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Actually yes, as we see it, there are no victims.

We all have the potential to learn how to choose better, however, many of us may often seem to be denied opportunities to learn such in only a single lifetime.

Consequently we have personally, in the course of many, many incarnations, spent thousands upon thousands of years working for enlightenment.

Enlightenment teaches each person to empower themselves to make better choices, choices whereby we may each learn to heal, to end our own suffering.

We are not alone in this Great Work, many, many people all work together to help make all people more fit to be the individual masters of their own destinies that they already are, to become masters of peace, liberty, justice, security, diversity, and abundance for all, with no one left behind, ever.




I agree With Grigori on this Nick, yes it seems unfathomable that a child should be born to live in squalor and die before its 5th year, but if we take a step back and accept the immortality of the soul and its need to grow and learn, its hunger for experiences and realities, what difference is there in 5 yrs or 105 yrs..all are but a blink of an eye in infinity!

A life experience of 5 yrs may not be only about the soul itself, it may be sacrificing this life so that other souls may learn compassion or remorse, and such a sacrifice is indeed  beneficial to the soul.  Perhaps the murder of the 5 yr old child , so affectedit's "murderer" that he quit killing and taught his childern to love not hate...and one of those children grew to an adult who rallied against hate and war..creating a movement of peace and understanding in a small community..not much for one who wants a fell swoop of reality but for allowing us to learn and grow for the realityof our soul a massive step forward.

Many of us live for many years while doing nothing that helps the souls growth.

If you look at it in terms of one life and only one life this is indeed a cruel reality, but if you look at it as one of many lives , many realities , you get the feeling of the sacrifice made for the sake of the soul's growth and the growth of other Souls.

As for the suffering and choices, I was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, after 3 operations removing tumors that returned in greater number after each operation and round of Chemo, I told my doctor that I appreciated his efforts , but it was time for me to solve the problem...I have been cancer free ever since and will continue to be. 

And the path is suffering.

Crying out

And yet we are its destiny

And our course of action must be to alleviate the suffering, for ourselves and for others [unless we lack empathetic genes]

Logically in the most expedient way

I admit to laziness in relation to reading your 16 year program 4 world peace. I have tried but wasn’t able to anchor, no doubt will try again as our paths continue.

With or with out the 16 year program and with or without World Strike 2012 our course of action remains to alleviate suffering.

I do not agree of your analysis about people being afraid of a money free world, this has not been my experience.

My experience is that 98% of people are so glamoured by glamour of all descriptions that they have never given it [money free world] a thought.

When they do give it a thought most of them will say some thing like , “ it would be great but it would never happen”.

Well i suppose part of the crusade of strike2012 is to inform that it can happen, and to show them how quick http://worldwidestrike2012.blogspot.com/ we could make it happen if we had the collective will to, save our environment and fellow creatures from the further monetary exploitations from our present geo-political/economic system.

Dig it?

But before that, and that where we all share and we all benefit is the freeing of the glamour. We all benefit from this.

people thinking

people seeing the truth!

And the particular truths in this case, for our part of the planet, our life habits are screwing up the world for everyone!

Yes There is another way! Yes we can do it now !

Getting back to that child whos dying in someones arms because of the actions of others, the billions living in  slums and gettos.

Think this, think power

Think who has the power

 Its not those living in the slums  , those who skin is bleeding from cancers cause by depleted uranium weapons.

the power is in our governments our financial establishment

and they only exist for as long as we support them.

Thank you brother Gothar,

There are no sides here, no dispute really, as we see it, just a matter of opinions, opinions we may each feel certain of but which remain unprovable, regardless of which opinions we behold, our own, or any other's.

Your points save us much work Gothar as your thoughts on these matters are indeed deep parts of the foundation of what we have tried to share.


Blessed be...


Dear brother Nick,

We feel for the suffering you describe, we agree that it is our purpose to help mitigate all suffering as much as we may be allowed to do so by those who seem to suffer and who may seem to sometimes lack the understanding or the will required to change their suffering for themselves.

We are not in a battle with anyone to end suffering brother, the establishment is not an enemy, regardless of how well they behave as tryants and abuse people's lives and dignities every day.

Our governments reflect who we are as a people, collectively; and as we all awaken individually, we also awaken collectively; we will learn to reform our governments...

Our authorities will become trustwrothy once again because, as you say, we the people are the root of their power; we will direct them to always operate on the highest principles to always provide peace, liberty, justice, security, diversity, and abandunce for all, with no one left behind, ever.

Nevermind how long this will take, this has all been many eternities in the making, but the making is nearly complete, world peace emerges.


