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Hello All and Happy New Year, (originally January 9th, 2020 post)

Today's trio of Inspirational channeled angelic wisdom via clairaudient automatic writing is a whopper. The topics are Forgiveness, the Soul of God, and the Angelic Puppet Masters of the Fates. The latter two need some cursory explaining since they are deep dives into the metaphysical archetypical experience of the meta Soul of God. For instance, infers the totality of God we all share in his Macro Soul and all of our personal miniature souls are housed therein. However, the meta Soul of God is like a united daisy chain linked to the Heavens, Limbo's, and Hells seamlessly.

The one regarding the Angelic Puppet Masters of the Fates feels like a bait and switch conundrum. Basically stipulating due to the flawed mannerisms of humanity all religious theologies of current and past dead religions of antiquity now as mythologies. Are steeped in fiction and fantasy not so much accurate as to the raison d'etre (the reason for being).

However, the Absolute Love of God lets none of these genuine adorations of worshippers go to waste. Meaning the Angels like a metaphysical theatrical troupe of actors assumes our flawed theologies akin to role players. Angels as minor deities match one for one the human fashioned fictional diety like a mask. Thus managing its supernatural persona upon the afterlife by the Will of God. Yes, this can cause sneers. Just please consider it even if you refute it outright allowing it to expand the inventory of your celestial notions as a possibility.

Without a further adieu may you find the inspired words therein intriguing if not otherwise uplifting to your beautiful faiths in the world. Amen.


2839) Forgiveness is a living Grace of God for all (im)mortal kind incarnated with physical forms. In the Heavens, there is never a need for Forgiveness because of the Perfect Holy Supreme Nature of God(dess) Forever present.

However, for Creations as a whole Forgiveness as like Hope, Justice, and Mercy mortals require it as terrestrial graces of Heaven on Earth all the perpetual time! It is a celestial baptismal effect to be forgiven by loved ones as friends, family, and strangers alike. The healing restorative inner balm of an angels touch does forgiveness offer when rendered sincerely without political entrapments which uplifts completely.

The world hardly experiences unconditional forgiveness unless it is spiritual in holy nature. Which is a pity for all the other forms of secular forgiveness which do exist unconditionally. All Sovereign Pardons of the State are but one example that persists for felons and such. We the Angelic Host remark on these things since seldom do we have unfettered access to all of humanity in such spiritual writings inspired or otherwise plainly stated in the world.

Not just with "Ivan the Atrayo's" ongoing "Jewels of Truth" angelic discourse series. Can we interact and penetrate into your sacred realm to broadcast subtly into your contemporary world. It is because the need is so dire we draw closest to the Earth currently. A spiritual series of gateways as portals branching off into the Earth and far beyond as living altars of worship globally speaking across unknown Creations. Whether these Altars are Institutionalized by religious fervor. Or makeshift personal ones in people's homes and in the great outdoors as cathedrals of mother nature herself.

Unfortunately, Forgiveness is being treated like a premium gift rather than a common staple as a living Grace of God upon the world right now. The Truth is also a runner-up prize in this 2nd Gilded Corrupt Age of Humanity. Not unlike the one at the turn of the 20th century that recklessly caused the Great Depression upon the Earth.

When Forgiveness is underserved than Revenge and Vengence runs rip shod all over the World as Hell on Earth itself. Be the wisest ones each of you when it comes to the many practical everyday uses of forgiveness in moderation. It doesn't make you weak depending on the right context it is applied under. Through the human-divine heart exchange of each of your intuitions combined upon the world. Always reach in being heartfelt before logic divorces you from your humanity and subsequently divinity under the Omnipresence of God Forever. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Soul of God:

2835) The Soul of God is a layered totality existence for all that it touches deeply. For God, the Creator of the macro metaphysical realities of the soul is a vehicular archetype construct. To convey life to the farthest reaches of its native Perfect Supreme Consciousness. Since God created one macro soul type alone as a Living Singularity as an outfit to wear us times Infinity. The Holy Spirit is like an accessory piece to this clothing ensemble as the macro soul of all life and death which it encompasses simultaneously.

The Spirit is a lesser smaller instrument in comparison to the gigantic soul or oversoul itself in the divine essence. If the comparison for the Soul of God is a one-piece jumpsuit than the Holy Spirit is a pair of gloves in contrast. The soul is timeless and spaceless inhabiting as a constant loop everywhere and nowhere simultaneously infinitely always here and there. Since the soul occupies all Creation(s) or Universal Realms like a daisy chain existence. Much like a ring of parallel dimensional realities etherically, physically, and in any other modalities of existence foreign to our comprehension as exotic realms.

