Many people are terrified by mental illness; they are afraid to tell anyone they suspect they may be mentally ill.  Most mental illnesses are derived from our societies and cultures.  If we do not learn how to talk about our fears safely, we may never learn how to heal ourselves.


Healing Madness – An Emerging Paradigm for Wellbeing

We are on the track of an emerging cultural phenomenon that excites us a lot, an emerging paradigm that will be a major focus for our work for the near future.  We see that many people are writing about revising our mental health paradigms to demonstrate that many things that today may be regarded as mental illnesses are actually helpful healing processes.

Things like Depression, Schizophrenia, and Psychoses evolved.  These things did not just appear willy-nilly out of nowhere.  These things could never have evolved unless they performed some sort of valuable, useful functions.  Evolution would have culled them from our range of abilities if they did not help us in some fundamental way.

Ancient civilizations may often have understood these things better than we do today.  Sadly, we may have lost their ancient wisdom partly because Christianity and Islam have both stigmatized mental illnesses as spiritual illnesses caused by or created by demonic influences or demonic possession.

As an emerging scientific civilization in the Dark Ages, in our collective cultural efforts to develop a more rational approach to the world, we dismissed these quasi-religious approaches to mental health and instead tried to build a model of mental well-being in which we have tried to redefine our madnesses as organic brain dysfunctions.

Sometimes, some mental illnesses, particularly depression, can trigger serious biochemical responses that can eventually lead to organic brain dysfunctions.  However, most of these so-called illnesses are really ways in which we may learn to heal ourselves naturally when we are sometimes confronted with impossible circumstances in our lives that may make it seem very difficult to make any successful, healthy choices to fix whatever is wrong in our lives.

Depression is a healing response to being overwhelmed.

Depression motivates us to isolate ourselves, to remove ourselves from sources of our chronic, environmental stresses.

In the old days, we might have just gone on a journey, leaving family and friends behind until we returned.  However, in our modern worlds we may not be able to go anywhere unless we abandon our homes and become itinerant homeless wanderers.

We, ourselves, have chosen to do that several times in our life now, so we understand the value of being homeless.  Alas, the journeys we may sometimes go on, whether as a traveling vacationer paying their way for comfort in strange places, or as a homeless wanderer existing on the charity of strangers, is a journey within our own minds, a journey upon which it is often very easy to get lost.

When we get lost on this sort of journey, our civilizations tend to call us schizophrenic.  When we are lost on our journeys and become more stressed, we may learn to act out in anti-social manners that many people agree are unacceptable behavior; they may then label us as psychotics.

However, none of these terms actually means that we are insane.

Often, it is quite the opposite.

If our societies and cultures do not stigmatize or persecute us for being mentally ill according to their own beliefs, then often, our psychoses, schizophrenia, and depression can actually lead us to our sanity.

All societies and civilizations on Earth are already insane.  Few people like to examine this truth, but it is still true.

When we learn to conform to our societies' expectations, we are adopting their existing mental, emotional, and social illnesses.  We are saying we will agree to live in ways that may teach us to hurt ourselves in exchange for the benefits of living in a reasonably stable society, culture, or civilization.

However, many of the social, emotional, and mental illnesses that we must adopt in order to adapt to our native cultures may benefit other members of our societies more so than they benefit us.  Many social mechanisms are already in place that benefit the members of our societies as a group at the expense of the welfare of individual members.

The new model for mental health that is now emerging recognizes that what we currently call mental illnesses may really be healing processes.  Within the structures of these re-emerging paradigms we may learn to teach ourselves how to heal ourselves and how to help each other learn to heal.  We may then remake our madnesses into the tools whereby we enable ourselves to heal our own lives.

It often requires a cultural and social background that understands and supports these new healing processes and paradigms in order to learn to heal ourselves, however, the good news is that such cultures are now emerging.

The kind of cultures that can help us to teach ourselves to heal ourselves are becoming more widely accessible and acceptable; people like Deepak Chopra are helping to pave the way into this braver new world.

We wish we had it all together to tell you all of the details, but we are still learning about this; we are still learning how to write about it.  We have had to take ourselves far beyond the veil of acceptable behavior in order to learn this; we have had to become as crazy as the people whom we hope to help, people who must still learn to heal themselves by using their own madnesses as the tools that will finally help them to heal.

Our most recent journeys into darkness and madness have been deeply gratifying worthwhile experiences; we are much healthier now.  We will continue to become healthier because our new paradigms for mental, emotional, and social wellbeing are far more successful than anything that our more traditional medical practices of today have been able to provide, thus far.

