Chord Five has been given unto me


Oh my! I do not like all that I see.

Of course bad weather from the X-falres and what the astroid debris be

So perhaps what I see is nothing more than fantasy.

We shall see!

In the south of the Americas, I believe Peru

A volcano is churning and may have somewhat blew

This is nothing new

But what I see, is that is will erupt extremely highly very soon

Perhaps before or during next months full moon!

It is the Ring of Fire that I see

Is where much of the attention should be

Although they are monitored some

They are not truly being reported to all or one

Gaia is awakening so rapidly and quickly at Her core

Down to the bottom floor

This is where the trolls work you see

They have started to increase Gaia in Her frequency

This will cause increase in Her vibration

That will be felt in every nation

She becomes excited thinking of the Return of the Father to She

She feels ecstasy at the thought of He!

So from the core and bottom floor up to many doors

Volcanoes will erupt that are not expected to you see

The Ring of Fire will cause a great vibrate and shake

An undergraound wave it make create

This will cause much under current not many can see

It will cause damage and destruction as it rises within the sea

X-Flares and Astroid debris we all know cause much change in climatology

Time to take care

Time to beware

Time to prepare

As the Milky Way rift

Gaia from old to new worlds does transition and shift

We can be grateful to see!

Gais in Her full Majesty!

As we chose to incarnate at this time

To aid, help, take part in making sure transition i correct and fine!

The new formula of Life

Is taking hold in the astral and etheric without strife

My daughter's day of birthday today

She will continue with Our Lady's way

Passing on to her son and soon a daughter she will see

But that has been a surprize to be


Volcano in Peru

Vibration in the Ring of Fire in Pacific that some may have blew

More will and a wwave or current create

But Gaia is quite awake

The energy grid above the Sphinx has a sight

If One looks with their might

These places on Gaia can be seen

They have here arrived!

Great joy have I!

The Blond Ones of nordic look are here you see

They I call Them and connected I be

Them come to aid as other's do

Concern for life and many have not made good choices through


Many may wisdom and high levels and places

But they may not truly understand Agape in propers spaces

Agape is what ir real and truly binds

Agape is how communication is made from the heart, not mind

Will the north of Europe and the Island see

More gale force winds be?

Perhaps again soon after a week or two

I believe to return true

Wet. wet, wet so much wet through

Will there be a boost in Middle east economy

While the others continue to be bad

Making many ones sad

Perhaps even mad

I believe that may be

Earthquake will start to increase

And in a small place

Where one thinks not this space

Oh my an earthquake will here hit

Causing destruction and a fit

Then a day of peace and after shocks

Will start to rock

Bring destruction and loss of life

Causing havoc and strife

This little place is is center to south east

Small and clearly defined

But destruction it will find

Take heed and listen to your heart

For all is connected and illusions is that we are all apart


As everyone knows and definitely feels,

The weather will keep us spinning our wheels.

Up and down and all around

You don't know what out your front door will be found

The weather will continue to be unsound

If I am right and we shall see

Another Artic Blast or Freeze

Coming soon things be

One more serious round of freezing weather to be found

Perhaps hitting northern Europe and UK too

With cold to make one turn Blue

The US will get hit, too

Perhaps the Lion in spring is True

I think the Lamb has gone away

Let the Lion Roar I say!

For it is the Lion or Beast

Who was a man until his Greatest Feast

Let this Holy Beast come and bless thee

Holy Beast is one His throne and Be

Glorious to us to see

And unto Our Lady True to She!

There is a tiny place

Once upon a time a Holy Space

Now in this tiny place a Seed

That grew so fast to fee ego and greed

So now this tiny and perhaps wealthy place

Will feel the Gods perhaps Anger Quake

Will give this tiny place a shake

This tiny place will be surprized

When the Quake takes much devastation and lives.

My concern is for Peru

Yes, we are Aware of the volcano in and near You!

Please take Caution as I feel it sputter and spew

Yes, it and other lava has recently blew

My Concern is more to blow

During or soon after the Full Moon of Silver shows!

Please becareful for your own sake.

If nothing else watch news, even on work breaks.

I'm not saying that I know

But be safe-as safety goes

May Your Hearts be Free

To Evolve and Be

Original Ways to some maybe

But the True Reality



What does the weather hold for Thee?

When hits the North that due

You'll miss the ice cold so true!

When the season comes called Autum or late summer

Oh, the heat will be a bummer!

London will be

Heat, heat summer and autumn will see

Record setting of heat- oh yucky!

