Before I created this site was a regular member of another Ning based site called Ashtar Command Crew I was also briefly a member of a site called United Starseeds

There are members from both those sites that I've Invited here, and so I wanted to give a shout out to some of our 'roots'.

Many sites don't allow 'advertising' of their 'competition', but I don't see the world that way. This site is here for it's members, to be a resource. If our members would be happier spending their time on another network, then I'd prefer they be where they're happier. I'm no longer a member of either of those sites as they weren't the best fit for me. Which is why I started this space.

So if you have a related website that you run, or that you are a member of and would like to list or promote it. That would be fine. :) This would be a good thread to post it in if it's a social network or forum style site like this is. Or if you have something else you would like to promote to start another thread in this forum.

My only restrictions with 'ads' are that people do not spam or promote aggressively, and basically use common sense and respect to create the kind of atmosphere they would enjoy, which isn't one where people are being sales-pressured by anyone. Keep things on topic and to areas they belong, and don't be spammy or rude, and other than that... be free, and just enjoy the space. *smile*


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A Fantastic and very loving attitude!



Love & Blessings ~ Asara

International Starseed Community has been down all weekend - they have had to start a new website from scratch - so all you lost starseeds or new ones, please go to the new site:


Love & Blessings ~ Asara

ohh that is terrible!  I was sad to see it down all weekend and to think all of that is now gone.  Thanks so much Asara for this.

A site with a rich discussion forum that I enjoyed very much in the last years:


"Life is like the river ,
 everything changes ...
nothing remains the same ...
everything returns "
~ Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

The notion and the will for cohabitation and fostering an open environment is greatly appreciated and respected.


God bless!



It pleasing to see such an approach - I'll certainly take a look - also, there is a certain site that I am pleased NOT to see included.

Greetings and Merry Meet... I hope this is the right place for this and it seems that it is, if not I will not be offended if this is removed...

For any who would like to check it out, I have a site on the Social Parody network, no surprise but it is name Natural Wiccan.

This site is for any who follows or is interested in a Natural Path, be that Wiccan, Pagan, Native American, whatever your label be you are welcome. I hope to see many of you there and please feel free to make friends, post comments, etc. The only rule for the site is no putting anyone else down, you know the old saying "If you dont have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all..." well that is the rule on site.

 Here is the link...



You're absolutely most welcome to post here. Blessings, thanks for sharing. :)

Here's another site I've found recently that I enjoy. Click the banner to visit.

This is pretty funny, I was just about to grab my 'badge' from this site, when I've discovered they've disabled my account. I've been banned from there it seems, even though, I still think it's a good site. I literally only discovered it last week, and I was only a member for a few days, so didn't get a chance to really get my teeth into it, but from what I can tell pretty good. if I had found it before I started this place up I might not have bothered. At any rate, not a member there anymore. :( I didn't think I was breaking any policies, but apparently I did something to annoy some power that be there. A Whoops... Anyways. I can't grab my badge from them because I'm no longer a member. But here's a generic one. Pagan Space


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