Channeled Angelic and Fairy Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Karma, Karmic Debts, & Fairy Realms

Hello All,

I almost missed out on sharing my usual trio of Jewels of Truth statements this month. My bad. Not to worry today's entry is a metaphysical conundrum and another closer to an impossibility altogether. First, the entries as statements from the Angelic Host of the Heaven's discerning Karma and Karmic Debts. Basically, Karma is Neutral holistically and multi-dimensionally, as a type of impersonal adjudicator of the fates. However, there is no form of bean-counting Karmic Debts at least not in the heavens. A realm of absolute Love doesn't dwell on slights, slurs, and other foibles of the human condition. 

The last statement today is on Fairy Realms which is moreso an article of faith at least for the Pagan traditions. Those closest to worship, reverence, and adoration of our world the Earth be they as forms of Animism or other Elemental expressions. The Fairies describe that the Ancient Greeks were one such human Imperial tradition of the godlike fae. That aside from the metaphysical reverence of such adorations which can occur in a non-localized capacity at any time. That physical portals akin to fantasy are capable between the fairy realms depending on astrological occurrences. Akin to the recent 5 planet alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon for instance last month in June. Article

May you find today's statements channeled by means of clairaudient/claircognizant abilities via Inspirational automatic writing intriguing. Even if you wrestle in faith and discernment with the topics in order to expand your spiritual horizons of the divine and the mysteriously bizarre as holy. Amen.


3159) All Karma is a misnomer when it comes to the struggles of the human condition insofar as it measures the plight of living and dying on the earth's dimensional plane. It is a vehicle to move forward and backward and perhaps side to side metaphysically in order to master one's grace and fate upon this world. However, this ideal truth is subject to alterations by those who lack the foresight and the discipline to properly understand its cosmic spiritual significance. 

Heretofore, we each embark upon a sojourn of a series of eternal rebirths constantly from any species under the stars of the heavens of this or any other Creation. That form around us is akin to constellations of the soul the numerous lifetimes born, lived, and died to endlessly forever of the past, twin presents, and altered futures. In tandem and not yet individually apart do all these so-called reincarnations do occur simultaneously outside of space/time abnormalities. 

Now we have come forward in realizing that a human life mortal as it stands can be outright unfair, if not truly dangerous to some of the frailty of it all. Life can seem downright capricious with its scales of who succeeds and who fails repeatedly by pre-determined conditions therein as advantages and disadvantages of living well or not.

Not all lifetimes as physical beings are equal by God's angelic designers. The schema is to evolve or perish overall as people, creatures, eco-systems, forces of Mother Nature (including metaphysical), worlds as planets, and even entire Universes. Those that refuse to play along will find a lack of fulfillment in living if not otherwise chaos in their solemn lifetimes as an ongoing patterned existential crisis. 

Many people if not other forms of existence are strong-willed as stubborn experiencing a steady crescendo of dissatisfaction akin to a silent scream of desperation within their psyches. Which causes such spirits reborn to experience pain and suffering of all common and uncommon manners within the human condition for instance. Those that listen deeply and obey on the other hand are rewarded with gratitude by the fates and deeper still appreciation for paying attention devoutly enough. Such solemn hearts are adored for attempting to turn a corner and flow with their destinies. In stark contrast, those who do not and make a miserable mess be it comedically or tragically by their selfish whims will be dissatisfied overall with life and living itself. 

Destiny of the self is both indiscriminate and also deeply personal in tandem with all of humanity beyond cliches and stereotypes. It is an all-or-nothing approach a binary switch if fulfilled guarantees various degrees of personal success in due time and efforts applied. Be not disturbed that not all lives are to be popular all-stars as the vanguard of the human fates as pall-bearers of your current society in time.

Ultimately, all Karmic debts are always unconditionally and holistically and truly absolutely Forgiven by God(dess) upon the Heaven of Heaven's forever. With an endlessly abiding everlasting adoration truthfully by a genuine Supreme Love that is constant, because to hold a karmic debt over a spirit and a soul is primitive accounting. All is God as itself in macro and micro terminology always beyond cause and effect in all compounded manners of the Great Mystery. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Karmic Debts:

3160) As it was stated just prior to this statement on karma itself as a primer for this subsequent follow-up response dear "Ivan the Atrayo". That all karma is impartial to God the Lord of Hosts Eternal. Meaning He/It/She as the Supreme Omniscient Creator and Sustainer of your constant realities. That all karma is only a vehicle towards Enlightenment along the turn style of the ever-evolving mysteries set forth by God and the Angelic Hosts of endless Paradises. 

Enlightenment isn't the final destination it is merely a temporary and absolute milestone of inner beinghood that your collective macro Soul of God(dess) has already achieved long ago. Each of you is a fingerprint of God or in other words, metaphysically an apex totality of a cosmic divine nature come full circle. To reiterate once more for the importance of clarification of all souls of God as a plurality of continuums as Children of God. Have already attained the apex divinity of your meta-souls echelon plateau of true being as having reached and surpassed Enlightenment with a constant self-realization of God forever. 

All macro totalities are of God then why is there a petty arbitrary system of spirit body-based primitive accounting as a tallied karmic debts? This is a non-sequitur rationale of a human flawed assertion of the afterlife truly we declare. As the Angelic Host of the Fates by Supreme and Divine Laws Infinitely met forever. 

