Here is what the Ones from the Blue have told unto me;

Speaking about Gaia's future and history.

There was a Star In The Sky

And It Did Come Shining By

He Gazed Upon the Earth and Said,

    "Beautiful Creation! Planet-Not Red!

      In Fact So Much Color I See

      Blue, White, Green, and More There Be!"


Then STAR Asked Planet Her Name

GAIA, She Said Very Plain

Star Could Not take His Eyes Off Gaia you See

Such A Great Beauty-


Star Did Speak Unto Gaia And Did Say---

This Is My VIBE I Sing Each Day

Please Remember It As I'll Be Back Your Way!


Star's Vibe Sounded Just Fine,

     HO hum HO hum HIME HIME HIME

Gaia said, "I'll remember All For ALL TIME"

STAR Said Good-Bye and Flew Away

GAIA Became Sad For Many Days

Gaia Changed As Her Sadness Grew

She Even Put Blankets and Everything to Sleep Through

Until GAIA Said,

                 "TIME FOR LIFE AND WORK DO!"

But Gaia's Sadness was not Through!

Many Levels of BROWN Did Grow

But from the Brown, GREEN Did Sew.

Green Drank CLEAR FORM up It's Roots and to the Sky It Would Shoot,

   This Clear Form in Drops Like Dew

Would Return to Green and Helped Make BLUE!

Gaia Would Sing Star's Song Each Day!

Hoping He'd Return Her Way!

From His Song Gaia Sang

Flash Of Energy in Her Skies Did Ring

This Flash of Energy Could Hit Brown

And Create YELLOW as Star's Light

         on Gaia's Ground!


Brown as to Ground

Clear Blue as to a Name? Somehow Water anew!

Energy of Yellow to Light or Fire for night!

ALL Made GAIA Happy At This Sight

         Something Still Missing for Brown, Green, Yellow and even White

Oh, Gaia!

Gaia, so Sad Let Out A Big Sigh

And With Her Big Sigh Something NEW

Can't See But FEEL

All Around

Brown, Blue, Water Too!

What Is This Gaia?

MOTHER, Please Do Tell Us!

Gaia, Thought

    "MOTHER, That's Me!

     Breath, Life, AIR It Be!"

So Now Life for Gaia Is:

        Brown to Ground

        Blue To Water

        Yellow to Light/Fire

         ? to Air


Gaia Sings His Songs Each Day

Star Hears and Comes Back Her Way

Now Gaia Is A Mother Too

What of the Life in Abundance True?

Star's Song Has Changed Its Tune

Because Star IS Really Two In One you See

Blue Star Vibration Is Like it picked up a Drum

Ho hum Ho hum Ho hum HUM hum HUM hum AUM AUM AUM

Star's New Tune

Causes Gaia to Vibrate Soon

Ratteles, Shake, Rock n Roll

Oh Gaia May Take A Serious Tole

But This Is The Way of Things To Be

For Blue Star and Gai's Marriage You See.

Star Wears may wear a mask of, Blue

Blue Star Will Have An Efect On Gaia and The Astral too!

Star of Blue Likes to Dance a lot

And He Will

       At An Angle

       Come Straight Into

       Gaia's Heart

But Before This Be

Gaia Will See Star and Feel Ecstasy

Blue Is Special to Gaia

Ancient Beings will return in Crafts Of Lightning Blue,

Of Beings of Our Origin and my Soul Family True!

It Will Appear To All In The Skies;

And Many Will Believe Their Eyes;

Time to Take Care!

Time To Beware!

Time To Prepare!

Blue Star Is Returning Here I Swear!

Very Soon,

He Will Rock the Moon!

He Will Rock the Sea!

Bringing Gaia Much Ecstasy!

Blue Star Has a Great Vibration,

Stronger than Any Country or Any Nation!


Economy Will Continue To Be Bad,

So Make A Very Sound Plan,

Because Governments Won't Protect You

And May Even Steal-yes so True!

Things Have Already Started To Be,

Such As Black Filling Our Seas;

People Have and Will Continue To Change to Be Free,

Escaping Their Lives and Responsibilities!

The Great Tree of the Black Road;

Will Meet the Way of the Red Road;

Guiding Blue Star Back to Gaia!

As the Sun Rose One Day There Was a Great Rift;

As the Old World Transitions and New World Begins To Shift!

The Dead Skin of a Snake,

Will Give A Shake,

As the Fifth is Born,

Quiet, not Loud as a Horn!

Eagles Spread Their Wings and Fly to the Sun;

Blue Star and Gaia's Marriage Is Done!

From the North Blue Star Will Come,

With Great Wind and Brighter Than the Sun!

Above there Is A Great Throne,,

The Father Is Home!


Events to be

astrally and physically

Blue Star will watch his children in the plaza Dance

For they will be joyous and know safe not by chance

In the Final Day

Gaia will return to Her original spinning way

One time in the past, malevolent from some stars,

Came to visit Gaia from afar!

They did with Gaia badly play;

Whirling Her around in another way!

A new rotation, that is not Her way True!

Gaia's Family is not far!

The Family comes from the Stars!

The Twins arrive firs,t

From the north-western skies with a burst!

They will straighten Gaia's rotation;

And make Notation-

Throughout time messages have abound!

Messages written in living stone, circles of sacred grain, and even ice were found;

But alas, alas, the masses confuse and make things profound,

You see we must feel with our hearts , not with our heads,

Because there really are no words to be said!

The Twins Will arrive and announced their message to All,

To All things that live, fly, breath, even atoms and blood will receive the the message in life -not on a wall

7 Years!

The twins Will give seven years to us to start to change our ways!

Change has begun and more each day,

We thirst, burn with passion to rid ourselves of desires and conflicts,

Re-learn or learn Original Ways for which we are home sick!


In our journey or mission that Be,

Understand we are the Firekeepers of the Spirit and keep sacred and free!

All in Unity, Peace, and choose change wisely and seriously!

Before the One, who turns and becomes Red;

Because much He has suffered and bled!

There will be many who will go insane in their head!

Confusion you will see,

Between children, sexes, and elders be!

Unnatural spirits made by man will walk the earth withour a soul you will see!

Please choose wisely and change if you need to before the twins leave-as they will leave in the time of a sneeze!

Perversion of life will be abound!

Social order will not be found!

So much misery from poor choices one may make!

So if you need- change and bring forth life right for your own sake!

I have cried aloud!

But once the Red Cloud,


The Purifier or Cleansor is Here!

(written by margaretburnsandbabydaragon 8/6/14)


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