Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Unconditional Truth and Free Will

Hello All,

Today's entry of the Jewels of Truth series is a bonus for having omitted to post last month. Not unlike missing the month of January this year and posting twice in February as a makeup grace period. These are the sort of motivational mind games I use to get Inspirational channeled blogging going from the Angels as of late for my well-being. 

The two statements on offer are both the juxtaposition of how the Truth in its conditional validity can have merit in multiple places at the same time in a paradoxical fashion. The other statement on Free Will from the angel explains the conundrum of Free Will versus Fate and Destiny and how they each differ. So without a further adieu may you find today's original topics intriguing to expound the notions of these constants as forces of the divine upon our solemn lives. Amen.

Unconditional Truth:

3298) There is more than one complete truth in the world at any given time dearest children of God. The truth is always multifaceted in the essence of limited transparency and how it can shine as a diamond-rich life. Not all shimmering facets of such a proverbial diamond are equal nor necessary for any other secondary motivations to be gleaned fully. 

Life is a series of causes and effects in a non-linear expression of fundamental gyrations. Each is often stacked with limited stability upon the other truth or fluid set of facts at any given moment. Some facts are benign and many more are glaring truths that stand up as self-evident where deception and doubting have very little influence over. Aside from human interference of what is true or not by hapless meddling or outright misdirection all truths are circular in ascending and descending capacities like a whirlwind vortex. 

Usually, self-interested people cheat each other by espousing half-truths with ulterior agendas. Relying on the omission of underlying facts of pertinent information in question. Whether politicians and other manipulators such as salespeople in the pursuit of commerce vie for the ignorance and the naivete of the general populace. In order to stomach the falsehoods they hope to land upon well-intentioned people to dissuade and/or misinform them of critical thinking overall. 

For all intents and purposes, this steals the moment from the righteous at heart seeking to understand if not to judge with or without outright condemnation. All such cheaters of half-truths will receive their lump of karmic coal eventually in a moment where their spinning of the facts leaves them senseless. In the meanwhile, they thrive fragmenting the truth into morsels that are bittersweet for their intended audiences. 

Alienation of one grouping of people from another is the oldest sad trick of scapegoating the other portion of humanity by xenophobic responses of foreigners, sexism with women, and racism not to mention ego-centric classism in terms of upward social status or not. Fearmongers such as politicians excel at this macabre and grotesque inversion of the truth to suit their hegemony of political-ideological succession. 

Those who chronically usurp the truth as sociopaths and other pathological liars will gain a limited upper hand in the short to mid-term until the elasticity of truth snaps them right back in the face metaphorically speaking like a boomer rang. This has been the case for eons throughout histories remembered and clearly forgotten for another generation of idiots to repeat at will. Dangerous are the lot of leaders that lead the masses to eventual ruin in the long term whilst the near term they bathe themselves in the riches of the deceived. 

No one can nor should they wrestle with wrongdoers directly at every given turn. For the premium truth is the first casualty in the discourse of justice upon the land. Secondary assets must be assessed in order to galvanize the gallows for the wicked to swing in the winds of perdition in due time. The idealism of facts alone can not aid you completely in crossing the finish line of justice herself. The scales must be balanced with other cross-disciplinary skill sets to wrestle such foul beasts into eventual submission. 

Surrender what is otherwise petty and less important do not allow your frail egos to be tricked into senseless circles like a dog chasing its tail. Those who drag their heels give opportunity to the miscreant(s) to sabotage your future efforts of plenty and of a sober quality of life. 

There is only One Absolute Omni-Truism and that is dictated by the Will of God alone. All else fades from the collective memories forever upon Creation. It is for the truth seekers with the adjudicators of fairness followed by the sages and mystics to lead the upstanding way to the Glory of God over all. The Priests keep the Law and the Word of God alive but seldom do they enforce it directly upon civil society. The clergy are servants and teachers of the masses and not wardens of jurisprudence of society at large. 

To infer an all-inclusive universal Truth is to understand how to compassionately utilize wisdom and conviction from the generosity of the Heavenly ancestors. This is by no means a carte blanche ticket to abuse the innocent and guilty alike by human-led Institutions of theocracy and certainly not secularism. To govern there must be fortitude and sharp wits to lean against the opposition of the oppressors in favor of the oppressed. 

Balance of the truth can easily spiral out of control in fragmentation of special interest groups each vying to be heard and to curry greater favor amongst the powerful of the land. Beyond proper etiquette, there must be solemn goodwill in order to overcome greed and succeed at the cost of the innocent.

Many great truths have inherent wisdom led by paradoxical contradictions upon them. It is for the pure of heart to navigate such treacherous waters carefully in order not to become a foolish blind zealot in order to uphold the Faith of God at hand. 

When the innocent are relegated to fodder by the rulers of the State, a Corporation, and even a Cartel. Then the moral high ground has been given to the devil outright. A potential strength with great momentum has been squandered for the sake of profit and superiority over your rivals. Please come away with sincere and gracious humility in such pivotal matters for the world deserves better from each of you. 

