Peace, Love, and Microdots, How Hallucinations Work...


You do not need any LSD or any other kind of psychedelics to hallucinate.

You are already hallucinating.

Psychedelics enable you to consciously interact with your hallucinations by projecting them more vividly.

When used with sound medical advice such as Doctor Timothy Leary proposed, psychedelics may sometimes lead to enlightening experiences because people may sometimes learn to use them to guide themselves to better cognitive health.

Used recreationally, psychedellics may be used culturally to reinforce a set of values at variance with conventional value systems; Hippy culture is partly a product of this sort of cultural reinforcement process.

Recreational use of psychedelics may be more risky, at times, than the use of psychedelics in controlled, purposeful environments designed with the intention to help guide hallucinating people to better understand themselves and how their own minds really work.

For this reason, anyone inclined to risk their mental or emotional equillibriums, and sometimes risk their lives, as well, are strongly encouraged to learn to use psychedellics responsibly or else to avoid using them at all.

The misuse of psychedellics is not advised, the consequences of misuse are very serious, regardless of whether anyone is ever injured.

Psychedelics can sometimes lock a person into their chosen world-views.

If a person's world views are skewed in any manner they may become less able to challenge their own biases, they may have more difficulty learning to maintain their equillibrium because their minds become more rigid.

People with strong potentials for this sort of initial reaction will usually not experiment with psychedelics or may only experiment with them very briefly, often once will have been more than enough for them, often with serious consequences that may take months or years to emerge.

The changes made by psychedelics to how peoples' minds operate at their deepest levels are typically so profound that they become permanent changes that will last them their entire lifetimes, yet they may be nearly entirely unaware of these changes or how these changes are constantly slowly evolving within their minds over time.

Aside from a reactive, abrupt 'locking-in' of a person's world views, there is also the possibility of an abrupt extraordinary expansion of a person's world views.

Locking in a person's world views has great benefits to society, however, when a person's world views expand they may learn to challenge local conventions such as aculturated, socially acceptable forms of injustice, such as prejudice or bigotry.

These properties of expanded awareness make LSD dangerous to established political and religious authoriities whose power always relies upon deceptions, deceptions that enlightenment exposes.

So psychedelics become illegal not only to protect people's lives, but also because it is politically expedient, it is hazardous to authorities for widespread use of psychedellics to emerge.

If you are already using psychedelics and cannot be dissuaded to stop, please by all means, learn to use them in the most responsible manners possible for you, for your own well being, and for the well being of your families, friends, and communiites.

The risks of using psychedelics are so enormous that irresponsible recreational use should be avoided.  Please respect yourselves enough to keep yourselves, friends, and families safe.


So what is really happening that makes psychedelics so dangerous?

All people have vast ibraries of complex models for everything they experience.

Archetypal images of familiar objects are all stored with 'variance-from' definitions of their archetypes that specifically define familar examples of these archetypes in their environemnts.

People learn to project their mental models for their realities as a sort of cognitive filter for their senses, a sort of 'mental-shorhand' that substiutes their mental models for their phsyical senses in their awareness.

All parts of our models, whether they are models for physical objects or people, models for the behaviors of objects or people, or models for the relationships betweeen objects, people, their respective environments, and each other, all parts are projected.

We become habituated to see what we imagine in our minds in favor of being completely aware of our sensoriums, our collective sensory awareness of our immediate physical environments.

We learn to filter our objective experiences with our cognitive preferences to see things in terms as comfortably as may be possible for ourselves.

All of the objects, properties, and processes modelled in our minds are 'tagged' with emotional weights or vectors.

If we are joyful when we imprint a new experience, then that new experience will cause us to phsyiologically respond to our memories of that experience by producing hormones that physiologically excite us to experience our joy again.

If we are fearful when we imprint a new experience we learn to respond to similar stimuli with fear, we produce hormones that reinforce our fear creating a state of anxiety with our memories that may often be entirely unrelated to our immediate physical environments but which we are prejudiced to believe must be related to our environments.

