Some things may seem easy to remember, others may seem much harder.  We remember a great deal about this particular astral journey, but there is so much more that loiters beyond the boundaries of our cognitive abilities, still waiting for us to develop the language to describe it…



An Astral Journey to Remember


We had several important friends in 1974 when our most incredible astral journey began.  Nick, Kurt, Cory, Ed, and Gretchen were there the night our adventure began.  We loved every one of them dearly.

Perhaps it was Gretchen who had found out about a discourse being given in the lecture hall of the museum, or perhaps Nick; one or the other of them almost certainly. 

Most likely Nick invited us to go along even though Cory’s small car, a two-seated Triumph, would be rather crowded with five people.  We remember once having seven people in Cory’s tiny green Triumph. 

We did not fit inside the small car then so much as on top of it.

The lecture hall belonged to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, one of our favorite childhood places to visit and explore. 

A fellow named Baba Ram Dass would be speaking there.  We had no idea why we might be interested in going to his discourse, but we loved our friends and we were usually happy to go anywhere with them.

Over the sounds of the wind shrieking in our ears we learned that Baba Ram Dass had been a professor at Harvard University named Richard Alpert before becoming a guru.  He had gone to India in search of enlightenment and found himself, taking the name Ram Dass.

Ram Dass was now trying to teach people about the path to enlightenment.

This sounded interesting; we had been deeply involved in Satanism recently; we had found some enlightenment there.

The lecture hall was a cavernous oval-shaped auditorium with a domed roof ornately detailed to match the grandeur of the older parts of the museum.

We sat just forward and slightly left of the center of the lecture hall. 

People in Indian garb lounged on stage with musical instruments, including an oriental looking gong, as a backdrop.

The discourse seemed very beautiful but a little unremarkable; we may have forgotten even the gist of it by now.

Nonetheless, we recall a rising sense of expectancy, as if something important would soon happen.

Perhaps there was some light sitar music playing gently in the background as Ram Dass spoke.  We remember enjoying what he was saying and wondering if we might like to meet him in person.

Ram Dass concluded his discourse with an invitation to join him on an astral journey, a guided out-of-body experience.

Suddenly we were all ears.  This sounded very interesting.

We were familiar with astral travel.  We had conducted some interesting experiments with it over the years.

We wanted to learn more.

Ram Dass instructed everyone in a breathing technique and began describing how the journey would begin.  He asked us to imagine rising up out of our bodies, gently rising upward toward the high concave ceiling, while looking down to see ourselves seated in the auditorium, noting how we were positioned, who sat near us, and so forth…

Then Ram Dass asked us to pass up through the roof of the large lecture hall.

Suddenly we were outside beneath a dark sky where clouds trickled by high above us, scattered in long, thin, ragged streams.

We looked down toward the museum building as it dropped away beneath us.

Ram Das asked us to fly higher over the city so that we could see its lights stretching out in all directions except for the two deep swaths of rivers that converged in darkness to the south.

The horizon swelled with light in all directions below us as we ascended into the sky.

Soon the lights blurred together and a pattern of towns emerged around the city.

We continued to ascend as the eastern seaboard appeared, silhouetted in lights below us.

We rose even further, until the horizon had become a circle; the entire disk of planet Earth spread out below us as we left the Earth behind.

Ram Dass took us out into the solar system and beyond.

Along the way, one by one, many of the people who had risen into the night sky around us were dropping back into their bodies, back into the lecture hall lost in the distance far behind us.

We felt a tug.

Part of us wanted to continue this wonderful journey, but part of us wanted to return to our friends in the lecture hall.  Our friends were becoming restless, getting ready to stand and leave.

Our awareness split in two.

Part of us continued our astral journey into the dark night, soaring outward to the stars and beyond, while part of us returned to the lecture hall.

We returned to our body and joined our friends as they rose to leave.

The moans of people around us told a story of fear, confusion, and wonder.  It seemed as if a good many people had managed to follow Ram Dass up into the heavens; they were now in various stages of fear or ecstasy as a result.

Our friends seemed in awe of their experiences at first, but the more they talked about their experiences, the more commonplace their dramatic journey seemed to become, until all the wonder was talked out of it.  Our friends began trying to rationalize the experience, to re-describe it as a mass hypnosis, rather than a group of genuine, personal, out of body experiences.

We forgot about this event in time, we had already had more memorable out of body experiences than this one had been.

A bit over seven years later, we were reminded of this experience quite unexpectedly.

It had been late fall or early winter of 1974 when we had begun our astral journey guided by Baba Ram Dass.

It was now Christmas Eve of 1981.

We were living in University City perhaps less than a mile from the museum auditorium.

One of our best friends, Sue Cochrane, was taking us to see a friend of hers in his apartment.  We had met this fellow before, we thought, but could not remember much about him, other than that he might be a Pagan of some sort, perhaps interested in Wicca.

We studied and practiced magick with Sue.  Sue was a very crafty girl and we were deeply in love with her.  Alas, she was a wee bit young for our more amorous interests regarding her.  She was then 16 or so...  We had just turned 24 a few weeks back.

Nonetheless, we were lovers of a sort in spirit, often physically intimate, sometimes sleeping together, but never sexually involved with each other.