Simplistic Truths speak the loudest by far. Such echoes ring for eons across the ages and beyond empires of countless civilizations. The essence of such truths can be crystalized as the very genius heartbeat of the benevolence of the Omni-Presence of God upon your mortal finite lives. Heaven on Earth is a State of Being alive not just for God but surely for each other that matters as the Infinite expressions of the Children of God(dess) come full circle from reality back unto the afterlife. 

Respecting the boundaries of the acceptable by whatever discipline is necessary permits each of you to feel safe not just in your own skin but in the welfare of each other publically. What shall prevail then? The fragmentation of the truth by gatekeepers that choke the life out of your lungs. Or a rather sensible moderated approach to seeking fairness in spite of contradictions in order to keep the peace not just for one special interest caste of people but for the populace at large the plurality in other words.

When compassionate respect becomes common law and practice then humanity can feel safer they are on the correct footpath back to God in Heaven and in their common midst upon the world. Follow the natural rhythms of genuine loving kindness it has ancient wisdom that is eternal Willed by God not as weakness but solemn divinity that is Constant. This is the spiritual Absolute Truth of God as Omniscient for a world fragmented with a manifold of contradictions that binary choices lead many astray. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Free Will:

3303) Always make your efforts count even when in jest by play in a relaxed setting of merriment. Foolishness has its moment of Inner relaxed poise to distill self-awareness appropriately. When choices must be made then be certain of this that you matter regardless of what you have purportedly said or have done in life generally speaking. 

The world is topsy-turvy meaning it is always in flux and by whatever capacity what matters today could be literally as archaic as outdated tomorrow. All this depends on whom you have associated with or have not earnestly for the link or chain reaction of causations can have a momentum all its own. 

There is this Divine Law upon Creation Willed By God Him/Her/Itself so please take heed all who are earnest to succeed in order to have a maximum yield for your efforts. All Free Will is Circular in a paradoxical manner of self-expression. What this means is that the circumstances for you personally are always what is mutable or malleable Fate in question. What is fixed or immutable on the other hand is your Destiny.

What God(dess) and the Heavenly Angelic Host have fashioned for the reborn or reincarnated ancestors as each of you here reading this statement. Is the miscellaneous soulful family have endured will endure again until the message is delivered and understood lifetime to lifetime from civilization to the next civilization of the ages. 

So each of you can become eventual enlightened masters not just for your personal lives as people and certainly as ghosts of the afterlife. But to also shepherd the generations of people, creatures, and the ecology of Mother Earth coming up after you by rightful succession. You are the stewards who can make such a difference if you sacrifice with intelligence beyond just strategy but with mutual compassion for all concerned. 

All Destiny is changeless and fixed or cemented into place since this reality of the current dominance is both paradoxical on a circular binary basis of an exchange of dynamical changes meaning the flux of Being. History will repeat itself personally as your fated changeable circumstances and also as your fixed immutable destinies. Much like a movie film reel you can splice scenes into the overall upcoming frames like the director or allow others to do it for you when you're ignorantly on autopilot. 

Are you the co-authors of your fates by allowing the heavenly host of the Angels, the Ancestors, and certainly God to stir and steer each of you to a beloved destiny? Or will you take the slop of a ration what the world dictates to you is best knowing full and well you are fodder to it? What you can influence depends on your spiritual auric muscles to galvanize positive life-affirming changes regardless of the total motivations of strangers all around you generally speaking. 

Influences will barrage you directly and indirectly regardless of how you are feeling emotionally and what you are thinking at any given moment. Do you have the tenacity to spin your life around for an ascendant growth or be sucked down a mindless vortex of discontent as the fodder of the world? To be the Captain of the Fates means to steer and navigate yourself around obstacles both great and small. With guile, cunning, and moxy if needed followed by courage and hope to learn from your eventual mistakes. 

To be an Original version of yourself even when you are grouped with the strange and bewildering masses due to culture, religion, education, income, social status, and whatnot. You must matter to yourself first before you can influence and help anyone else on a secondary basis as a role model, caregiver, and mentor. 

Destinies are colliding all the time and often it is a fractious affair without respect that many become collateral damage along the way. Unless one becomes a near master of their fates in question to pivot away from slamming the innocent into traps of the other's making. This is both a philosophical art form and a metaphysical science of the angelic gods of eternity. To overcome the world one bold set of actions after another not alone but with movements of the divine cheering for you to succeed. Like spectators of great favor for the meek and the powerful to not victimize the innocent and guilty alike. 

You do matter no matter if you think of yourselves as worthless or inferior that will pass if you stop recriminating yourselves with compassion and mercy from the heavens as your fuel or raison d'etre. (Reason To Be) Follow your loving inner silence as your Intuition and forgive yourselves and all others when mistakes and even tragedies occur. Due to when destinies collide by the throngs living moment by moment ignorantly. 

Yours isn't always to know the reasons why that are beyond your self-awareness much less controlling influence. Just go forward and allow positive momentum to be a glide path upwards by well-meaning intended actions. Have unconditional Faith in moderation which means avoiding senseless unquestioned motivations as blind faith elsewhere. This will keep you strong and allow you the merit to cultivate grace wherever available. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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