Blessed be.


you will have to explain to me how a small child, in agony, with its limbs blown off aquires the ability to stop its own suffering.

I am quite aware of the religous theorys that everything is Gods will, this is shared by many fundamentalists, Although it is a common belief I find it a very dangerous one as well, and it is often used to negate personal responsibility.

In your world a murderer is acting out gods will so the murderer does not have responsibility for their actions. In my world people do have responsibility for their actions.

The idea that everything is gods will brings into debate that free will doesnt exist, and that is a fine excuse for atrocities.

I do hope that world peace is around the corner but I doubt wether we will acieve that without waking up to the responsibilty of our actions.



Dear brother Nick,

You keep putting words in our mouth we have never spoken. 

Your interpretation of matters would be better appreciated if you would state your views without being quite so manipulative or possibly hostile; especially, without telling us what we have said when we have said no such things.

Your example of a small child is very sad, nonetheless, this is what this child came to Earth to experience or it would not have been so.

That so many spirits appear to suffer may appear to bely the joy of life they also may experience, the joy or hope they may represent to others, as well.

All life has merit, however brief or painful, always.

If you presume a child's suffering has not been worth its experiences of life, you presume much on your own authority. 

How does that make you any different from ourselves?


You cannot end famine, war, and suffering by focusng on their effects, you can only end them by focusing on their causes, and their causes are something we all share responsibility for.

Enlightenment teaches taking personal responsibility, beginnning with yourself.

How are you learning to be more peaceful?

Your attitude here is very confrontational, you look for someone to blame for the world's miseries with such a fervent ardor that we must suspect you feel like a 'victim', like the victims you portray and appear to identify with.

You appear to choose to blame God, but you contribute to the processes that make all suffering children suffer.

You divest your responsibilities in these matters by blaming God.

How easy and convenient for you, and so many other angry people who choose to blame God.

You wash your hands of culpability and responsibility; at the same time you make yourself feel moral and righteous.

How convenient for you; a very good deal for you, but of no use to the suffering children you wave as a banner to defend your beliefs and your choices not to take more personal responsibility.

How sad for you, as well.


Perhaps you needed such children to die to use their lives as an argument against God?

Perhaps someone else also wants these children to suffer and to die because they make such a very effective argument against God?

There are many human motives responsible for causing the circumstances in which so many children may seem to suffer; we intend to end all such suffering by creating a world of peace, liberty, justice, security, diversity, and abundance for all people.

There are indeed abuses of beliefs about God that also lead to war and suffering, God does not cause these, they are human actions in the name of God.

There is a huge difference.

God gives humans free will, and therefore cannot intervene to improve their lots when they choose to harm themselves or others.

If God intervened we would not have free will.

Free will is essential; why bother to live if we can make no choices for ourselves?

Without free will we would only be chemically programmed, chemically constructed robots predestined to unalterable fates.

Please, brother Nick, by all means, choose to live your life like a robot if you prefer, but stop assuming a robot's limited perspectives if you wish to free yourself of self limitations or the suffering you cause yourself.

Our own childhood was a monstrous event from conception, through gestation, birth, toddling, etc. 

We were tormented at every turn, rarely able to feel loved or to express our love without pain, fear, loneliness, and sorrow.

We were often beaten for our presumed beliefs, beliefs we did not even hold.

Often we were beaten every day, until we became sixteen and dropped out of school.

We died many times along the way, beginning with many deaths in utero and as an infant.

It took us nearly 50 years to learn to appreciate all the horrors of our childhoods in this incarnation, to learn to accept our pains and to be grateful for them.

We are grateful because we learned enough to learn to heal ourselves and to help others learn to heal themselves as well.

We learned to forgive ourselves for causing ourselves so much pain, we learned to forgive the people we falsely accused of being responsible for our pain.

Accepting our pain and forgiving everyone in our lives empowers us to make better choices to heal.


We cannot be enemies with you brother Nick, in spite of your seeking someone to fight with and choosing ourselves.

We have no quarrels with you Nick, you are not your ideas, you are not your programming.

You appear to be a suffering human being sometimes full of anger who feels like a victim of your own life circumstances, and who projects their frustrations by deliberately twisting what you perceive to suite your own purposes instead of trying to see things in the contexts they are presented in.

Perhaps we are mistaken about who you appear to be, we hope so for your sake.

Crawl out of your own mind, first, if you wish to see things clearly.

Your mind is loaded with reactive triggers, you make yourself a slave to these triggers until you learn to free yourself of them.

Choosing to engage in dialogues that you deliberately manipulate to provoke ourselves or anyone else does not make you a powerful person, it makes you a troll.

