This is dedicated to my Master Guide, who always comes through when I think I'm done learning something "new." This is also dedicated to my twinflame, who sticks with me through the thick and thin. She always wants the best for me, and hasn't let me down once. This is also dedicated to my Guardian, who's a pleasure to serve, especially after I gain some insight on new knowledge.

Beautiful, isn't it? Sirius A + B. This is where the Amphibian Gods are located, specifically Leviathan and Satan, or your Anu and Enki. The blue star to the right is Sirius B. It came from another galaxy called the 19th Galaxy aka Illyuwn. I was told that "God" had bought Satan for this current age to bring judgement down on the goyim, aka the human race.

"For many are called, but few are invited,"

(Matthew 22:14).

What exactly does that mean? Redemption for the Gentiles or the Jewish People? Supposedly, the tribe of Manasseh's descendants are the American people, and the ruling sign for Manasseh is Scorpio. The Constellation Te is in this sign.

Eagle Dollar Bill Stock Illustrations – 45 Eagle Dollar Bill Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Someone who worships Satan, in my own opinion, misunderstands most of the time. The Fallen Angel collects. I had written an article on selling your sol, and I also explained that there's "light" at the end of the tunnel. In this article, I'm gonna explain when you inherit Enki (Ptah), you're supposed to move on from "reading" the Book of Life. In other words, as a Death Angel, when you reach the premise of "salvation," you're supposed to move on from Life after Death. You're supposed to live your second life in Heaven. Which Heaven? The 5th is Orion, this is where you begin with the Satans when collecting sols. But after you're done collecting, you're supposed to move on to the 7th Heaven, aka Aquila.

Skywatch 16: Orion the Hunter |

As soon as I posted this pic, I had an inclination to talk about Dracula. Do vampires feed until they're immortal? Or do they keep feeding after inheriting eternal life with Yahshua Christ? That's a good question, but continue to drank of me, and let's stick with it.

"I'm channeling this as I write this. To experience bliss, when the Naga that hissed. To stay burnt as a crisp, to go down the naughty list. The enemy that shits, and throws a hissy fit."

I'm not too sure why I wrote that, but it'll come back around where I'll understand it.

Enki (Ptah), your Poseidon, and his Suns Osiris and Horus. Isis brings it together. Who exactly is Ptah? The ruling planet in your Solar System, Ju(piter). Jupiter is the intermediate between us and Aquila, the 7th Heaven.

Now, if you attained the 7th Heaven, why, as a Death Angel, would you still collect sols? Isn't their light at the end of the tunnel? It's something I had to come to grips with. Some people's birth charts have em' aligned with being in tune with just the dark side. Fortunately for me, I've inherited the ying yang, and can abide by both light and dark.

The Fall of Man:

The Kingu-Babbar (Royal Albinos) moved from Draco to Lyra. There, they created the Ušumgal (Grand Dragons), then from Lyra, they went to Aquila (Te). This is the highest Heaven there is. The Ušumgal created mankind on Earth from the blood of the Kingu. So our ancestors are from the Heaven! How lovely! But to understand that, you must go from the bottom to the top. And you must start now, because there isn't a bottom with the Bottomless Pit. LOL!

Orion Nebula - Wikipedia

This is beneath Orion's Belt. The black hole in the center of it is called M42. This is where the Bottomless Pit is. This information was revealed to me by my Guardian. It went over my head when I was told to move on by my superiors. Why the fuck would someone wanna stay in the Pit, when you can move on? I feel like I was trying to prove a point, but I eventually moved on.

