists or no hell by selective spiritual personalities is partially true. Understanding paradoxically that there is also a heaven and hell in metaphysical reality. It is a total truism circular and whole in perfect union with God the Creator as the Ultimate adjudicator of all realities. For example utilizing another paradox when atheists state there is no God. Pointing that s/he /it is nowhere to being located in their material truth. Only by faith utilizing a paradox the opposite of nothing is the Absolute of all things as entity souls and so forth meaning the Creator God(dess). Not all atheists are evil many are more pious in secular benevolence than hypocrites that swear up and down as sanctified worshippers of God.

To reiterate technically all things in life and death are circular for a cyclical reason because it works perfectly by mother nature. As above so below, and so below as above is the truism of the "Kybalion". Then following such a rule of thumb by a mortals comprehension heaven and hell are both real and unreal metaphysically, it is in other words a conundrum. Nothing is wrong because of this for it is all beautiful in the eyes of God how it has operated forever. Keep your peace nothing has been laid out that doesn't fully belong into the awareness of mortal men, woman, and children to understanding the total scope of their inherent divinity. For all souls on a macro scale are the building blocks as God's essence that are the cornerstones to all heavens, limbo's, and hells combined. All metaphysical realities belong to God and our souls are united to the core fiber of our spiritual identity to God. As we are One in the Holy Spirit those of us benevolent in life. Than so in equal turn those evil people are One in their unholy spirit with God as well as equal children of God. This is the truth of God's inclusive nature in all things perfect, pure, and everlasting. Amen.                                                   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan, is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work is available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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Comment by Atrayo on July 16, 2016 at 11:28pm

Krsnaraja Dr. Melvin,

My condolences to you and your family. I'm also taking care in part of my elderly mother right now that's semi-independent. I'm also her only child. 

You may already feel the answer to the question you are asking me. So my response will be redundant, however according to my inclusive universal compassionate belief system. God or as you say Godhead is intrinsically part of our very core souls and spirits. We are living fragments of God and thus Godhead is always with us and we're never apart from Godhead. The reason why I mention this basic primer is mystically our souls in my belief system never departed from heaven. Like a butterfly we merely transformed through a reincarnation into human form. Our souls are multidimensional like the Image and Likeness of the Godhead. We can have human bodies on Earth and multidimensionally our souls reside with the Godhead in all his sacred realities. Our souls are miniature versions of his likeness meaning spiritually we are eternal having never been born or died as emanations of the Godhead.

To reiterate your question did your dear mother return to the Godhead? In my belief system she never left the right hand side of the Godhead. Because of reincarnation we merely transformed into humans for a limited timeframe of eternity as multidimensional souls of the Godhead seeking ultimate expression. 

Her ancestors as dearly departed and her angels were there to receive her for her complete rebirth into spiritual identity. As they say we are all One in the Holy Spirit. In this divine Oneness we have never left the Godhead we are constantly with him/her/it as the Immaculate Creator. 


Comment by Atrayo on July 16, 2016 at 9:19am

Krsnaraja Dr. Melvin,

Thank you for sharing the grace of your personal triumph in the world.

Was there a question or just a statement of your ongoing story with the divine? 

Be well. 

Comment by Atrayo on July 14, 2016 at 9:58pm

Thank you Krsnaraja Dr. Melvin for sharing your sacred truth and blessed wisdom according to your faith in Krishna an incarnation of Vishnu. 

We aren't here to evangelize the world too many have attempted that to mixed ends. Only to awaken one's beautiful holiest divinity and allow them to find their own pathway back to God(dess). We aren't harmed in no way for those that balk or reject our teachings, albeit our channel is still occupying the world. 

To speak the name of the Godhead is most profound when it is uttered in complete silence and shown by ones dignified actions. That carries the weight of the ages upon the supplicant monk be he of Krishna or any other avatar of God. Although the names of Brahmna are endless his actions speak louder than any of his names. 

As you are heaven in your spirit so shall you be heaven in your life in spite of the contradictions you encounter in this world. 


Comment by The Least 999 on July 14, 2016 at 9:29am
Thank you for your insight. I also attribute my running into you here to serendipity.
Comment by Atrayo on July 14, 2016 at 8:09am

Hello The Least 999,

Your always quite welcome, I usually don't get my brain picked so earnestly. 