If you want to stop the suffering of children maimed and murdered by war, it begins with you, not with God.

Blaming God tells us you want God to fix things.

God won't fix anything humans do; humans must fix all human mistakes themselves.

God doesn't want any child to suffer, but God made a choice not to intervene in human affairs in order to allow us to learn to be responsible for ourselves because he made us all creators, his equals.

So we must learn to choose to stop famine, war, suffering, and injustice for ourselves, not heap all of our problems on God and say 'your bad' and then walk away from our personal culpability and responsibility in these matters.

Have you given away all your wealth to help the poor and suffering?

We have.


Blessed be...


Whoa , whoa , slow down bro ,

First you accuse me of

“ putting words in our mouths we have never spoken”.

Then you do the same to me multiplied by 10

I assure you I am not blaming you for anything

I am only disagreeing with what you say.

My view is that what you are saying are part truths and do not reflect the greater reality, and I am trying to point out dangers of this bi-polar insight

You say

 “We believe each persons suffering is their own will , a will they can learn to change on their own without anyone telling them what to do.....”

I disagree and I used the example of a baby or young child suffering from the effects of a geo/economic forces i.e., getting mutilated in a war

Its hard for me to take a leap of faith and see that suffering as theirs is purely and/or autonomously.  I would say they are victims of other people actions.

Its hard for me to believe that the person who dropped the bomb has no responsibility for that babies suffering, or that the person[s] giving the order to drop the bomb does not have to bear responsibility etc

So when you say

“We believe each persons suffering is their own will

I will say this is [at best]only a part truth, because the suffering one experiences is also very related to the will of others.

I say “ at best” a half truth because to believe that each persons suffering is their own will, requires a leap of faith.

The only collective leap of faith we need is that  

 That we can reach a collective agreement of values[principals] and priorities on which to base our governing system[s]


I also Strongly disagree that our governing system is a true reflection of our collective will.

It is a reflection of gross social inequality , is a reflection of the collective will of a minority.

The mass majority of citizens want world peace and material security. This can not and will not be achieved while the decision making processes are in the hands of a minority.

The danger of seeing the world as a reflection of the peoples collective will is that it

 Reinforces the collective ego we  have of ourselves , i.e., we are not fit, our nature is to low, to brutish , we need to have the carrot and the stick to be organised , we will always have war it is part of our nature, etc, etc

When of course the opposite is true.

And in some ways we are all victims, victims of our own ego as much as anything else.

Hi Nick,

We apologize for over-reacting, perhaps we were much too sensitive.

We understand your arguments, we used to believe all of your arguments; however, we have learned new contexts that change our beliefs.

So lets explore contexts, because what you say and what we say may be equally true within their respective contexts; if we are making any mistakes it may be in assuming a context for each other's remarks that is inadequate or inappropriate.

Sometimes we make assumptions about our own points of view based on contexts we are unaware of using; often readers provide their own contexts which can entirely change what a writer may intend to say.

We thought you were deliberately changing contexts with us because many people do that as a tactic when discussing or arguing something.



We believe there is a sort of 'no-fault' spiritual contract that states that each person accepts full responsibility for everything that happens to themselves as a consequence of choosing to be born on Earth. 

Spiritual Contracts -- There Are No Victims

This is just one belief among many that might support our position that all things are a matter of choice, an example of something which may be unnacceptable to many readers. 

Explaining this sort of context may be too long a diversion to bother with, it might set up a reader to argue with us over a matter of less importance.

However, material lacking development of special contexts does help a reader assume the context they choose to read with is the correct context intended by the author.


In addition to spiritual contracts, we no longer see people as limited to a single iteration of their incarnations, something that requires a very long explanation, a context that we cannot explain without another lengthy discussion that may alienate readers and divert them away from our central purpose.

We know that the iterations of each person's incarnations make everyone immortal, however, we also know that most people are unaware they are immortal; consequently we have to be cautious about how we introduce concepts and contexts that radically alter a reader's perceptions of reality or trigger their reactive defense responses.

If everyone knew they were immortal, we might worry less about making our world extinct.

Immortality, an Eternal Perspective on Life

An extinction event may be the only way to get everyone onto the same page, aware of being immortal and aware that they each manifest their own realities for themselves, always.

But do you really want to learn you are immortal badly enough to kill everyone on Earth?


This introduces beliefs about manifestation and law of attraction which also contribute support to our position that all people are empowered to choose for themselves, as we see it.

Explaining this becomes yet another long dialogue that distracts from our central purpose.

If you happen to 'buy-into' beliefs about manifestation, then you may possibly be aware that all of reality is manifested on the fly, from moment to moment by our thoughts and emotions, a process that is partly collectivized through higher-consciousness, collective-consciousness, and consensus-reality.

