Elemental Magick


Fire rules: Healing and matters of the heart

Water rules: Serenity, comfort and courage

Earth rules: Prosperity, patience and Stamina

Air rules: Guidance, communication and far-seeing


The Elemental Gods also work with and/or against each other.

Many people make the error of believing that the Elemental Gods can be bound to their circle. This mistake can seriously impact your magickal strength and even affect your physical health. When you "Invoke" or invite the Guardians and ask their protection, you are addressing the most aggressive aspect of each to your defense. If you ever assume that they do so by your will rather than by their own choice, you run the risk of receiving a summary reminder of your true place in the scheme of things. You need them…while they do not need you. As is true of all advanced spirits, though, they nurture and protect by their own natures.


Invite them into your daily life, consult them frequently and seek their wisdom and guidance. There is much wisdom to be learned from them, and they are willing and delightful friends and teachers. As the masters of this realm, their insights, viewpoints and responses are much more immediate and practical than those of the Spirit Gods who exist apart from physical life. Earning the friendship of the Elementals is a wonderful enhancement of life here.


I honor, obey and serve my Spirit Gods, but I also never forget that I am their daughter. The Elementals are my pals. I can tease, flirt, play and be silly with them is a fashion that I would never treat with my Spiritual Gods. The Spirit Gods have a rich sense of humor, but the Elementals truly grasp slapstick and teasing. If my God flipped my hair over my face, I would stop to ponder the deeper meaning of the gesture. When Air does it, I give Wind a raspberry and we both laugh. I know that Air is simply relishing being truly noticed.


How do you build a friendship with each Material God?

First, stop thinking of them as forces that you control. A force has no emotion, will or awareness. Focus on each Element; build a vision of a fully rounded Spiritual being with negative and positive aspects and specific abilities and weaknesses:


Fire is an artist, passionate and emotional.

Ask fire to paint for you….and then gaze deep into the embers. Allow yourself to wander the secret halls of Fire's white-hot heart. Dance with the salamander-sparks and become aware of how often Fire touches you in response…a hot breeze that moves your hair and strokes your skin. Remember that Fire is sensual in nature and has a great love for elegance. Approach Fire smoothly and gracefully.




Water is elegant but wants none of Fire's passionate haste.

Water is slow, precise, controlled and patient. Water is always smoothing, comforting and consoling. Water is the keeper of memory and secrets. Seek naturally flowing water, salt or sweet, and let your feet soak. Notice how water is always stroking and massaging, and is constantly murmuring all the secrets it holds safe. Allow your spirit to drift and flow. Compassionate yet reserved, Audrey Hepburn was a water child.


Earth is both stoical and impatient.

Firm and strong, Earth is fiercely protective. Earth is also easily offended and can bear a grudge. Earth is a specialist in slapstick humor, not always nice. Earth is a wonderful ally though…faithful, supportive, responsive, opinionated and confident. Earth is also impossible to speed along or to stop once it gets moving. If Earth decides to champion your cause nothing can block you from your goal. John Wayne is a child of Earth.


Air is the trickiest of the Material Gods.

Because of Its nature, Air is easily distracted, hyper-active and often silly. Air will do tricks to get your attention, tease you to distraction and rush to your aid.
Air is the "Inner Child" of the Elementals. To know Air you must befriend each of the Cardinal Winds….who have very distinct personalities.
North wind is serious, focused and always on the job.
East Wind is in a rush but never minds running an errand in need.
South Wind is friendly but moves at its own pace, never rushing.
West Wind is a flirt and a tease, quick, easily distracted and fun.
West Wind is NOT the aspect to trust a message or task to ….because it will wander off to play…but is the perfect choice for a call to get someone's attention quickly.

Each of the Material Gods is anxious to have your attention, recognition and love. Each of them desires the courtesy and respect deserving them, and the rewards of developing a true friendship with them are really impossible to describe.