You're last line of the individual not getting lost and maintaining their unique imprint as a consciousness (ie person). Was actually one of my original fears when I begin channeling the Angels about 20 years ago or so. They impressed upon me one can say a paradox. (it never gets dull, lol) :o) That I can keep my human / spiritual identity without being completely absorbed losing myself in their collective. Many subsequent Psychic-Mediums as channelers I've heard stating they channel a collective of souls. Ester Hicks, comes to mind immediately as she does a full trance channeling of the group that calls themselves "Abraham". These clusters of elder souls are like a living library in ethereal form of their collective knowledge / wisdom akin to a databank of souls. Many think that the "Akashic Records" (ie Mind of God) are books in heaven. I chuckle to myself they are actually entities as souls that answers ones queries with first hand knowing. 

I myself don't do full on trance channeling like the very famous "Dr. Edgar Cayce" known famously as the sleeping prophet. I'm more of a writer and speaker without giving over full control to these angelic teachers, spiritual guides, and scholars of the heavens. 

Without sounding melodramatic the coincidence of you bumping into my blog for insights was no accident. :o)

Use what you can in always good health. 

Comment by Atrayo on July 14, 2016 at 7:48am

Thank you for your concise elaboration Krsnaraja Dr. Melvin.

My apology if I sounded brisk your ending statement of a "Sucker born every minute". Seemed like a baited remark, if it wasn't I clearly misconstrued what you were trying to say. 


Comment by The Least 999 on July 14, 2016 at 5:42am

Thank you for your eloquent and in-depth response. As you said, you have learned these things through simple comparisons and analogies, and I appreciate your ability to describe these sometimes complicated subjects in the same manner. I find myself agreeing with all you said, and discovering through your words more intuitive ways of thinking about some of the ideas I've had.

I have long thought of projections, specifically as it relates to holography, as an important analogue to how these "meta-souls" work, but you gave me an intuitive picture with your skyscraper analogy that will endure in my mind, and help me stop scratching my head so much.

In regard to your question, I am a theorist and a student, heh, but not in any official capacity. I suppose this might technically make me a hobbyist as well, but my dedication to formalizing truth makes it a bit more than what most would call a hobby. I seek to formalize all of this because it will be required to begin to communicate these ideas universally. If I can find a system by which most of these "contradictory" realities can be explained to coexist, then it should lead to translations of terms otherwise mutually meaningless to most people living in these contradicting realities.

In this way, humanity might be able to live in a harmony of simultaneous union and disunion, most aware that their separate truths are part of a larger truth, yet without loss of the individual and what distinguishes them and makes them unique.

Thanks for the wisdom, Atrayo!
Comment by Atrayo on July 13, 2016 at 10:41pm

Hello Dr. Melvin,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts although suckers are born every minute, geniuses are born every decade. Sometimes the naive fool is more in touch with their heart, than a jaded know it all. 

Aside from that your interpretation of Hell on Earth you've only witnessed one version. Prisons like battlegrounds ferrets out the weak and subjugates them far too easily in disheartening fashion. To stand with conviction alone without a supportive group is not only troublesome, but dangerous in a inmate population. As Faculty I hope you have access to some sort of support group counseling, even if you think your alright. The cross-talk between staffers and correctional officers develops the rapport of empathy needed for such tortious environments. 

In certain regards many inmates devolve as a survival psychological conditioning in such role reversals. The causation can earmark the cliche of behaving like animals. Compassion and empathy are the endangered species in such places unless engendered within those centers of faith-based recovery. 

If your admission does have any sincerity of yearning for grace, albeit the line of a sucker born every minute seems problematic. (ie hypocrisy) Your caring and the struggle within your being best to give yourself a dosage of forgiveness as an antiseptic of your spirit within. I may not be a healer of the physical form, I am a healer of the heart and soul indeed. 

Comment by Atrayo on July 13, 2016 at 10:07pm

Hello The Least 999,

Hmm... are you studying this as a hobby or in some other capacity such as a student or a theorist of some sort? 

Thank you, for diving deep on the topic. I'll follow you in since I have limited familiarity with the topic. Anything I lack I channel as a clairvoyant slash Angelic Oracle. I'm always taught through simplicity and analogous associations, which sorta got me into these heady intellectual constructs. Although I may go deep in certain statements akin giving vertigo to an extrovert, lol. I try to follow a middle path in explaining on what I have channeled via automatic writing. 

Regarding reincarnation the Buddhist philosophy is that once a soul has reached nirvana or enlightenment. There's no long a need for reincarnation for that entity soul. I myself would be considered multi-faith, I follow all faiths within benevolence, be they religious, spiritual, and philosophical. That can be seen as following nothing, but paradoxically you know the line, hehe. I follow the best of everything compassionate. 

