A rose.

A rose grows!

A rose does seem to understand and know-

That sometimes when the Wind will blow,

Things go!

As the petals on the rose!


A rose in its beauty has thorns.

The thorns on the rose are born!

They prick and may make one mourn!

The thorns without the rose makes me forlorn!

As a rose, is my heart!

As thorns that sometimes feel smart!

A thorn is part of the rose and are not in natural setting apart!

As thorn to rose be-

Thorns as to ego; similar, as I see!

Ego is a part of me-

In this Earth realm as all life be born here be!

I do the very best I can to be as the rose, to blossom and flower!

But, my ego still flares up, even when I try with all my power-

To Banish it away!

That will not work so I put it in a cage on as many days!

As is this Earth realm way-

Sometimes my ego steps out and gets into play!


I did try to put my ego in a cage!

Then I found it hard to be consistant, especially when I had to earn my wage!

Oh my lordie-I ain't no Mage!


I have finally come to understand!

It is not the ego that has the upper hand!

It was in a dual state-

Union of me and myself; I did make!

It is "I" but I still make mistakes!

So I just accept that my ego -though keep in check!

Its still part of I; as a card is part of a tarot deck!

The ego is part as a hand, foot, and my neck!

I take care of my body and its parts!

I listen and learn and follow my Heart!

I accept the ego while on this Earth realm is of me a part!

I study, meditate and pray!

To Our Lady and my Queen many moments of each day!

She has such a sense of humour and when I am serious, she will start to play-

She says to lighten up!

Go get more coffee in my cup!

I'm just a babe as is a pup!

She tells me the "Way" and What's up"

Then I realize that I am growing!

Sometimes, as the weeds in my yard need a mowing-

I will have consequences from seeds I am sewing!

Now most are good and find!

But I just wanted to share my mind-

Ego is a part of one,

As worldly ways we overcome-

Ego can be controlled as if I won!


My point is this-

As long as I am alive-I must accept, control and live with;

My ego and the fact that I will make mistakes!

But learn from them is the attitude I try to take!

This journey is hard and many pitfalls and illusions of fake!

Keeping my eyes on my Angel Goddess Isis and She is my Queen-

Keep my mind open and very keen.

Gain as much wisdom from studying-oh lordie so much is seen!

Agape and to live in this transition period, so new~

We Will see it and Gaia through!

As I change myself!

I am learning to put the ego on the shelf!

I am able to do my Great Work more each day!

I do my best to stay in Her Ways!

As a rose I try to have wisdom, beauty of heart, and to be strong!

But as thorns, many times events or things in my life go wrong!

So, how I handle myself in Silent, keen Spirtual ways-not sound like a bell ding dong-

Life does still go on!

So accept my ups and down and balance keep!

Walk and to my spiritual path and my Angel and Queen I do seek!

As above, so below!

That is the way that things go!

So understand the petals will fall off a rose-

Even when the Wind will blow!

Keep sharp and an even tow!


(updated by margaretchristieburns 5.16.18)


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