Records of heat and drought will be set

Many farmers in UK will fret

In Autumn soon

During a full moon

Floods will be

When the sun's X-Flare's see

But the asteroid's debris will have filtered through

Rain, rain will rock my day place true

Gaia is reversing her spin

With help from the twins

Those who worship Our Divine Mother

Stay away from the Other

Simply said,

Use your head!

Follow your Heart!

That is ususally right and very smart!

As this Aeon transitions through,

Even with the Great Work we all do,

Cimate, weather, and loss of land-

Is going to effect the entire planet, please understand!

Nations, especially those with evil rule

Will soon to see how they have been the fool!

As We, the Children, and this is our time!

Will make Change, beyond all reason and ryhme!

Continue with your spiritual walk!

It is great as we can with each other talk!

Peace and Serenity unto you!

These are the words or chords given to my to give to you!

From the Ones in the SHips from the Blue!

My Twin Flame, too!


Bad mold!

From what I am told,

There is a new type of mold!

A new strand-hard to destroy as it is very bold!

On the Black Market it is sold!

Grows anywhere be it hot or cold!

It can even bend and fold.

Far more valuable than gold!

Oh my!..On one's immune system, will grab, mutate, and take hold!

This mold was actually created on Russian plains.

Ingested in the body; the immune system it destroys or mames,

Blood count and platelettes are radiply attacked before one notices and complains!

Within days, one gets so weak and will need a wheelchair or cane!

There are foods to help resist as parsley and grains.

Luckily, this mold does not seem to effect the brain,

But the physical weakness will cause drastic pain.

Water strengthens this mold and can be carried by rain.

This sounds so destructive and insane!

The mold is grown on a moving lab on a train!

The color is mostly gray with dots that look like stains.

The spores look like viens.

Selling of this mold, geeds freed and monetary gains.

Whoever created or buys this mold can not possibly be sane!

So, what will the damage do,

If the mold is ingested by you?

Unlike the mold of black,

This mold, quickly, the immune system will attack!

As told to me by the Ones in the Ships from the Blue;

Here are the signs and symptoms if the mold gets in you.

In the circulatory system, bloods cells of white and red;

Will decrease in number and make you dizzy in the head!

The immune system weakens, draining energy, it will be difficult to get out of bed!

Joints will have severe pain, you may think you are dead!

Mold will attack bone morrow to get fed!

Similiar in symptoms of the poisoning of lead.

Skin will become blotchy with patches of red.

One of the mold's creators, goes by an alias of Ed.

These symptoms are what the Ones from the Blue have said!

Have no great fear!

There is much time to prepare!

As this mold is not well known and those who dare...

Use the mold as a weapon of destruction and about life do not care;

Will be watched by the Ones above in their ships from the Blue-

With this mold, they may need to intervene and follow through-

Using frequencies to create balls of plasma; yellow, white and blue,

Destruction to the mold, and deal with the evil too!

That is because of the Great Work done by all of you!


Intervention by Them is with limits you see,

Evolve, Growth, and Change is done by us-Gaia's We.

As long as we follow our True Will,

Onwards and upwards as climbing a hill!

Anonymous is stronger and part of our young,

As they grow, they Will put Big Brother on the run!

They will unite and act as One!

Transition into the Aeon of the Crowned Child,

Seems harder, definitely not mild!

Our Space Bretheren watch and see!

We continue to grow, change, and clean up our seas.

Look deep into your Spirit or Heart!

That is the place to truly start!

In these physical bodies, we are separate and apart.

In our Spirit State,

Unity we make!

We still are going to make mistakes.

We all love Gaia and for Her sake,

Be aware of mold-do not touch or take!

Continue on in love and light!

Be aware of the environment in your sight!

We continue on as we fight-

Each of you and Gaia truly radiates bright!


(art: AEyeon_of_Horus_by_wutwolf)

(written by margaretburns 7/17/14)


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Comment by Rosey Cross on July 21, 2023 at 8:45pm

Hello Bill!

      I am the author. This is actually about 9 years old. One of my first poems. I find some of my older ones in FB memories and I transfer here until I can print them off. This poem was about what I believed I 'saw" and the approaching of Nibiru. I have since write shorter poems (I express myself best in poems)

Hopefully Ill be back on the morrow! 

I share more when I feel better!

Love to you and yours!

Comment by Bill Walker on July 21, 2023 at 8:12pm

If this is prophecy it's kind of scary. I'm not familiar with the author (until now) but I can see truth in the whole poem. It's kind of interesting though that in my dad's case what he sees' coming is another Ice Age. I guess just before an Ice Age takes hold there is a huge warm up of the atmosphere that causes a blanket of clouds to shroud the earth causing an abrupt cool down. I'm not sure he's going to be right, but we'll see?

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