Earth and Water balance and support each other

Earth and Air oppose each other
Fire and Water control each other

Air and Water assist each other

Fire and Air complement each other


FIRE: South <Angels: Arial, Michael>

Red, Gold, Crimson, Orange and White

Energy and Spirit the sense of Sight


The Wand and the Censor

Fire Opal

Garlic, Hibiscus, Mustard, Onion, Nettle, Peppers, Red Poppies

The flowering almond tree

Positives: Passionate response and fierce defense

Negatives: Distracted, changeable


WATER: West <Angels: Raphael, Gabriel>

Blues, Grays, Deep Purples, Sea Greens

Emotions the sense of Taste


The Chalice Aquamarine

Myrrh, Ferns, Lotus, Moss, Rushes, Seaweeds, Water Lilies

The Willow Tree

Positives: Calming, comforting, has secret knowledge, Brave

Negatives: Sly, Vindictive, Gossipy, Bravado


EARTH: North <Angels: Auriel, Uriel>

Black, Brown, Greenland White

The body, Material matters The Sense of Touch

Midnight/Winter Pentacle and Salts

Clear Quartz Crystal

Comfrey, Ivy, all Grains, Corn

The Oak Tree

Positives: Steadfast, enduring, protective

Negatives: Stubborn, Opinionated, And Vindictive


AIR: East <Angels: Michael, Raphael>

Pale colors, White and Violet

The Mind, Knowledge, Speech The Sense of Sound

Dawn/Spring Sword or Athame


Frankincense, Pansy, primrose, Vervain, Violets, Yarrow


Positives: Wise, witty, friendly and supportive

Negatives: Excessive, changeable, and easily bored


Elemental Meditations:

Relax and focus on your controlled slow breathing. Sit comfortably but upright so that your spine is straight and your ribcage can fully expand....let your hands rest naturally on your thighs.



Within yourself feel the swift heat of flame...

Let the passion, warmth and laughter of fire flood your spirit. Allow Fire to refresh your childlike delight and wonder, your curiosity and your intensity.

"Gracious dancer, cosmic artist… burn away the things that weigh me down and fill me with intense desire, hunger for new knowledge and greater understanding.

Flame of passion, wise and swift, ever-changing...renew my passions, guide my spirit that it may soar as your sparks fly ever upward, spiraling through eternity and full of life, laughter, love, joy and warmth."




Within yourself focus on the soft rush of flowing waters....Allow water to bathe your spirit, comforting your inner self and rinsing away all of the angry, resentful, envious, hurt and sad feelings. Where these energies occupied your spirit, let water bring you feelings of love, support, comfort, understanding and compassion.

"Water of life whose own rhythms keep my body alive, grant me your attention. Share with me your wisdom, understanding and gentle peace. Fill me with your wild spirit also, that I may wear down all opposition, slowly but completely as I reach for my dreams and goals. Teach me your ways, oh Ocean Mother...your adaptability and the ease with which you gain your way. Make me as supple as you are, that I may float along this life path by moving ever forward...abandoning the driftwood of sorrows and angers and flowing freely with the rhythm of the Universe and the Creators."



Within yourself feel the slow steady strength of Earth....Allow Earth to fill your spirit, strengthening and supporting your inner self and rinsing away all of the fearful, confused, petty, hurt and judgmental feelings. Where these energies occupied yours spirit, let Earth bring you wisdom, tolerance, patience, strength and, thoughtfulness.

"Father Mountains who stand guard over my


Spirit, grant me your patient strength and steadfast loyalty. Mother Earth who guides all lives, guide my steps that may follow the path of the spirit. Grant me your hidden passion that I may always act out of love and intent… your deep-rooted balance that I may always act in strength of Will… your wisdom that I may always know WHY I respond as I do.



Within yourself I feel the soft rush of blowing air… Allow air to bathe your spirit, soothing and shaping your inner self and rinsing away all of the angry, resentful, envious, hurt, and sad feelings. Where these energies occupied your spirit, allow the air to bring you new wisdom, tolerance, insight, understand and awareness.

Sky Father, grant me your insight and wisdom, your clear vision, and freedom from all bonds to the material.  A brow here, teasing a smile from another there, whispering words of comfort and joy as I move through this life.

Wind brother’s guide and teach my spirit to soar as your eagles do. Let my consciousness stream as do your winds blow free and clear and ever-moving… cooling

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