Always remember, any belief in rationalism is just another irrational belief…


To your good health!  May your madness drive you sane…

Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn

aka Greg Gourdian, Roger Holler, et al…




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The healers decent into maddness.....through the dark caverns of the mind and rise up again...into the old skin.....a healer takes it's place among you.....the process that many mystics, shamans, saints, healers, leaders, go through.......


I wish our society was not so ridgid. I think about primitive man.  I am beginning to think that we may be catching up with them as a society. When someone would go through a transformation it was honored and respected, and that person was able to carry on with there life in the tribe or even be givin a place that they could go and transform.


I think about what I have been going through. I have told people about what I was going through, and they thought I was making up stories to get attention. I was manipulating them. I was melodramatic. I was delusional, psycho, crazy, but now almost 4 years later they see that I have completely changed. Different......


There is one therapist who has validated what I was going through, and told me about the shamans who go through this. She wanted me to make a mask of my inner warrior.  

I have a friend who has anxiety disorder and cannot leave her house sometimes, and she has had it for a while. She is my best friend.

 I have come to understand you never know what is going on with a person on a deep soul karmic level.  I can visualize spirit releasing her.

What I see when spirit releases her is a beautiful rocket....hitting the sky.....a brilliant beautiful golden butterfly.......She has done more personal work than anyone I have ever met!




thank you

Thank you so much for your own insights Walks with Stars...

You are correct, a wounded healer's descent into madness, into their dark night of the soul is a remarkable healing experience, and so many of us start of deeply wounded... IT is a lifetime journey, but our steps through our own darkness become lighter along the way.

Your video explains this so eloquently!

This was a much needed addition to this dialogue starwalker... thank you!


Blessed be...


Happy to read this post Grigon Rho Gharveyn.  It gives me so much hope to see this

old paradigm get thrown out the window!  Yaaaaaeeee.

Thank you sister Devi...

One source for information on healing madness that is following enlightenment beliefs may be Deepak Choprah, there are others, but we may need much more time to remember other sources.

There are many many people all helping this new paradigm emerge into being independently whose voices will soon gather together and help define this path more clearly for us all...


Blessed be...


Mental illness, hell we cannot as a society even tolerate folks who are a little different.  True individuals are never like everyone else.  Nobody is like everyone else.  We have simply learned to shut up and act the same.  So much of so called mental illness is nothing more than the crown and third eye being too open with no filter.  Being aware in this crazy world is like a bad acid trip.  Being aware and functional is no easy trick.  Until this world is safe for the aware, it is best to keep your illumination hidden from all but the understanding.  Project your light in secret.

Dear brother Indra,

Fear is the mind-killer, it is fear that keeps those who sleep from awakening...

You cannot hide your light without diminishing yourself; this plays into the hands of those whom we might rationally fear if we believed that they might harm us.

If your environment appears to be so dangerous to an open manifestation of your light dear brother, then something within your heart makes this so.

When there is no fear, then that which seeks to frighten you cannot recognise you and cannot touch you.

Law of attraction, principle of manifestation...

Fear attracts whatever we fear.

No Fear!


Blessed be...


Hello Grigori,  What you say here is true.  I was speaking rhetorically about people who feel the are mentally ill.  I personally am blessed with a life style that allows me to express myself energetically.

Ah ok, we missed any dissociative remarks that mihgt ahve made it clear you were not sharing your personal world view.  We are quite relieved, as we thought this was an unusual thing for you to say.


Blessed be...


Huge problem, mercury in air, vaccines, cause brain damage in kids. Chemicals in foods, lotions, everything, even galvanized pipes release cadium. Crazyness is a 20th century disease, more than any other time. Massive drug abuse, no one can use a needle and do100 dollars a day in meth, cocaine, heron, ect, and do that for yrs and expect to be sane. I have met thousands of ex meth abusers, all women who tricked for thier habit, doing a gram a day for yrs. Thier brains are fried out. So many brains fried out in the millions, from drug abuse.Tthe sad thing is, our own govmnt is bringing most of it into america. Thier was Air America, our CIA bring in heron from vietnam, now theres Bush Sr and Iran Contra, bringing in Cocaine for m-16s.   .Guns for drugs.