The Mechanics of Creation - Manifestation

We have literally seen how all of this works in astral travel, but how many people are aware of taking that sort of journey of discovery, a journey that reveals all of the mechanics of creation?

An Astral Journey to Remember


Another difference in context are assumptions that infants are weaker than adults.
We were a powerful enough being at the time of our conception to murder our father.
We don't think we are an exception, in the sense that we are pretty sure all beings are created equal.

Many or all of our contexts may seem insane to many people, but how anyone judges sanity is, itself, just another matter of context or convenience.


When we say all people choose everything that happens to them, even children and infants, we are saying, in part, that by choosing to be incarnate on Earth, we each accept complete responsibility for our own lives.

That alone should cover it, except that many people are unaware that they choose who their parents will be and arrange matters by ' playing-Cupid ' in order to be conceived and to be born.


Nick, you may possibly be operating with a number of contexts we once subscribed to, but which we no longer agree with, in context to our new beliefs.

Our older contexts are internally self-consistent enough to appear valid to most people, but they are no longer entirely valid from our current points of views.

We are not saying our contexts are better, only that our contexts are better for ourselves.


What we specifically intend to discuss in our future history work are spiritually based solutions to heal the earth and humanity.

We try to explain our contexts in more detail at times, but it may often be a difficult matter to choose which contexts are most critical, which ones we may assume a reader to be familiar with, and which a reader may fail to understand or even imagine.

And of course, if at all possible, we may want to avoid explaining contexts when those explanations may alienate our readers.


We are grateful that you point out what appear to be weaknesses in our arguments, and particularly, when you help point out our less well mediated defensive reactions.


The whole baby-killer example you used touched off a very deep trigger in us because we were severely 'abused' as an infant, if we accept your theory that infants are 'victims' who are not responsible for themselves.

However, knowing we are responsible, that we chose to be abused on purpose, sets the whole matter in a very different light for us.

Many, many things that we experienced as a child were deliberately designed to destroy us on all levels, physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially, psychically, etc...


We chose to die, and then to resurrect ourselves each time we died, until we learned beyond any doubt that we are immortal and that death is always a choice.

We don't recommend you go run under the wheels of a Mack truck to test this for yourself, your life path may be very different from ours, you may lack the some of our preparation to choose to die, you may be unfamiliar with being an immortal.

Killing yourself won't kill you, you will wake up in another universe and carry on your life, possibly unaware you had recently died again...

However, there may be universes in which you kill yourself that people grieve because you are no longer a physically incarnate presence in those universes.

You may not want to hurt family, friends, or lovers by killing yourself.

We learned to enjoy killing ourselves so much that it took some time to realize we were hurting people, or maybe we knew we were hurting them and just took a long time to care about them...

We kill ourselves less often now, with far greater purpose when we kill ourselves than to just take another quickie vacation from life...


In context to limiting beliefs that make a child appear to be a victim, many people appear to be victims.

We can then define the entire planet and everyone aboard her as being victims.

But being a victim implies helplessness; we do not believe anyone is helpless, ever.


Sometimes we may not be able to find ways to save ourselves form harm in a timely manner, but this does not change the fact that given enough time to work things out for ourselves we can do so.

Our intention is to help work things out before we reach a point of global extinction for ourselves and nearly all other species of life on Earth.

It is not necessary to do this; if we all die, its no big deal from our points of view, but its a huge deal to many people who may choose to believe they are not immortals.

We choose to try to preserve life and reduce suffering motivated by compassion because we know that as things are today many, many people will cause themselves needless harm or suffering in the events to come, events we can still shape to mitigate our worst fears and reactions, individually, and as a race of people acting collectively.


We think this is your intention too Nick, but we think that if you appear to blame God you risk alienating too many people.  If you appear to blame God, you also appear to blame people who believe in God, and to blame their customs and authorities as well, so the risk of alienating many people increases in scope.

Alienating people is often very counter-productive; as nearly as we can tell, it is always counter-productive to developing peace and cooperation.

Yet, 'properly' applied, alienation is a wonderful tool for social engineering.  Polarizing communities to alienate them from one another is a standard political practice and an effective brain-washing tool.

If it is our purpose to build peace and a better world for all of us, then we need to build unity, a very tricky matter that seems more compex when we accidentally or intentionally alienate anyone.


Nick, if you are a 'tapper', practicing EFT, then you may know how difficult it is to get someone to understand the value of tapping, especially when they do not want to be given a tool requiring self-discipline that makes them responsible for their own well being... <smile>


Blessed be...



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