Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on your Greatest Treasure & Kingdom of God

Hello All, 

Today's Jewels of Truth channeled angelic wisdom statements go slightly hand in hand. Albeit it takes a willful approach where half-measures leave the person disillusioned with the entire effort in question. In many ways the life-long spiritual path whatever that means to each of you. Is a remarkable journey of both the consciousness of the human condition coupled well into your divine form as living ghosts with physical bodies on Earth. 

There are often two lifelong paths of the spiritual life. One is by arrogance choosing such accidental or tragic pains for the stubborn person to only respond by screeching at the ancestral heavens. The other is far moreso fairer in spiritual well-being by means of evolving via wisdom as a course of self-development. 

In my lifetime when I was young and inexperienced I made no choice and ended up learning through ignorant pain in terms of circumstances. As I matured and began to exercise my own free will with purpose-led intentions consciously. I began to self-realize an alternate pathway led by concise wisdom learning from the universal pains of other hapless people generally. This was the beginning of the beginnings of what later became my manifold spiritual journeys leading to my own native intuitive flowering as a devout person for the divine. 

God or Goddess or as I like to merge together semantically as God(dess) as optionally Father & Mother Almighty Creator simultaneously. Talk about a metaphysical non-binary as one can foresee via mysticism. God the Lord of Heavenly Hosts grants every person a solemn gift as an imprint of its own splendid oversoul. Those people and perhaps creatures fortunate enough to intelligently unravel such a grace within a lifetime. Discover their particular Inner Genius as their individualized hidden Face of God peering back at them with loving eyes forever. 

My first Jewels of Truth channeled angelic statement covers such a topic by the nameless egoless angel. Speaking to everyone's Inner Genius followed by the next statement of first seeking the Kingdom or Queendom of God(dess) before you begin any serious living on earth period. 

May you find today's statements intriguing if not outright inspirational for your own beautiful lifelong hopeful journey with God. Or the polytheist angelic lesser deities however you may define them by your faith traditions. Amen. 

Greatest Treasure:

3231) As the Greatest Treasure of God is each of you come alive right now in our shared spiritual environs. When fully realized as kinship aids your journey back to your solemn divinity and subsequently back to your Inner Genius. Every person and/or creature has this infinite potential available by free will to discover for themselves alone or in united worship with others for God(dess). 

Your Inner spark of Divine Being is Immaculate in the Image and Likeness of God ever told as a spiritual vessel of your spirits and souls forever. However, your divine consciousness is very young as human beings having a spiritual experience as the Jesuit priest "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin" wrote many decades ago. 

Your solemn hidden treasures have a destined purpose to be lived for all concerned with your humanity on earth. Whether they realize it within your lifetime or not. Each of you that seeks by faith only to discover themselves surrounded by grace. Receive an instant conviction of a living divine thanksgiving when your angelic gifts are shared with the world at large. 

Be not afraid to live your truth however contrarian it may seem to society at the time. Sometimes it takes many moral martyrs to trailblaze a greater initiative of the human condition. To live by faith isn't for the weak of heart, it takes gumption to etch out a life of spiritual devotion for yourselves. When conformity from the masses is screaming in your ears to follow the herd or else. 

There comes a time perhaps after several attempts to care what people think that your heart and mind shatter. Only to self-realize you've catered to weak people that haven't lived their own truth much less convictions with courage in the world. To follow well-meaning even loving people who are wrong is a difficult course of action to resolve. Not all your initiatives will pan out some wisdom is truly found in the fears of others. However, do you really listen to their fears or your courageous convictions in the final analysis? 

What is unorthodox, taboo and other unspoken so-called sacrosanct rules are meant to be challenged. Even for just your own woeful mistakes to being made gradually. You can not learn unless you make mistakes however, don't make tragic ones without sufficient contemplation of the consequences involved. 

Each of you has merits beyond your own human lives as reborn divinities of countless infinite foreign heavens right now. For the Almighty God of Abraham is also the Creator of all the cosmos. How ancient peoples globally infer what is divine to them is derived from their societal pressures and cultural norms. What is sacred to one race of people on the other side of the world is dismissed outright by another society due to different competing agendas both political and spiritual. 

Heaven isn't just for man-made religions by people be they Judean-Christian-Islamic. Or Hindu, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism for instance. We the angelic heavenly host can go on such as Zoroastrians, Shintos, Hellenistic, Mayan, and even Santa Muerte as syncretized with Catholicism as a recent faith tradition in Mexico. 

Heaven is both real and unreal paradoxically for all the grace of universal benevolence becomes sanctified upon Creation and it is heavenly. The opposite is also true that all vile evil collectively like a bottomless universal funnel accumulates into an accursed reality as endless Hells. Those that become enlightened during a mortal or immortal afterlife reconcile both heaven and hell perfectly. Graduating to a higher and purer plane of existence at a deeper resonance of the Great Mystery.

To reiterate your Greatest Treasure is your hidden Inner Genius as the essence of God's imprint upon you as individuals at the micro divine expression. When you consciously choose to be forgiving and loving towards all without prejudice this is when you begin living like Jesus the Christ of turn the other cheek. It is hard to carry on with such a resolve at first as ego-centric people. You must surrender the ego gradually over the years if not decades for those who are persistent in the world. 

