Jewels of Truth Statement: "Our Illuminated Divinity In Action"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is rather a wee bit more mystical in nature. However do remember I receive these statements via clairvoyant automatic writing as what I term as inspiration. My process as a channel permits me to select the general topic, but the authors are Angelic in nature. The body of my work these past 20 years in automatic writing isn't tied to one spiritual master alone. I'm just on and thus a semi-trance of sorts commences for the query to be received as a sacred jewel of truth to marvel. I have never asked for the angels name, although I do have small talk to adjust a word or two along the way.

My topic for today is on the Holy Light within our sacred divine beings. The one often referred to having a human experience in light of being truly spiritual beings in essence. As coined by the French Jesuit Priest turned philosopher "Pierre Tailhard de Chardin".

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

The rest of my statement takes a turn as to how the Angels as the minor gods and goddesses create on the macro scale of Creation as a whole. How eternity speeds up for them in regards to deploying their creations onto Infinity akin to quality assurance testing.

Without a further adieu may statement #1905 written in mid January of this year. At the very least expand your conscious thought of what could be metaphysically speaking.


Holy Light:

1905) All of us have the stuff of Angels within our Immaculate souls because of the holy "Spirit of God" within us. Which means our souls are living prisms of "Holy Light" in divine nature from the endless heavens. We are walking bonafide multi-dimensional vortices through the sheer omnipotent and omnipresent aspect of God, akin to an ethereal network of timeless souls. 

Some people more than others that are a native adept, if not otherwise developed over the decades are capable with discipline to harness these divine gifts of the eternal soul in each of us. Be these persons considered as: psychics, oracles, witches / warlocks, priests / priestesses, saints, and especially as prophets. All these celestial entities depending on their sphere of influence that acknowledge the divine within. Are anointed not by human kind, but the spiritual powers at bay that ultimately are always attributed to the Glory of God(dess).

Our Light as the Illuminated Divinity within is the stuff of fantastical legend a grace if practiced for good or an abomination if committed in evil. Metaphysically this denotes the majesty to create with intention and if used poorly tragic results will occur. This spiritual power be it called magic or divinity has the equal effect as completely neutral in expression. It is always a gift although the practitioner can hold to the belief that its a curse if confused by not understanding its origins. We are all God's spiritual heirs of the realized "Kingdom of God" within this Earth and the one to come for our progeny. It is to each person's faith in God coupled by free will that will enlighten the expression of the spiritual or secular in life as it is right now.

Those that are gifted in spiritual prowess are entrusted to be stewards to all that is benevolent in nature irrespective of the faith in worship to God the Almighty. The other that seek self-gratification by misapplying these soulful powers in life will illicit misery unknowingly. For a broken covenant with each entity discards the divine for the accursed instead. The balance is intricate loaded with principals that fosters the choice between life and death in abundance. One commits by benevolence to serve in humility, the other is enslaved as a thrall to perform depraved feats to satisfy a darkness with no end. Both are acting with free will, and both will have their fate determined by what is in their heart of hearts.

The holy power in each of us is not our own at all it is in genesis God himself through us in spiritual identity. We are merely conduits be it in ignorance or cognizant as symbiotic souls with the Creator. We are meant to create as in the Image and Likeness of him we adore lifetime after lifetime. We are the toddler children playing in the sandbox of the eternal living out lives of glory in his honor alone. To create wonders in the heavens we as the Angels and the assorted spiritual forces work in concert to design and implement the known and unknown of Creation. Through our spiritual projections we simulate our machinations until they are deployed onto Creation. Much like Adam and Eve were explained as the first forms of reincarnated flesh come into existence. This is aside from the validity of the claim that Creation occurred in such anecdotal manner for the earth and humanity itself.

As spectral entities we experience no time whatsoever for us all linear perceived time and space is but a dream. To the living the realm of the divine without time nor space is the dream. For all the Angelic co-creators with God(dess) no time accelerates the projections of the created. Everything as in totality becomes crystallized onto a fixed point irrespective of correlated systems in nature. The spiritual realities always supersede the lesser realities be they mental or physical in expression. The underlying substrate to every consciousness is that of the spirit within with memories beyond the one lifetime experienced as right now. The simultaneous collection of life is witnessed in a non-local fashion. As the band of perception expands to include awareness that isn't plausible by local experiences. All of life plural is circular in nature albeit it is non-linear in a tandem phenomena in all that is sacred to all living souls in the light and love of God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 

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