Astral travel is a vital part of our daily lives that many people may neglect.  There are many misconceptions regarding astral travel that may sometimes seem to make astral travel a dangerous or frightening experience.  Astral travel is about seeking truth, truths we may not always be prepared to find.



About Astral Travel, Part 1, Seeking Truth


All people travel the astral planes.

In our astral bodies, we may all visit other worlds, or all visit other places or other times within the realms of all of our own worlds.

While all people participate in astral travel, not all people are aware of their astral travels.

It is possible to become more consciously aware of your astral travels.

Simply ask yourself to remember your astral travels before bedtime.

Ask to become more aware of the ways in which you learn by astral traveling.

Astral travel is a common method of accessing the Akashic Records which may also be called universal knowledge, or even the Mind of God.

Any question you ask automatically sends an astral emissary of yourself out through the void to find the answer.

There are many answers to any questions you may ask; however, not all answers are necessarily correct answers.

It is possible to access false beliefs as well as true beliefs when seeking knowledge or experiences in the astral planes.

All of what may be imagined is accessible through astral experiences, some of the information we return with may seem mistaken; all information recovered through our astral journeys must always be carefully examined.

Often, when we receive misinformation, we find that the misinformation is actually a response to our own false ideas or beliefs.

Receiving poor quality or apparently unreliable information often results from beliefs and ideas we have accepted without challenge; beliefs and ideas that we must re-examine in order to resolve some spiritual conflict within ourselves.

Often, we may be asking oblique questions when we seek information about ourselves or our lives in our astral travels.

Our oblique questions have been deliberately directed obliquely because we are avoiding something we already know within ourselves that is painful for us to explore.

Those things about ourselves that we most fervently deny or hide from ourselves must always be explored for the sake of our spiritual health and our physical well-being.

Because we are afraid of those answers that we most need to hear, our fears distort the questions we ask; our fears distort our perceptions of the answers we receive.

If information we return with from our astral travels seems mistaken in any manner, the distortion lies within our own habits of perception.

The distortion lies within the cognitive limits we cripple ourselves with to maintain our denial activities; we cripple ourselves with faulty cognitive processes or ego defense mechanisms that we maintain at great expense to ourselves, processes devoted to helping us to avoid our most painful or traumatic truths about ourselves and our lives.

This makes astral travel a great technique for healing ourselves.

The more cognitive dissonance we experience as a result of our astral travels, the more information we receive through our astral travels that seems suspicious or corrupt, the closer we approach the really important issues in our lives that we most need to heal.

It may seem unfortunate that our messages from our astral travels are not clearer, more precise, or more accurate, however, it is our own defense mechanisms that create these distortions in order to protect us from the things within ourselves we fear to know.

When we experience any misinformation or cognitive dissonance as a result of our astral journeys we must always ask ourselves to be shown, step-by-step, how these broken or distorted messages may really be helpful to us.

We never receive useless information when we travel in the astral realms, however, we may often be unable to understand the importance or relevance of what we learn.

This is why it is important to continue to ask more questions.

This is why it is important to continue to shed the light of our awareness more clearly upon our own self-interests regarding whatever issues may lie at the root of any problems or misinformation we may encounter through our astral journeys.

We may always discover our own spiritual enlightenment by faithfully pursuing whatever we may learn in the course of our astral journeys.

Make it your habit to keep inquiring about anything that troubles you.

The answers will always come

The answers may simply not resemble the answers we may sometimes hope to find.


Enjoy your journeys!

Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn...


Aka Greg Gourdian, Roger Holler, etc...




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thank you so much for these discussions.  My computer has not been working right and I just found these wonderful discussions and you are so blessed and blessing me by reading them.  you are taking all fear away and I want you to know that. thanks again my friend

Dear sister Beverly,

Our blessings are always better when we share them freely.

We are deeply gratified to have been guided to fulfill your intentions so well.

You have become a sort of muse for us; our muses are wonderful treasures, always.

We suspect, perhaps, you should ground your energy, it may help your computer to do so.

We have much supporting information for astral travel in a related Temple Illuminatus category that we also 'took-over' recently. 

Perhaps you are the author of this category as well?

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