Your zeal is your gift when you each comport yourselves with dignity for what is important to each of you in life. Be this family, career, hobbies, religion, social causes, etc...The Golden Rule of do unto others as if you wish to be done back to you is necessary here in simplified truth. Great movements take time and effort and can hardly be accomplished alone without help. For even Christos had the Apostles and Buddha had the saintly Arhats to support their heaven-sent earthly divine destiny. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Kingdom of God:

3229) To seek first the Kingdom of God as in the Book of Matthew 6:33 of the Christian New Testament often means to live a blessed life upon this world. Which requires steadfast discipline to muster such courage where a just near pious personal spiritual character will be necessitated. To live such an illumined life isn't for the faint of heart for your mind will be tested with feats of morality.

Often you must develop a mutual consenting spiritual union with God and the Heavenly host akin to a metaphysical family. Alongside your biological or adopted human families here on Earth. To consecrate your heart and soul as worthy by a faithful trust that defies complete understanding. This enacts the beginning of your afterlife being prepared for you as you live in the dominion of Creation with your routine human needs and wants in tandem. 

Some will remark this is madness to have such an unconditional devotion to the unseen spiritual realities that are constantly mysterious. We are the finite children here today and fragilely gone tomorrow. Consider to seek first the Kingdom of God as your personal get-out-of-heck divine life insurance policy paid in blessed acts that are both mundane and extraordinary. 

Once you have proven your salt of the earth to being genuine and not merely a curiosity seeker of gee whiz that's fickle about spirituality. The earnest efforts have just begun or perhaps continued from your last reincarnation across history or the infinite universe. Mutual loyalty and trustworthy nature must be galvanized through acts of sincerity and kindness. Even if you struggle with motivation to follow thru at first for repetition leads to positive habits instilled as lifestyle choices spiritually on earth.

Goodwill begets goodwill especially when you encounter foreigners of differing faith traditions these are your benevolent cousins in God's Infinite Beauty in the world. Please do not besmirch their contrasting divinity for diversity is the natural truth of our collective universe and not homogeneous purity. The ego proclaims racial, sexist, religious, political, economic, etc homogenous purity that belongs to your animalistic carnal human nature and not to God in Heaven. 

As you cultivate your beautiful holy relationship with God(dess) over a lifetime. You begin to explore the rather mystical aspects of your spiritually shared realities with other divine demographics. Such as the ancestors, nature spirits as ghostly creature kind and ecosystems, fairies, mythological fantastical holy entities that defy phenomenal description, and of course, the angelic heavenly host as our spiritual family shared with God as our singular macro parent in paradises found. 

There are many beatitudes to discover with exploring your infinite relationship with the holy afterlife. Often respect will be gifted natively to you by enlightened souls, however, unenlightened spirits will still portray personalities that grow on you over time. One must not mistake the adoration and reverence of all these souls as worship that alone is signaled out for God alone. This even includes the once mythological lesser angelic deities of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egyptian, and any other pagan heavenly luminaries each in their private boutique paradises living in perpetual stasis for an eternity. 

There are additional roles and responsibilities for the ardent faith-filled person. Many are simply to cultivate at your own pace the countless virtues as spiritual ethical norms within a lifetime. Not to get overly self-righteous to the point of your anger that one way is the only way to live a good life on earth. Your mileage will vary and here is where the rubber hits the road to avoid needless envy and jealousy of what others have in materialism and romantic partners. 

The materialistic consumerism philosophy that you can have it all is short-sighted. It is usually only true for the well-advantaged with many privileges as well supported by their peers. Not everyone has that Goldilocks quality of life and to get to such a quality of living takes work to get there and keep it. A Game of Thrones in itself. 

This is not to say don't try, but know you will need trustworthy people and impersonal institutions to help you to get there eventually. Many will reduce themselves by breaking their moral values by cheating and backstabbing the innocent and guilty alike. Others will take bribes and become slaves to be easily manipulated by the inferior whims of so-called godless people. One route takes years if not nearly a decade plus to achieve the other less time but costly heartaches reduce your self-worth to near trash. 

Is the loss of personal grace that important to achieve temporary status and materialism in the world? Not all wealth is bad it is just how you get from point A to Z that matters most. Will the journey help define your likes and dislikes or will you compromise so much that you lose your self-respect along the way? 

A personal sacrifice to God is a miracle best experienced by the unseen angels in Heaven instantly surrounding you. Which may cause a knee-jerk love offering of the heavenly host on your solemn behalf upon your life in due time. Your patience and immense gratitude are necessary here as the world shifts gradually all around you as circumstances go. Always be sure your personal or collective sacrifices are pleasing to the benevolent Will of God and not the shallow will of men and women in authority. 

This will ensure healing wonders will overtake you gradually albeit some may happen sooner taking you by pleasant surprise. The rhythms of the heavens are slower not so much like our technological modernity that everything must be delivered now and not later. It is an alternative outlook that takes practice and cultivating joy helps ease the monotony along the way to personal spiritual fulfillment. 

What is Ineffable belongs to God alone as the Absolute Forever. Our gifts back to God and the Heavenly Host are our energetic attention span and our sacred deeds practiced by a shared benevolent value set of beautiful customs that vary globally by faith tradition. Only then as the eternal spiritual pilgrim can we appreciate the awestruck marvel of the Holy of Holies sublimely in our constant midst. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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