Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Prosperity Dynamo & Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment

Hello All,

This month of March is now nearly complete besides that of what the world has encountered with the depravity occurring in Eastern Europe. I wanted to explore metaphysical prosperity methods once again on this blog site of "Atrayo's Oracle". Here at Atrayo's Oracle, you'll see at the left-hand margin a long column of past entries via Indexed keywords. Just skimming via the first three letters of the alphabet (ie ABC). I have encountered three prior prosperity wish seeking metaphysics and processes. (ie Call It Forth Dec. 17th, 2019, Abundance Principles Feb. 5th, 20175 Easy Steps to Divine Prayer Mar. 20th, 2012) I'm sure further down in the Index of alphabet keywords more will present themselves. 

Today's "Jewels of  Truth" channeled angelic wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism are on the topics of Prosperity Dynamo and Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment. Prosperity Dynamo merely indicates it takes training and preparation before starting a prosperity consciousness shift spiritually. Much like any athlete that requires directed and focused training as responsible preparations require. The identical premise stands before you the seeker of higher graces to cultivate your reality by Faith in God

With the mouthy topic of Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment, it is an evolution of Call It Forth statement #2,815 from late 2019. Where the unspoken in spirit, however, is visualized with a pulsed intention. With a duration of 15 to 30 seconds of laser focus. That your said desired wish flashes via your Mind's Eye on purpose throughout every day. Words as human syntax language here are dense energy where timeless intention supersedes all articulate human expressions. For the Holy Spirit of God is timeless and spaceless where telepathy rules supreme. 

Allow me to set this premise up with the three prior listed channeled angelic statements from the 1st paragraph above in this blog entry. 

I quote from "Call It Forth" in its 3rd paragraph: 

"Such an intention directed to the Heavenly Host in association with your desired wish fulfillment. It begins to add substantially more spiritual power than the dense use of human language. The intent coupled with emotion that is Life-Affirming is the language of the Angels of Heaven. The Intellect of language always unconditionally takes a back seat to the Holy Emotive Heart Within your divine being." (Call It Forth) #2815 12/17/2019 by: Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Then continuing to quote from "Abundance Principles" in its 1st paragraph:

"2405) All New Age Abundance Principles put into direct action as living supplications of the heavens within is nothing more but magical practices. As all magic and divinity are synonymous graces of God the Most High to co-create a shared reality upon the Earth.  All visualizations as stated affirmations and meditated upon abundance principles is God seeking to benefit his Infinite children in the Holy Spirit. To remind each entity's soul of their solemn union of the Majestic Will of God in the world." (Abundance Principles) #2405 2/05/2017 by: Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Finally rounding it up with "5 Easy Steps to Divine Prayer". Where the steps are as follows 1) Hold Your Intent; 2) Be Still; 3) Surrender; 4) Love Unconditionally in Moderation; finally 5) Be Grateful. (Five Easy Steps to Divine Prayer) 3/20/2012 by: Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

This is a long-winded introduction but worth the background information before diving in headfirst without the proper context required. May you enjoy the insights presented therein as the theme was meant to coincide with the fairy Leprechauns of overflowing abundance. Many Blessings Wee Lad or Lass!

Prosperity Dynamo:

3,123) Heretofore, there are times when being astute isn't enough when it comes to attracting wealth upon this world. The popular New Age spirituality espouses a Prosperity Consciousness in attracting abundance for daily living. A whole bunch of non-sense has been espoused with broken misconceptions as half-truths. Missing links that lead only to frustrations after lukewarm results are only produced and/or attracted over time. 

This is a moment to delve much deeper into these magical notions overall in principle. This form of spirituality of this so-called New Age is only regurgitated dynamics of the positive thinking era of the late 20th century. This Prosperity Magicks is plain neutral in consequence it is the eye of the beholder that makes it good, benign, or bad in context therein. The simplicity presented here will have many of you balk where consulted systems before would have you run a checklist of a regime of preparations. 

