Love: Cast Thyself

This is not an article about the proper mixture of ingredients in casting a
Pathetic spell that will attract a desired person. Rather, this goes beyond
The principles that hold the chemistry of love spells. Many of the world?s
Religions preach but one lesson --- Love.

Love is also the same essence that lies within the pyramid of Magick. As we
Can read from the Christian Bible, Jesus taught the public the most powerful
Magick in the guise of a commandment. Love is present and is preached by all
Religions. Even in a religion that does not highly encourage the practice of
Its application towards all humanity, at the least, its presence shall and
Will always still be present.

The world, having different religions and various spiritual sects, is mostly
Composed of immature practitioners. As a result, only a few can pro perly
Uphold the essence of such teaching. Love is too powerful for just anybody
To be able to both contain and execute. As proof, in general, the whole
World desires love, but then the fruit of such dream is the existence of a
Vile world. Mankind is too weak for such powerful spell called Love.

The irony and wonder is that a man, even though weak, is always in perfect
State to love and of being loved. Yet, people, many of us, most of the time,
Still fail.

We all know that perfect moment of Love? the first sight, first touch, first
Kiss. A person may have no occult training, yet just that one moment of Love
Instantly makes him or her the master of all mantras... That very moment
Where the ?monkey mind? of the universe ceases and nothing exists but the
Indefinable and immeasurable mantra of Magick --- Love.

I do not teach that love is to be given to everybody. I stand on the
Contrary. Love is the most precious thing in the multiverse. Why give
Something too beautiful to just everybody?

Romeo and Juliet, the timeless tale of love in the hands of madness and
Obsession, written by the great magus, Shakespeare, has undoubtedly placed
Countless of sorcerers under its charming spell.

Love without madness, without obsession, is not love.

Even tales of the old knew the great strength that is only found in love.
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and the all others share
Its greatness and wonder.

Love is a mantra. It is the sweetest mantra of all. It abides beyond any
Utterable sound or any imaginable form. It is indefinable yet always present
Others might view it as god or whatever name it may be called. It
Contradicts logic, reason, and no heart of stone can ever withstand its
Immense vibration. If, at any moment, you so desire to increase your
Vibration, an act of love, made gently, and completely straight from the
Heart, would be enough.

But what is this love? We are not to think of it so as to define it. The
Simple reason why is that the very moment you have given it a definition,
You are already in the state of error. Let the words of the sacred teachings
Of Tao Te Ching come to our aid: The Name that can be named is not the
Eternal Name. The Way that can be 'wayed' is not the eternal Way.

Countless poets have tried to capture the very essence of love with the
Greatest wit of their hands and minds. Up to this day, they still continue
To write it, but no matter how hard they do, they just always fall short.
Let love be not defined then with the poor power of words. Let it not be
Understood with man?s simple logic. Just let love be. Love is Love.

This writ shall now reveal one of the greatest secrets of Magick: All of us
Are natural Lovers.

We all do love. If not, then we can, naturally. What does this mean? What
Gain or ad vantage can such fact be for us? Herein, is the revelation of
Another secret in the arts magical; however, before you go any further, know
That the revelation of the secrets in this writ does not make its reader a
Better witch unless he/she really has the ears to hear it and the wisdom to
Contain the right comprehension.
Love is the most powerful Magick in the multiverse. Love, and there shall be
Nothing which you cannot do.

A charge of an object or act is only as good as the power that is placed
Into it. A rose given to somebody, no matter how romantic the presentation,
Has no meaning even if the giver's body were fully present so long as his
heart is absent. In a similar way, a spell caster -- no matter how perfectly
he has followed the recipe and have memorized and followed other steps that
are written in his book of spells -- shall never succeed if his will,
maturity, faith, and other abilities and skills are at a loss during its

Love is unseen, yet it exists. We should also know that love is not like
other things that can be measured. Thus, a love that is weak, a love that is
little, is no love at all. Without love, the power of telekinesis,
pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, and all others would mean nothing, and the holder
of those skills is but a sham. A house can never be a home without a family.
Inside the pyramid of Magick is where the true meaning lies. Love is what is
inside that pyramid.

Love? and you can do everything.

Author: Charlz
Posted: July 25th. 2010
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received through a group of mine i thought id share ( :


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