Anything you can Imagine has occurred and will happen again. The mere notion of coming to terms with it in thought form gives it life. Be it fantasy to us, is reality elsewhere upon our Infinite Creation. I often call this the "Soul Recall Dynamic", meaning all the fantasy and science-fiction to us has occurred elsewhere in God's eternity. The "Nouns" may be different (ie names of places, things, and people), but in a spectrum of total life it's happen elsewhere. One can say it's our collective unconscious perhaps from the "Mind of God or Akashic Records" what New Agers call it. That those intuitive enough as artists have plumbed the depths of their souls with God and have regurgitated these saga's from elsewhere in eternity and/or parallel earth like realities.  

As miniature gods in spirit and soul we co-create our realities. We are this Universe and the Next not in our humanity, but our combined divinity. Every totality Imaginable and Non-Existent is both real and unreal in any combination thereof.

It's similar to a ghostly haunting of a slice of real estate. To the ghost we're the dream and the intrusion. To us the ghosts are dream like in movement, frightening shapes, and projections. The theorem your playing with in exploring has an association of how hauntings occur and how our afterlife may consist of for every entity soul. 

Heaven, Hell, and Limbo aren't elsewhere we're stacked onto those realities like a vertical layered skyscraper. It's like we're dialing into a Tv channel that is continuously broadcasting as part of its particular spectrum wavelength. 

As the Buddhists call this world an illusion or "Maya". The kicker is each to our dominion as how we are resonating by means of karma. (ie the good, neutral, and evil) Our souls have never left paradise be it Heaven, Limbo, or Hell we are multi-dimensional. Our Spirits are like rays of light emanating from our Over Soul and each ray of light is a unique reincarnation. Like mini versions of God we are also in multiple places simultaneously as spiritual entities. 

This is the metaphysics I've explored with my entourage of Angels to date with these existential questions. 

I'm sure I've set your mind racing with a potential binger of thinking. :o)

Comment by The Least 999 on July 13, 2016 at 9:01pm

I was impressed by how clearly you understood what I meant by "specific people's personal realities" in what you wrote about every separate thing existing in its own "spaceless" reality or quasi-reality.  I would only elaborate slightly (not that you have claimed in anyway opposite to what I am about to claim).

I believe that we aren't only separate entities in this "spaceless dream-like ethereal environment" you described, but there are real relationships among these entities in such an environment or realm.  Their relationships, although being different than how we experience them in the phenomenal and physical world, are, in my belief, real on a higher level of reality which includes and transcends these entities and their relations, and that would be what connects us, each living in our own mini-universes, simultaneously alone, yet ultimately all together.

Furthermore, I believe that these relationships can pretty much be defined through simultaneously/separately logical, contradictory, and paradoxical modes of reality - identification (existence) versus non-identification (nonexistence), versus the combination thereof, or the union (identification) of existence (AKA identification or union) and nonexistence (AKA non-identification or disunion), then that combination existing with its elements existing separately, and so on, along key dimensions of reality.

This would mean if you had the union of union and disunion, or the union of existence and non-existence, then since it is a form of union which is not united with a disunion, it would need to be united with the disunion of union and disunion, therefore becoming the union of union and disunion united with the disunion of union and disunion - or, more simply put, non-existence and existence both as united and separate entities, which I suspect would be something very trinitarian.

There are a lot of details to be worked out in all of this, especially some of the finer details of trying to describe this higher reality, but it is coming together.  It would be impossible for me to describe it all now (alas, I must work in the morning) but I am getting around to organizing it all, and will be blogging about it when I am ready.  But I wanted to share it with you, because you have similar perspectives and should be able to help me learn more about the universe I am so interested in studying.

But the universe is not only stranger than we imagine - it is stranger than we can imagine, so I will, of course, never figure out everything about it!

Anyway, I have a question for you, Atrayo: since you believe in paradox, what is your opinion on the afterlives which are eternal, in that they do not involve reincarnation, and the process of reincarnation - but both sometimes coexisting?  And going further into the paradox, can a soul live in such an afterlife, yet through the meta-souls of a person (since they are miniature versions of God), could these meta-selves extend and manifest as a person being born again into the material world?

I have wondered about this a lot, and would like your take on it.

Thanks Atrayo!  Glad to have found your blog!

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