Here only simplicity is next to the grace which is the genius of God himself. Before we begin on the topics of Affirmations and Visualizations you can accomplish them until you are blue in the face. They will not take you all the way but only set the table of the desired feast to eventually arrive in due course. The other mind-altering programs of accessing brain wave states of alpha, beta, and theta wavelengths as consciousness are fine but are laborious indeed.

Before you want or desire for that matter you must explore your motivations to garner a logical understanding of the consequences of your need or want. Then begin to synthesize the desire into a metaphoric visualized synopsis that merely lasts a few seconds akin to a snapshot still Image. Whether you practice the mirroring methods as rigor as a spiritual practice you can forfeit that too. 

One must realize in time that what you want, wants you in return when it is truly for your divine inheritance upon this world. Anything less will also arrive to teach you a hard lesson be careful what you wish for in earnest out of peer pressures. There are other barriers one must sift through such as unworthiness and low self-esteem as psychological dysfunctional baggage of half-truths. To declare incessantly even in unconscious thinking in a critical negative self-talk loop that lasts mere seconds. Is each of you practicing this Prosperity Regime in reverse actually, believe it or not.

You must be willing to surrender your weakness morally and humanely to a Greater Cause than yourselves by a precious Faith with God(dess). To be an end-user of such a prosperity consciousness isn't to feed your materialistic notions of this world alone. In being selfless for your shared Highest Good graces as you encounter others upon this reality. Makes the world hopefully a better environment when compassion leads the way versus selfishness of I'm #1 nonsense.

The One spiritual phenomena that you actualize as a Child of God the Most Supreme in the divine essence. Signifies you each have metaphysical keys that defy human conventions of physics or natural laws of governing this universe alone. On one plateau of truth, each of you is ordinary at one level of personhood rather than any other social status you each truly represent. As such a Child of God, you must be willing to sacrifice or exchange actions in order to gain greater strengths as if running through a gauntlet. 

Your divine inheritance with God personally is also meant to be shared with your community, however, you define it. As a communally shared Oneness set of experiences that fosters grace versus unease upon this world. The sort of false selfish attitude of "Me, Me, Me" and everyone else be damned isn't noteworthy much less divine. It is a holistic path where you get your fill as more than enough, but no more than that. Unless you are a servant leader with authentic selflessness leading an organization of souls upon this world. 

Unlimited Abundance is yours forever, however, not all at once but gradually over the course of a lifetime if disciplined enough to seize it rightfully. It must pour through you like a waterfall of enriching graces where you capture none of the living waters, but still, you are soaked in them truly. You must admit your weakness with privacy before God as a private cleansing confession of what you desire even if it is unspoken telepathically in your mind's eye if necessary. 

This is in order to overcome your fears that you are unworthy and to keep such half-truths at bay in the meanwhile. Otherwise, impatience and unnecessary worry will eat your psyche alive in due time. This is a venting exercise of patience and discipline with loving gratitude in due course. You must release the bile that keeps you back in the world before you can be purged to accept the Greater Glories of God in your daily reality. 

Every person has a series of energy centers as vortexes otherwise known in New Age spirituality and in Hindu Vedic religious traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine for instance. These energy vortexes are called Chakra's which in the Sanskrit tongue mean spinning wheels of psychic energies. The placement of the Seven traditional ones is universal in scope. Regardless, if there are alternate more elaborate configurations of the Chakras for advanced practitioners. 

These are your basic metaphysical access portals of your auric spirit body superimposed over your physical human body. Like a canvas of ethereal godly energies of an alternate supernatural reality. Closest to the earth is the base of your spine as the Root is often denoted in Brilliant Crismon Red tones. Where your animalistic primal needs are addressed as a semi-sentient creature known as a person. Next follows your Sacral Plexus showcased in the tone of Orange that denotes unresolved desires and other needs of personal security. What follows is the Solar Plexus in Brilliant Yellow tones of hues much like the Sun of your auric spirit body. This is your Auric Dynamo akin to a transformer where Intelligence and Creativity are mutually united in godly essence. 