"The Sefiroth is the bridge connecting the finite universe with the infinite God. The Sefiroth of Construction Heaven will be also seen as in the Ten Curtains of the Tabernacle equating to the Ten Firmaments or Sefiroth, and seven of these ten are the seven created heavens (the “third heaven” is mentioned in 2 Cor. 12:2) leaving three Kether-Hokhmah-Binah which are in the Heaven of Heavens with the Metatron-Shekhinah-Avir, with the center containing the One. The Heaven of Heavens is also called Araboth, translated as ‘clouds’, derived from the root A R B, which means something mixed.     Remember that in Enoch’s translation to the tenth Heaven which was called Aravoth, which is where Enoch recognized the constellation whence came our first ancestors, the star Altair (in Aquila). Aquila is the eagle constellation located northwest of Capricornus, which is the starting point of this book. In Araboth the countenance of the “Lord” (Holy One) was seated on a lofty throne and angels (Cherubim and Seraphim) were constantly approaching Him to receive orders. Some state that Enoch became Metatron at this point. As we have seen this place is called the “heaven of heavens” in Deuteronomy 10:14; 1 Kings 8:27; Nehemiah 9:6; Psalm 148:4, and the “highest heavens” in the NIV.    Now to refer to the symbolism of the sevens, notice that if one totals up the four aspects of the sevens, respecting the fact that there are only six in Araboth. The result would be represented by 7 hells, plus 7 earths, plus 7 created heavens, and 6 celestial principles which totals to 27. The Aleph or One in the center would represent all twenty seven, all are one. As we have seen the numerical value of the name of God (YHVH) would equal 27, it is of great significance. Since the macrocosmic Finite Universe is 10 to the 27th power of the size of man, and also to be noted is that the opposite end of the spectrum is the unknown Unified Field Entity is 10 to the power of negative 18th in the microcosmic view from man. This is symbolic of the Point within a circle, which contains all that is therein."


I use to think, "FUCK SITTIN' ON TOP OF A CLOUD!" I make myself chuckle every time I think of that. :D

Now to the meat of the article...

The Archangel Samael will become Sa'el, his original name.

"“And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death,"

(Revelation 20:14).

^ Your Lucifer, before he fell. When he fell, Sa'el came out of the bowels of the Earth and became Samael, the Death Angel. But if Death and Hades are thrown in the Lake of Fire, what exactly is Satan's job then?

Ahh, interesting question, eh? I'm still trying to figure that out, but to be honest, I think the whole point is to be at peace, and enjoy what life gives you. I'm ok with a medium-rare steak with a glass of Merlot, and a fully loaded baked potato. I appreciate life a whole helluva lot more than I did when I was growing up. I always had to figure it out, and I've come to realize that I'm not exactly sure what to study after writing this article. But let's quote what is said in the Draconian Ritual Book concerning Sa'el.

His original name was "Sa'el" and belonged to 72 names of God, while the letter mem in "Samael" stands for "death," maveth. Many Qabalists believe that at the end of the present cycle of time Samael will regain his holiness and lose the letter mem, after which death and suffering will be no more,"

(Mason, Asenath. Draconian Ritual Book (p. 92). Kindle Edition).

And this is the point of the Black (RA)inbows. To inherit life and become immortal, wearing the masks of Dionysius , and experience Heaven on Earth. To indulge in the pleasures of life, whether that be amassing wealth, doing drugs, or having sex with beautiful people.

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea,"

(Revelation 21:1).

This is what's supposed to happen after judging the dead, like Enki's counterpart Osiris. And as Osiris, you're supposed to raise the stakes like Horus.

Ancient Egyptian Art Print Horus Falcon Wall Decor - Etsy

When you become Horus, you inherit t he 7th (10th) Heaven Aquila. This is the premise of the Illuminati. Basically, the Illuminati are Sun Worshippers. And Osiris and Horus represent the emissaries, aka the Kaditsu, who, including Osiris, Isis, and Horus, are Sun Gods.

You amass gold by collecting sols. Now it depends where you go with that. When you collect, you turn sols from led (Saturn) to gold (Sun). The Black (RA)inbows promotes stealing light from others, and giving it to those that deserve that light. You have to apply that to yourself as well. This is what alchemists do.

I'll end it here, because I'm not feeling the "spirit" anymore. If there's more to add, I will in the future. I hope you learned something!

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