Mental illness is rampant, mostly because of all the chemicals in our foods, like benzene, thallium, cadium, mercury is everywhere. It really effects children. Vaccines are poisenious and cause a lot of ADD, red food coloring is evil;  children love red kool aid - dont do it! Mercury fillings in teeth, kill a lot of thyriods and such. Its insane what is going on down here. And now we have GMO foods, and cloned beef, with reptile DNA in it. Dont be suprissed if some children in the near future are born with snake scales, and slitted eyes. I am not kidding, I wish i was.. peace--dennis


I have been thinking about that as well......They used to use mercery for making of hats......that would eventually cause maddness......the name we laughingly use...."mad as a hatter".....We for the most part lead sedentary lives, but we are through media encouraged to get more things done and use "red Bull", Coffee, drinks that stimulate the we can get more stuff done....causing stress and nervous breakdowns......then we buy the sleeping pills to help us sleep.....


I saw this comic strip of someone....the cartoon individual bought some food, and the food made them sick, so they sat on the toilet, and had to buy medicine......we buy the food that makes us sick, we buy the medicine to get us well, we buy the toilet paper when we get the 'runs' from the food we eat.....all the products are made from the same company..... 


that is another great point to this discussion....thank you, walks with stars...



Mad as a hatter


Completely mad. This is now commonly understood to mean crazy, although the original meaning is unclear and may have meant annoyed.


Mercury used to be used in the making of hats. This was known to have affected the nervous systems of hatters, causing them to tremble and appear insane. A neurotoxicologist correspondent informs me that "Mercury exposure can cause aggressiveness, mood swings, and anti-social behaviour.", so that derivation is certainly plausible - although there's only that circumstantial evidence to support it.

The use of mercury compounds in 19th century hat making and the resulting effects are well-established - mercury poisoning is still known today as 'Mad Hatter's disease'. That could be enough to convince us that this is the source of the phrase. The circumstantial evidence is rather against the millinery origin though and, beyond the fact that hatters often suffered trembling fits, there's little to link hat making to the coining of 'as mad as a hatter'.

The earliest known printed citation of the phrase that I know of is from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, January-June 1829. It appears in a section of the magazine headed Noctes Ambrocianæ. No. XL1V, in a fictional conversation between a group of characters that wouldn't have been out of place in Wonderland:

We are ourselves 'mad-as-a-hatter' Walks with Stars...

Although elemental mercury is only a small share of the toxins we have imbibed deriberately or accidentally.

Toxicity is one issue we are still learning to manage better.

As with any effort to manage ill health, how we use our beliefs has a deep effect on our success.

We may choose to believe we can help ourselves to get well, or we may choose to believe we are powerless to help ourselves.

There are many enabling belief systems that we may choose to adopt to explore our potentials to heal ourselves, and to help heal our freinds, our families, and the worlds we share with them.

One belief we use for this purpose is to choose to believe in a higher spiritual reality, a reality in which we learn how to manifest our own realities for ourselves, realities in which we grow steadily healthier.

We choose to believe that all people are equal, that all people have Divine potentials, and that together we can learn to make this world a better place, a place with peace, liberty, justice, security, diversity, and abundance for all, with no one left behind, ever.

We hope many people may learn to share our faith in our beliefs, or else, that many people may learn to adopt their own beliefs, beliefs that enable them to manifest better lives for themselves, for their families, and for all people, individually and collectively.

What we choose to believe to help make world peace emerge may be less imortant, in the long run, than how we choose to use our beliefs.

We believe we can overcome all obstacles, and that we already have made this a better world in many ways.  We believe the potential for world peace is stronger than ever before, let us seize the opportunity...

Our Future History – How the Earth Made Peace



Blessed be...



Hi brother Dennis,

Yes, there are many, many poisonous things in our environments, including poisonous ideas.

Yes, our own governements and even our religions play roles in poisoning us or in lying to us.

One effect of being poisoned is to make you give up, to make you feel despair.

Please do not overwhelm your mind with so many challenges to your wellbeing.

These challenges are very real, you can discover more all the time, but nothing in your life is as important as the choices you learn to make in spite of these challenges, or because of these challenges; choices to grow, choices to make yourself stronger.

Choices to always be as loving, nurturing, compassionate and respectful as you are able to be, both for yourself and for all other people, equally.

You can choose enabling beliefs that help you to grow, or you can choose disabling beliefs that prevent you from helping yourself or anyone else.

Nothing else matters.

What you choose to believe does not matter...

Only how you choose to use your beliefs may have any real meaning or value.

In the presence of so many toxic beliefs, such as you list in your comment, we strongly suggest you to develop some nurturing beliefs for balance.

May we please ask you to express your hopes and ambitions, your dreams and ideals, in positive terms so that we may understand how healthy you may be and may trust you will be well?



Blessed be...




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