Leading the spiritual entity into their Heart which is depicted in either Green or Pink tones. Here is your emotional feeling center of your enityhood as a divinity experiencing the world. After this mid-point what follows is your Throat Chakra where your truths are personally spoken often depicted in Blue spiritual tones. The classical Minds Eye in Violet tone is the 3rd Eye which is symbolically shown as a Red Dot on the forehead in the Indian Hindi Culture. Here is where reality is filtered through your spiritual being and is the faculty utilized to create wonders in due time. Lastly, the final pivotal Chakra is the Crown with deep Indigo Purple tones otherwise considered the Halo region of the Abrahamic faith traditions. Where higher faculty awareness is disseminated throughout your spiritual auric body state of being at any given moment with supremacy over yourself hopefully.

Each chakra in the forefront of your human body rotates clockwise in spiritual powers. The opposite is true with the backside of your human form that your mirrored reflexed chakras rotate counterclockwise etherealically. With the exception of your Crown chakra which has both swirling influences at the tippy top of your rear scalp. 

You as the practitioner of Prosperity Faithful Consciousness must realize this truth utmost. That your spiritual energy centers are your Utility Waterworks in metaphor with spiritual energies plainly stated. If they are not flowing properly and in the right directions then no amount of positive thinking and visualized affirmative verbal practices will work completely in the mid to long term. 

A personal Pendulum as a form of Dowsing for energy shifts is a must to help you sort and locate the flowing directions of your auric ethereal body superimposed over your human form. No one person or creature can have a non-flowing state of energies and if so they are dead to the world literally. Even ghosts as hauntings can be detected under the auspices of a trained practitioner to the presence of an otherworldly spiritual entity. 

Now having all Seven Basic Chakras plainly understood of the said: Root, Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, and finally the Crown as the line-up concludes. Your physical appendages as your hands and feet even have secondary satellite neutral chakras all their own in essence. For that matter when an amputee feels a phantom limb beside the nerve endings in the brain firing off. They are also feeling the tertiary chakras of their foregone human arm or leg for instance. 

The Front Facing end of a person taking a Pendulum in hand after competency is personally established in utilizing one as a psychic dowsing technique. Your front-facing chakras one at a time by intention to your spiritual angelic guardian or spirit guide upon your humanity. Intend to have the pendulum rotate or shift in what direction is your first selected chakra moving? For example, if your solar plexus in front of you is rotating backward you're having problems claiming your authority in the world. You may feel drained personally and scattered with difficulty in being able to focus as a preliminary diagnosis. 

Once you have personally established that each of your seven chakras is rotating clockwise in front of your human body. Do also notice the rate of rotation is it slow or super speedy, if the latter as super speedy that is excellent. Just be sure not to lose control of your pendulum in the process by flinging it across the room accidentally like a slingshot bolo. 

Now that you have witnessed the ascending and descending concentric circular motions of your personal pendulum. All is as it should be in dearest principles. That your need to be fully engaged with your divinity has been gauged as healthy afforded an expression of wellness in the world. Whereby in prior days you would have established your servitude to a Greater Cause than your own whatever blessed outlet that is enriching to you alone without outside coercion. 

You the end user must transform your fears with confessions back to God(dess) earnestly. To climb out of your pits of loathsome despairs. This will aid you greatly as a Living Child of a Loving God to flush out all to most of the weakness and bitterness that has held you back. 

Counting your blessings with a sincere Spirit of Gratitude will only get you so far. It is the other treatise as practices go of affirmative statements spoken in brief repeatedly akin to a mantra. Is a form of obsessive thinking as broken causation of a loop explained earlier in this statement in terms of Prosperity Consciousness overall. It primes the pump of the spirit as a crutch but doesn't deliver you all the way to the Promised Land with the use of verbal mantra Esque affirmations.