Consequently we become prone to see a threatening or menacing property to some part of our environment that may be indescribable to us.

Our minds cannot tolerate not knowing things when we are in stress.

We must find the source of our stress.

This is a deeply programmed part of our cogntive behaviour, part of our instincts in our subconsiousness, part of the most powerful parts of our minds by virtue of being the part of the oldest parts of our cognitive evolutions as we learned how to relate to the worlds we discover around ourselves.

Consequently, when some indescribable property of our environment bothers us we subconsiously choose to asign our anxiety to anything in our immediate or imaginary environments that offers us an explanation for our anxiety.

This mechanism reinforces our prejudices, we typically choose imaginary things that we are already afraid of to rationalize our generalized states of anxieties, or we find something in our environments that is 'out-of-order' to fix, or we fixate on something in our environments and transfer all of our accumulated anxiety in a moment of sudden irrational terror, spooking at a shadow, a falling leaf, or a new rattle in our chest we may imagine is incipient pneumonia.

With psychedellics, the things which hurt us most deeply tend to be projected in the form of hallucinations.

If we are lucky enough to be well balanced, with our emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual equillibriums all functioning optimally, then our hallucinations tend to disappear, there is nothing urgent for us to project.

There may be mild sensory distortions as a side effect, things we can enjoy playing with that augment our sensoriums making them more pleasurable, but the sorts of vivid hallucinations that might badly frighten us or cause us to put ourselves or someone else at risk are typically quite impossible.

In this state, psychedellics become very powerful hypnotics; we may accidentally imprint our belief systems with our own, possibly irrational, daydreams.

We become vulnerable to imprinting ourselves with false information about ourselves and our relationships with our environments that may put us at risk in many direct or very subtle ways.

This state may also be used to rationally guide ourselves to heal our own minds, but learning how to do this is very difficult with no one to guide you; paradoxically, it can be a very dangerous matter for you to allow anyone other than yourself to guide you in such states, you may learn to relinquish all authority for yourself to your guides.

No true guide will allow you to do this but many cults appear to be examples of guides who abuse their priviged charismatic access to other people's minds.

Psychedellics make you very vulnerable to imprinting, while also making you very vulnerable to legal prosecution.  Two complimentary facts that make their limited use beneficial to our alleged authorities, our governments and churches.

Consequently, no matter how you may use psychedellics, they may still remain very, very dangerous.


When using psychedellics our minds project our anxieties and fears, particularly our 'safer' irrational fears.  Many people experience manic moments of sudden panic as they encounter projections of their fears and interact with them as if they were interacting with their real immediate environments.

This can make phobic conditions worse.

This can make anxiety disorders worse.

This can make depression worse.

This can make psychosis worse.

This can make schizophrenia worse.

This can make bipolarity worse.

This can make dissociativeness worse.

Fortunately, in the new emerging models for mental and emotional health being explored by many theorists and practitioners, all of these 'disorders' are being reviewed and recontexted because in the light of these new emerging models these are now considered to be natural healing processes.

Of course, the pharmaceuticals industry is heavily invested in chemical therapies, cognitive therapies compete with them financially.

Anyone can learn cognitive therapies to heal themselves, provided they are given a supportive environment and time to learn.

You can't hold people hostage to their own ideas as easily as you can with their medications.

You can't gaurantee that when our social infrastructures collapse people able to use their minds well will very badly decompensate and put themselves and their neighbors at risk, while people suddenly withdrawing from most psychopharmeceuticals will almost inevitably decompensate dramatically.

Sadly, sudden massive infrastructure collapses are being planned for, not to prevent them, but to make sure that they will happen.  At least, according to many expert conspiracy theorists.

So how do we prevent mass decompensation?

Psychedellics may not appear to be the answer, they appear to cause too many serious side effects or permanent conditions.

However, the potentials sometimes unlocked by psychedellics may be part of the answer, potentials we should perhaps encourage people to learn to explore without psychedellics.


Potentials we will explore in the next part of this series...

Blessed be...



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