The Soul of God isn't a binary instrument only occupying all of Heaven and nothing of Hell. That is a selective fragmentation not becoming the notion of Totality. What this denotes is that the Supreme Macro Soul of God occupies all the endless Heavens, Limbo's, and Hells as One Unified Seamless Collective Unbroken Chain. A completely united front as its native Absolute Truth as Divine Law is personified all of the Divine Macro Form of God as Enlightened Perfect Reality. By extension, our souls resting within God like a carton of eggs co-exists in a similar expression of divinity.

As God is the Creator of All Pure Good, Neutrality, and Evil. It infers that his/hers/its creations as baby souls are to experience these dimensional attributes of spiritual being with the fullest contrasts available. Even moreso bound to them like people are bound to the physics of gravity upon this world. The Soul of all life forms and their respective spirits by whole extensions occupies these three native macro realities of total good, neutrality, and evil. Which we call metaphysically as the Heavens, Limbo's or Purgatories, and Hells by endless associations.

When a person experiences a blessing they have touched a slice of Heaven on Earth. In equal like and opposite kind when a person experiences an outrage or an insult they have been touched by Hell on Earth as well. The same goes for a benign nothingness as boredom that engulfs a person having experienced the Oblivion of Neutrality on Earth.

As the saying goes that "War is Hell on Earth" as a channeled truism. Much like many splendid souls have stated that the National Parks is so Idyllic that it feels like Heaven on Earth. These aren't merely figures of speech without consequence. We are metaphysical realities of an Enlightened Holy God as miniature creations having a very finite human experience. Beyond that of our flawed human binary carnal senses can fully grasp at this moment of eternity.

An oppressive person as a self-entitled son of a bitch is channeling hell on Earth hungry for power. A selfless good samaritan willing to help at nearly any personal cost is channeling an altruistic heaven on Earth as an example of grace. All Angels and Demons you will know them by their works and not merely by lip service alone.

To further complicate this model of the Macro Soul of God(dess) with our souls like eggs in a carton. Not all heavenly souls go to the penthouse floors as a skyscraper in another metaphor. Souls can occupy randomly anywhere due to being spaceless creations of God. So not all hellish souls occupy a fiery pit basement of such a skyscraper building. Some unfairly as dying tyrants occupy an imperfect evil of a penthouse suite in the world.

Neutral souls are sprinkled literally everywhere else as fillers. Tossed around like fodder and flotsam usually. Because either their faith in the supernatural is weak, incomplete, or non-existent. All neutral souls and spirits as people and creatures of all sorts are like wet toilet paper that doesn't stick to the wall when thrown about sadly to say. It's a very tough analogy but very true nonetheless.

Where good folk strive for grace in life. Neutral folk is bound to Karma like a baseline guard rail. The evil dark ones vie for ruthless power at nearly any cost. Even to sacrifice the innocent and the guilty alike as fodder to achieve it irresponsibly. The Soul of God(dess) is this Meta-Consciousness at work as this speaks to the Totality of the Supreme Witness of God's Omniscient Infinite Nature. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Angelic Puppet Masters of the Fates:

As the Fates of this world goes so goes the cosmos or so humanity would deem itself at this pinnacle scale. This too is an ego-centric cosmic farce of humanity. The universe doesn't revolve around the egos of people although many wish that it did.

What the world decides is immaterial to God the Highest Creator of All Be All! To what humanity conjures up by fiction does matter paradoxically to the Soul Evolution of the Planet Earth herself. You see there are actual consequences as meta-conundrums enacted by all mortals including all flora and fauna as creatures on this planet earth. The dictum that humanity professes to itself as a paradigm shift does matter even if it is erroneous in nature.

As it has been stated elsewhere your thoughts produce things that aid in co-creating with God your native Psychosis that stands currently as humanity itself. Yes, I stated correctly that the psychosis and not so much the larger looming actual reality. All sentient life forms have an embedded god complex. This is the seed of the Supreme God of all angelic gods combined left behind like a makers mark of authorship metaphysically which each of you calls the soul.

So it goes without saying what humanity produces be it factual or fictional matters to the Spirit Body of your holy-meta sister as the earth herself. Albeit in the macro schema of grandiose cosmic events the earth upon God's Creation is a little speck of dust in comparison. However, not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The baby earth does matter to the Angelic forces as meta-deities eternally present. Making your world their playground of a home sincerely and gladly so by the Mysterious Will of God.

