In Qabalistic and Tantric traditions

"In Qabalistic and Tantric traditions, the serpent winds around the central axis, the serpent of wisdom or Kundalini. Often depicted as two opposing serpents, it is necessary to awaken and balance this energy as it winds through the active and passive channels of the spine or the active and passive pillars of the Tree of Life. By activating the central axis, the Crown may be reached, which is timelessness, immortality and union with the Divine."

- The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul
by Jill Purce

Pic. Source: A collection of emblemes, ancient and moderne, c. 1635
by Wither, George

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Comment by Mystic Wolf on June 3, 2022 at 9:55pm

In the midst of the physical spine is the canalis centralis. Physically, if you look at the spinal vertebrae, if you take vertebrae out, you'll see there's a hole in the center and through that hole passes the spinal cord down the center of the spinal column. Within that spinal cord is an empty channel, physically, through which fluids move, but within that in the vital body, in the astral body, in the mental body, etc., are subtle filaments, not physical, but energetic, subtle. They have matter, but not physical matter; they are vital matter, astral matter, and mental matter.

It is through that channel that Kundalini can activate and work, but as we are now, it is dormant. That energy is not active. This is because we were cast out of Eden. Humanity does not have these powers anymore, but the capacity is there to recover them.

That subtle central channel is called Sushumnâ in Sanskrit. It is the central canal, not physical, but energetic.

On either side of the spinal column, we have the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which are a collection of ganglia or cords that manage other aspects of our physiology. These ganglia or cords entwine around the spine. There are two, one for each of those nervous systems.

These supply nerves for the involuntary organs like the heart, the lungs, intestines, and kidneys. They work for and against each other. The sympathetic system stimulates or accelerates forces and the parasympathetic retards or inhibits. So they are a plus-minus. They are forces that balance each other.

This is important, because in the middle is the central nervous system, which is the equilibrator, the one that is in the balance, and on either side are sympathetic and parasympathetic, one is plus, one is minus. So we see here three forces physically.

Three forces: plus, minus, equals. This is the basis for electricity. This is the basis for how energy moves in the universe, through three forces. So physically, this exists within us through our three nervous systems, but energetically this also exists within us in the vital body, astral body, mental body, and on.

Energetically, Sushumnâ is a vacant channel. It is empty; the Kundalini should be there, but that energy is dormant, so the channel is empty. That is the power that equilibrates, but it is not active.

Energetically, Ida and Pingala in Sanskrit are the plus and minus, masculine-feminine, Yin-Yang, Od, and Ob in Kabbalistic terms, or Adam and Eve. These are energetic channels shown in the caduceus of Mercury and many symbols throughout the world, these two symbolic serpents sit or entwine around a central serpent.

Those are symbols of forces, and energies. Ida and Pingala are not the physical nervous systems. They are reflections, they are similar. They are related, but they are not the same thing. Likewise, Shushumna is not the central nervous system, but it is related.

I mentioned the cauda equina at the base of the physical spine, where there is a mass of subtle filaments. There is an astral, subtle counterpart, called the Kanda. So you can see that we have a subtle aspect corresponding to each physical aspect. You can see that it gets quite complex.

The Kanda is an energetic center where energies are transformed and transmitted. In the same way that the brain at the top of the spine is a transformer and transmitter of energy and the spine is a transformer and transmitter of energy, so is the cauda equina, physically, and the Kanda astrally or vitally. It is in the internal bodies, the subtle bodies. It is the junction or the intermediary between Shushumna and Chakra Muladhara.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel or disk. Chakra refers to an energetic center, not physical. It is a place where energy is moving and transforming. There are many chakras in every body. Often people talk about chakras as being physical or being astral. The truth is, that every existing organism is filled with chakras. They are just centers of energy, transformers of energy.

They are physical in our physical body. We are transforming energies in the physical body. They have a physical counterpart, we call them glands and organs. In the vital body, they are the same, but in the vital body, they are energetic transformers. The same exists in the astral body. Every one of our internal bodies has chakras. Those chakras have their aspects in the other bodies.

Comment by Mystic Wolf on June 3, 2022 at 9:40pm

Working with the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna - the meridians

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