We followed Sue into her friend’s apartment.

This was an important meeting for Sue, as she liked us to vet her friends’ magickal skills.  Our impressions and opinions were important to her, and clearly, she liked this fellow a great deal and wanted us to be favorably impressed.

We recognized the fellow then, but cannot recall much about him today.  We had enjoyed talking with him at some time in the past; he seemed a bit insecure regarding his magick and beliefs; he tended to overstate himself as a result, but he was, in fact, a good magician.

We had liked this fellow on first meeting and liked him even more now.

His apartment was a large room with a living room space at one end, a kitchen space at the other end, and a dining room area between them.  Two doors lead off to the rear beyond the kitchen, presumably to a bathroom and a bedroom.

A large Christmas tree stood to the right of the dining table as we faced the kitchen.

We looked beyond the far wall of the kitchen; our attention had been attracted to a tiny moving light in the far distance beyond the wall, a light that was growing steadily larger, closer.  The approaching light glowed with a green color that made it nearly invisible at times, while still shining clearly through the kitchen wall.

As the light grew larger, it took on form; it became a dancing figure that skipped across the heavens to descend through the wall into the kitchen.

We recognized ourselves.

The glowing dancer was identical to ourselves in every detail aside from its completely green color and its lack of material substance.

We began to dance toward the dancing figure who danced toward us.

The figure danced through the table before us, pirouetting, stepping backward into our body until its last glowing green hair snapped into place, perfectly synchronized to our physical body.

As our astral body merged with our physical body, we levitated from the floor.  Our toes dangled a couple of inches beyond reach of the floor below us.

Sue and her friend stood on the far side of the table; they saw us rise but could not see our feet leave the floor.

We hovered like that for perhaps a minute or longer before sinking slowly back to the floor.

We were stunned.

We had a vision like a swift trip through a long tunnel in which we experienced seven years of time in an eye blink.  The astral form that had just returned to us identified itself as the same form we split apart from during our out-of-body exercise with Baba Ram Dass.

While we had been gone only a wee bit over seven years, we had a sense of immense time having passed on the astral voyage we were only now returning from…

We had no words to describe most of what our astral double informed us of in the instant it merged with us, however, over the years a picture of that voyage began to emerge, a picture of extraordinary scope and depth.

We had witnessed all of creation on that journey.  We had been shown the underlying mechanics of creation.  We had learned how everything comes to be what it appears to be, and much more.

A more than infinite span of time was required to experience all of it, eternities of eternities condensed into a seven-year astral voyage of discovery.

It has taken us many years to acquire the cognitive skills necessary to begin to understand this experience and to talk about it more or less coherently.  We are still evolving to meet the challenge, we are still working to acquire the language we need to make this experience clearer to ourselves and to others.

We had witnessed the Mind of God at work.  We had seen His Hand in all of Creation.

There are so many things we now hope to be able to share about the nature of reality, the mechanics of creation, and the Mind of God.

Life is far better than we ever could have believed possible before we began to unravel the lessons learned on that incredibly long astral journey.

We are now nearly ready to remember all.




Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn….


Peace, Love, and Loud Long Whistles…



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O .K.

here goes.  I had asked my guides to take me back to where I began.  I was taken to the most glorious place that could ever be.  My guide told me it was THE CRYSTAL CITY OF LIGHT.  It was glorious.  As we entered the city   I saw in the distance a  huge white irradescent temple glowing in the sun.   as we walked through this city there was buildings in all the colors of the crystals.  Amethyst, aquamarine, pink quartz, topaz.  When I asked my guide about the colors he told me they and the crystals were the fingerprints of god within me.  The sun got brighter and brighter and the buildings were like fire coming out of them, but I knew it was because they were so bright it seemed like fire. the street was transparent and seemed like ice but i had no feeling of it being cold, just beautiful.  I then returned and woke up and had such a feeling of peace but had a hard time going back to sleep if that is what it was or did I astrol travel? . I was afraid to try again because of what my friends on another site told me.  clear my mind   

Hi Beverly,

We would regard all dreams as astral journeys, even those with deeply psychological meanings or applications.

As for this city, we see something like your descriptions in some of our own dreams or daydreams.

If we send ourselves to those familiar places in astral now and try to see them through your eyes we may easily believe we are experiencing something in common with you.

To us, the colors very different, but much of the rest is very siomilar. 

We see a crystalline city more transparent than glass that appears pure white to us from a distance.

Color is present in rainbow-like refractions of light that play around and through these structures, but the colors we see are a property of the light, not the buildings themselves.

There is a large baclony midway up, overlooking a deep crevasse running through the city.  The temple appears on the other side.

We alight upon this balcony, folding our wings in, taking a human form.

Below us a single narrow bridge crosses the chasm to the plaza before the temple.


We like the message you received about the colors being parts of God's fingerprints upon your soul.

This may mean that for each visitor the colors will be very different; this reinforces the possiblity we are discussing the same place.

Dare we conjencture what this place may be?

Our own guide to this place named it something similar to crystal city of light, perhaps the same name exactly, we forget...


The feeling of peace you experience within this place and after awakening appears to be an eternal property of this place.

We emerge from this place renewed, always.


Blessed be...



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