What this denotes is a function of beauty that is indeed heavenly by the Angelic Choirs present upon your ever-widening world. Not so much the other way around that, because humanity is present, does it necessarily make the world beautiful.

All things considered, your world is a cosmic nursery proving grounds of what could work for a span of time and space. One of the countless angelic experiments of endless beautiful Universes combined by the Heavenly Host. Not unlike a supernatural laboratory of research do the higher echelons discover more about the Infinite Nature of God. At such a scale rather than the few surviving Utopian civilizations neatly ensconced elsewhere in your Universe physically present. Although Messy Primitive civilizations always provide more bang for the buck. As it were, however, dysfunctional that they are in the reincarnated Essence of God made wholly manifest repeatedly.

The beauty of it is even what humanity deems as fiction as fantasy and Impossible. It is a viable soulful evolution of God's United Omni-presence as divine perfect nature. What this denotes as humanity creates a series of religious theologies every few millennia. The popular ones survive as eventual mythologies or what you call as dead contemporary religious traditions now historically mothballed. All human and/or universal cosmic fiction by any other sentient species out in your Universe is not just a teaching instrument. But, verily and verily I say to each of you is Real as a metaphysical reality fashioned by the Will of Humanity itself. Ordained by the Will of God as the Divine Laws go forever.

Meaning what goes around comes around in that even with human fashioned fantasy there are truthful constant soulful elements found earnestly within. However, beyond this elaborate truism universally. God Wills that anything spiritually wrought by any sentient hands becomes Holy by default indeed! Even if the bulk of human theologies and mythologies are plain cautionary fables as the legendary sagas. God(dess) Cradles them gently like a newborn child breathing his/her Perfect Divine Essence into them by Holy Law.

So what this causes is like God's Breath going into corporeal form much like the allegory of "Adam and Eve" metaphysically alone. On earth as the tale of the Garden of Eden is a Sumerian sage of a cautionary story that has legs into your era of time. However, God anointed it as real metaphysically, but not so much actually upon your Earth as physical real estate upon your combined antiquity.

What happens next is miraculous indeed as the Almighty Angelic Presence upon your world. Like Puppet Masters pulls on these fictional sagas giving them wondrous wings of meta-godly everlasting life beautifully eternal. Basically, the Angels supported by the Perfect Will of God go role-playing as cos-play as your human or cosmic fashioned theologies and/or mythologies. Wearing such costumed roles of the endless minor deities that humanity has created over the eons. Ever since the animism of pre-history has peoples doing cave art. Have the hominids as your ancestors created God in its own flawed Image and Likeness.

Atheists and Agnostics need not salivate too much here for the spiritual realities to exist as a foremost pre-cursor macro reality. But, not in the feeble manners, primitive humanity has pictured it to date. All the worship, praise, and magicks gone into so-called Indigenous false gods isn't remotely wasted! God repurposes it by extraordinary miraculous feats that leave even the Angels of Paradise dumbstruck! Nothing is ever excluded or discarded energetically and certainly as the upper echelon realities as the spiritual matters go.

God is Absolutely Perfectly Supremely Inclusive as the Original Just Cause Enlightened Deity of all lesser angelic forms everlasting! Nothing ever escapes God not even the abysmal darkness of the accursed Oblivion. Created by God for all contrasting Creation(s) such as your native earthen reality by Immaculate design.

It is all beautifully tragic and Inspirationally comedic simultaneously as the Fates of the Angelic gods and goddesses at work forever. In partnership with an unwitting humanity and any other sentient species in your meta-cosmos. This is a vehicle of soulful eternal and Infinite evolution before all of you heckle me. As "Thorius" of the Angelic Fates of the Heaven's extraordinary realities. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

The universe is wider than our views of it. ---Henry David Thoreau.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere. ---Carl Sagan.

If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original. ---Sir Ken Robinson.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 24 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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Comment by Atrayo on February 25, 2020 at 1:15pm

A side note after I channeled the Angelic name of "Thorius". I went looking for its meaning online just in case. And, came across this definition:

Last name: Thorius

If German it is residential for a person who lived by the gate of a town, or more likely it was occupational for the city guard or gatekeeper. Its derivation is from the ancient pre-7th-century word "tor" meaning a gate.

I guess that makes the Angel Thorius a gatekeeper of the Fates on Earth. ;)

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