"...the very purpose and meaning of our individual, causal - mortal lives is to progress, to evolve, toward the acausal, and that this, by virtue of the reality of the acausal itself, means and implies a new type of sinister existence, a new type of being, with this acausal existence being far removed from - and totally different to - any and every Old Aeon representation, both Occult, non-Occult and "religious". Thus it is that we view our long-term human social and personal evolution as a bringing-into-being of a new type of sinister living, in the causal - on this planet, and elsewhere - and also as a means for us, as individuals of a new sinister causal species, to dwell in both the causal and acausal Universes, while we live, as mortals, and to transcend, after our mortal, causal "death", to live as an acausal being. "
Comments welcome......... -TALISIN

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Humans live within the causal realm, which obeys the laws of cause and effect. However, they also believe in an acausal realm, in which the laws of physics do not apply, further promoting the idea that numinous energies from the acausal realm can be drawn into the causal, allowing for the performance of magic. Distinguish between External, Internal, and Aeonic magick. External magic itself is divided into two categories: Ceremonial magick, which is performed by more than two people to achieve a specific goal,and Hermetic magick, which is performed either solitarily or in a pair. Internal magick is designed to produce an altered state of consciousness in the participant, in order to result in a process of "Individuation" which bestows adepthood. The purpose of Aeonic magick is to influence large numbers of people over a lengthy period of time, thus affecting the development of future aeons.

Thanks for your reply. Ceremonially, mine as well, but it depends.....like you said ''in your world'', not everyone's; thats where our individualism comes in.    


The world is filled with people who have devoured a thousand magical books and yet have never performed a single genuine act of magic.

(O Wicked God O Wicked Demon O Demon Spirit of the Sky, Remember! Spirit of the Earth, Remember!)

Alsi ku nushi ilani mushiti Itti kunu alsi mushitum kallatum kuttumtum Alsi bararitum qablitum u namaritum Ashshu kashshaptu u kashshipanni Eli nitum ubbiraanni Ili-ia u Ishtari-ia ushis- su-u-eli-ia Eli ameri-ia amru-usanaku Imdikula salalu musha u urra Qu-u imtana-allu-u pi-ia Upu unti pi-ia iprusu Me mashtiti-ia umattu-u Eli li nubu-u xiduti si-ipdi Izizanimma ilani rabuti shima-a dababi Dini dina alakti limda Epu-ush salam kashshapi-ia u kashshapti-ia Sha epishia u mushtepishti- ia Is mass-ssarati sha mushi lipshuru ruxisha limnuti Pisha lu-u Z AL.LU Lishanusha Lu-u Tabtu Sha iqbu-u amat limutti-ia kima Z AL.LU litta-tuk Sha ipushu kishpi kima Tabti lishxarmit qi-ishrusha pu-uttu-ru ipshetusha xulluqu Kal amatusha malla-a sseri Ina qibit iqbu-u ilani mushitum.

"...thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is in every way perfect."

Develop in due harmony and proportion every faculty which you possess.

"Be strong, o man, o woman, lust,.. enjoy all things of sense, and passion and fear not that any God shall deny thee for this"

Contemplate your own Nature.

Consider every element thereof, both separately and in relation to all the rest, as to judge accurately, the true purpose of the totality of your Being.

Leave to understand clearly how best to manipulate the energies which you control, to obtain the results most favourable to it from its relations, with the part of the Universe which you do not yet control.

Extend the dominion of your consciousness, and its control of all forces alien to it, to the utmost.

Do this by the ever stronger and more skillful application of your faculties to the finer, clearer, fuller, and more accurate perception, for better understanding, of that external Universe.

Never permit the thought or will of any other Being to interfere with your own.

Be constantly vigilant to resent, and on the alert, to resist; with unvanquishable ardour, and vehemence of passion unquenchable, every attempt of any other Being to influence you otherwise than by contributing, new facts to your experience of the Universe; or by assisting you; to reach a higher synthesis of Truth; by the mode of passionate fusion communion.

Do not repress or restrict any true instinct of your Nature; but devote all, in perfection, to the sole service of (your) one True Will.


Unite yourself passionately with every other form of consciousness, thus destroying the sense of separateness from the whole, and creating a new base-line in the Universe from which to measure it.

"If he be a king, thou can not hurt him."
To bring out saliently the differences between two points-of- view, is useful to both; in measuring the position of each, in the whole. Combat stimulates the virile or creative energy; and, like love, of which it is one form, excites the mind to an orgasm which enables it to transcend its rational dullness.

Abstain from all interferences with other wills.

Seek, if you so will, to enlighten another when need arises.



Linda, no one said anything about a spell to my specifications...this is a discussion based on opinion....you and another member have both displayed this, (not being able to handle others views.) it is not honorable to the art of esoterics or the craft... this is enough, have honor. Respectively.   


Years ago, I heard a phrase,'' An armchair wizard'' it stuck with me. 

My discussion had much more purpose and meaning, then what you got from it, hopefully others will acknowledge by Reading between the lines.


Interesting. I respect you acknowledge the curriculum. characteristics I like....

Thats  just a small sect of my studies though I must admit. I'll look over what you have sent me and reply again, thank you, once again.


Thank you. Aliester was helpful in my beginnings, and I appreciate your offering , I value some of his teaching and insight. Although thelema is not my aim, but its teachings can be useful, as im sure you know.

Thank you once again.


Laughter In A Dark Place.


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