With All High Noble White or Blessed Magicks whether working with prosperity or another set of attributes. Such as health, happiness, personal finance, education, achievement, romance, marriage, child-rearing, etc... All of it matters truly and dearly to you the spiritual child entity of God upon this chaotic world. This inference means that God(dess) whether as Supreme Father or Mother parentally and metaphysically speaking. Is constantly within, around, and throughout your divine form in the Heavens and upon this Earth simultaneously with your current reincarnated lifetime right now.

This ethereal Life Force known as God has no equal it must flow regardless in you as a person or a ghost without a corporeal body. Now that all this is plainly understood once you are properly aligned with your energetic spiritual centers aka your chakras. As living vortexes or conduits of God's Life Force flowing like utility waterworks In, around (ie your aura), and through you. 

Allow this flow of life to increase and it must be at a rapid pace like an electric turbine at a power utility company. It must rotate at near blinding speeds in order to gain positively charged momentum metaphysically for your spirit body upon this world to create wonders. Once that is occurring with all your basic seven chakras all properly aligned in a frontal clockwise rotation. Then expect omens as holy signs as blessed coincidences or synchronicities to overtake you in the world repeatedly. 

Lastly, many healing energy modalities such as Reiki can attune and increase the spiritual-energetic flows through your humanity unto this world. Especially as you serve another with healings of all kinds in person or remotely as a paradoxical grace from spirit to spirit via the Soul of God granted by pure love always. 

This is your primer before any sort of Prosperity Consciousness Method as a graceful practice can be achieved as spiritual quantified works smoothly in the short, mid, and long terms. Otherwise, expect lukewarm occurrences to happen with incomplete warping akin to the tail wagging the dog instead. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment:

3121) With every endeavor there is a moment to relish a better robust outcome genuinely. To this, we remark a very good tiding for you "Ivan the Atrayo". That you via a simplistic system have carved out such a personal anecdote proof of concept. In terms of a wish-fulfillment using snapshot visualized stilled focus and then surrender the end result notion almost immediately in an unspoken manner. Akin to a fickle passing thought via the Mind's 3rd Eye Chakra. 

You have crystalized the importance of a contemplative exercised aspirational moment. Where you can transcend the ego-centric chatter of the rat race that by physically struggling gets you ahead of everyone else. By perceiving a positive Image of what you most desire and as you describe it you "Ping" God and us the Angelic Host with the end result. 

That form of unspoken diatribe without words uttered silently and telepathically isn't convoluted like many other metaphysical magical prosperity systems. Your dogged willingness to ascribe a brief positive emotional burst sweetens the pot as a form of living faithful action intended. This is why we care how you are abiding with the Will of God as you summon forth as your Heaven on Earth. 

You have inadvertently checked off many pre-requites that earmark positive end results flowing towards you metaphysically overall and holistically. With a gentle truthful noncoercive gesture allows us the Angelic Host to play a more dominant leadership role. In the wish-fulfillment of your recent abiding desire, "Ivan the Atrayo". 

What you have coined as "Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment" (PPWF). Is an apt name for such an enchantment of beneficial Image creation by metaphysical means. That you the one that adores crystallizes a positive brief wish. Akin to pinging like a mental carrying echo loop and then immediately release it back to God like a knee-jerk reaction following throughout the Heavenly Host. 

Repeating said steps sporadically over the course of a few weeks each day in a semi-consciousness state mentally without worry. Even without concentrated positive emotion such as thanksgiving in advance. For it is already implied as registered by us the Angels of Absolute Love of God(dess) as your original subliminal loving heart for us in solemn faith. 

The miracle as an uncoveted blessing occurs as you act with devotion. When the opportunity presents itself to you in the world you seize it with gusto. You must be the Heavens which is the State of Constant Being within God forever halfway as the middle holy nexus inflection point. So as you desire for a greater cause than yourself said wish must serve in spiritual essence. Otherwise, selfishness thwarts the goodwill that surely must follow it from beginning to end at least as the Heavens are truly concerned. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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