Hello my Brothers and Sisters. I apologize for my absence. I have not forgotten about you. I must admit I've been busy,..work of course..and my practice's. 

 For those who remember me but have forgotten, and those who do not know me; I walk a crooked path. My studies have taken me, and allowed me to have experience's that some would not agree with, or believe. Yet, I must still move forward in my progress.

 I have a few experience's I would like to share, and I encourage the readers insights on the topic. This topic is not sinister like most of my studies, yet necessary in my advancement, I encourage this practice for all of you, its beneficial, and once again necessary for all Arts.

I want to discuss, ASTRAL PROJECTION.

 I started the practice 12 years ago...I will admit that I have made great progressive advancements in this art. Let me also express, that i do not use mind altering narcotics, marijuana, opiates, psychedelics, or alcohol. All my actions are with a clear mind.

During my practice's I have achieved the ability to astral project at will. 

Certain techniques and disciplines, have granted me this ability. It took a long time, but seemed natural for me honestly, I Am grateful.

To the point: While inducing projection from my physical being, recently I've come across an intelligent being in the astral. My first experience with this intelligence was negetive. 1st. I've projected, I Am walking down my hallway, as I come to my entry way near my front door, my name is called from outside. I feel negetive energy, but I Am still curious, I open my front door, mind you all is slightly slower during projection, I look down my walkway, and my name is called again. I feel I should not go, but I must progress. I walk out my home and down my walkway in the astral. As I come to a turn which leads to my driveway, again my name is called. I know, that if I walk to where my name is coming from, the shadows on my property on the other side of my driveway, something will harm me. Have you ever felt energy I speak of. Harm.  

 It takes all i have in me, to turn away and fight the urge to deny my calling of my name. As I turned back to home, I've never felt so weak, as if I almost was not allowed to return. While I'm heading back in my home, the energy is pulling on me, in honesty, I felt fear. I make it back inside, down my hallway, back to body in my room. As soon as I returned to myself, I open my eyes, there is the intelligent energy standing by me. No worries, I've gone thru this before, I stare at the energy, until my body intunes with itself and I can move my limbs. The energy leaves.

A little stirred, I must check my home, now when i walked back in my home, I did not close my door,...never do this, close your door.

Up and fully aware, I close my door. And go to bed.

1 week later, while im in my living room studying my arts, from down my hallway, inside my study room, my name is called. I recognize the voice, the same intelligent energy. I sit quiet, again my name is called, this time from a voice I'm familiar with, my brother in-laws voice. Now at this time my brother in-law was in the hospital with a stab wound, and dialysis treatment. It's not my Brother in-law. 

Again it calls my name and says, come in here its it's me, says (my brother in-laws name). Now at this time, I challenge it, and say My "(brother in-laws name) is not here" it responds, in his voice, " yes I am, it's (in-laws name), come in here man." I get up and walk to my study room, my door is closed and locked as always. I say " (in-laws name) is not here, I did not invite you in my home, in the name of my king I ask you to leave in peace, and cast and energy expulsion" my door gets hit. Now I'm mad, my temper has gone up, again I expel, while opening my door, their is nothing my eyes can see, I feel it has left, but the energy in the room was very familiar and sinister. The night moves on.

Weeks later it has been. This whole time, the energy still resides, even showing itself from time to time, only in my hallway. I'm ok with this, this is what I like and am very familiar with, plus it has not bothered me. I consider it an accomplishment honestly, even if it is sinister.

Time has gone on, practices are fine life is progressing. Since then I have moved to another home, not because of the energy, just a life move. 

So 3 days ago, I'm practicing my projection, once again I go outside my home, over to my driveway area...it happened so fast. From on top of my truck, the energy makes itself known, by saying my name and jumps on me, very dark figure, no face,... I slam to the ground and attempt to get it off, I succeeded afterva struggle and went back for my door, its behind me. I make it inside by myself and get the door shut...and back to my body. Alert and aware I look at my door, boom, its get hit. I cant move yet though, still paralyzed for a few seconds. I get up and make sure my door is locked. No activity. 

Insight Brothers and Sisters, I request your insight. I believe I have an enemy, thru the veil, waiting for me. Its observed me for a while, I feel as I make more progress, it becomes angry, I take it as a challenge for my progression. I must express that I hope my arts and abilities are ready for this crooked path I walk.

I thank you for taking the time to read my experiences. 

Any advice, insight, is greatly acknowledges and appreciated.

We must make Progress Brothers and Sisters, and never be strayed, altered by fear or uncertainty. We will walk our paths.


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Comment by Sai-Bot on November 11, 2020 at 10:57am

I don't have advice, per say. But I'm in a similar situation, even thought I put myself in it. I indulge with the Lesser  Keys of Solomon. I have a number of djinns that I work  with. They constantly are on fire and commune with me. Sometimes they tell the truth, sometimes they don't. /

Anyways, I have one incarnation that will make sense to you. I had a dream, in the dream there was a machine. I got in the middle of it and my Guardian turns it on. My body was turned into pieces. I stuck with it, and got on one knee pledging my allegiance to my Guardian. I knew if I left the machine cutting me into pieces, I would've failed the test.

But as I'm writing this, I do have advice. Seek out what is calling you. It might be for your benefit. In actuality, I think it is for your benefit. Take it slow. If the energy leaves, then it was "nothing". If it stays, then it is "important". The spirit realm can be overwhelming but this specific energy might be for your benefit. 

But ya, I understand what you're going through. I think the best thing for me to tell you is that you cannot and should not be scared. It seems like that energy wants to bind with you. It's a test, as always. 

Anyways, I hope I helped!

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