All Karmic Debts are a fallacy teaching by humanity to keep the people obedient and docile by the clerics of would-be faith traditions. This isn't a cosmic Santa Claus bean or abacus counter of whose been naughty and/or nice in life. God knows itself by circular vibrations of the soul level much like a tuning fork instrument within a spectrum of sonic frequencies. All karmic debts aren't to whom you are for God nor the angels do not keep such meticulous records of accounting whatsoever. Due to an immediate and constant divine law attributed to absolution of absolute loving forgiveness everlasting!

All repentance must occur hopefully whilst you're in your human coil of a mortal lifetime as people. Contrition is noble to turn away what is toxic to the human condition outside of normal healthy bounds of moderated behavior sets as archetypes of just cause and effects. Short of this your penalty is observed and meted out to you within your life in situ where you stand in a due gradual course. There are loopholes to these constants such as the Almighty Powers known as Grace akin to aerodynamics within the physics of gravity for instance in a metaphoric correlation. 

Humanity is chasing its own primordial tail once more as arbitrary primate hominids of the mortal guise. To be fair this to is an evolutionary stratification stepping stone of the soulful evolution of the divine consciousness upon all tandem realities that co-exist with humanity. Heretofore upon the eternity of the Now temporally speaking and Infinity of the Here spaciously present.

All evil is a lack of grace known as accursed misery everlasting as a meta-choice of self-annihilation. Through the hells of unforgiveness as witnessed by God the Supreme Almighty Lord of Hosts. Ultimate Pure Evil can also lead ironically to a disastrous form of a tempestuous expression of an enslaved enlightenment. Undulating in the tragic fiery pit of the endless hellish horizons that stir within all that escapes naming but is truly horrible to fathom. 

It is truly a choice made by action or default by the inaction of the spirit of a person reborn as a meta-extension of the Soul of God ultimately. To take perceptive roles that fulfill constant truths for a united outcome that not only defines your lives but transcends them back to the loving forgiving embrace of God(dess) as our Supreme Parental Singularity. All pathways lead to God in a circular fashion be it by means of existential benevolence, neutrality, and cursed malevolence. It is personally up to each of you as entity emanations as unique fingerprints of the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of constant realities which calls you back home upon the heavens, limbos, and hells everlasting. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Fairy Realms:

3161) All realms as realities appear that co-exist with your earth insofar are plentiful thanks be to God the Lord of Hosts Everlasting. With that uttered forthright in solemn abiding truths of the eternal soul of all lifeforms of Infinity. We the metaphysical lesser mythological deities whom you have recalled as the angelic spirits of the endless realms apparent dearest "Ivan the Atrayo". Will plainly reveal to you solemnly without hesitation that the Image and Likeness of the Meta-Monotheist Creator is everywhere absolutely. 

Not only people are imprinted as humanity, but all other lifeforms in spirit be they creatures, ecological environs, forces of Mother Nature herself as Queen Matriarch, and as worlds what you call planets. Infinitely, all things and beings are teeming with the endless embodied expressions of the divine and the accursed forms of existence. To say all is a child of God is an understatement, to say the least amongst us whom have recalled this dictum. 

You are heart-felt creatures with conflicting emotions that perturb the mental states of optimal acclimation. From the macro towards the micro extensions as cosmic beings we the Fairy Kindred of environs both astral metaphysically and literally upon worlds like this earth. Do observe the fates of humanity as you have worshipped us upon antiquity in any number of pagan faiths long ago. From the Ancient Greek, Celtic, Norse-Saxon, Ancient Oriental, Ancient Persian, and Ancient African to name a few. 

We the fae kindred as the good folk acknowledge your angelic demeanor upon us dearest "Ivan the Atrayo".  Your contemplative inquisitive postulations entreat us towards you like a magnet of endearment. You have explored the Inner realms of faith and the psyche of the human condition philosophically not unlike your forebearers historically. 

What we speak collectively is true for the one who seeks such forgotten fables that are all but discarded nowadays as ludicrous children's tales. The age of reason has both catapulted humanity forward and backward simultaneously in terms of just cause and misapplication of a comedy/tragedy of unforeseen errors with technologies of all maximum yields. 

What can be considered as both technological prowess can also lead to stupefaction by morality. On an over-reliance upon ones, shiny new inventions without comprehending its environmental ramifications in due course of time.  The further humanity creates astounding wonders the moreso it begets its own horrible demise at an unprecedented clip of momentum. 

Without the moral guidance of philosophers, oracles, mystics, and sages then humanity is rolling downhill at a rate of a tragic crash. Allow us the fae of yore to bring this warning full circle our realms are open to all astrally that adore and revere our kind with heartfelt kinship. Be this considered metaphysically by spiritual practices as ritual magicks or other forms of blessed offerings back to the Great Mother Earth. 

However, there are gateways that blink in and out of your physical terra firma reality at certain astrological calendar occurrences. A temporary bridge between the spiritual and the physical mundane realities that have allowed two-way passage unto extraordinary civilizations such as Mount Olympus and Elysium Fields and even Hades for the foolhardy of the Ancient Greeks for instance. Only the Pure of Heart will feel which reality portal leads where as empaths are all too familiar with upon your world. 

Your Great Mother Earth is 4 billion plus archaic years old so you all stipulate proudly. Lesser civilizations have reached enlightenment collectively on less scientific worlds in comparison to your earth. The fairy realms can be postulated as lesser boutique heavens, limbos, hells, and meta-creations for instance metaphysically and environmentally speaking. By orders of scales from greater to lesser, we embark upon worlds as cross-pollinators spiritually for we have transcended physical forms in many cases as the holier than thou fae kind.

To remember us spells well-being for those who are sensitive to the needs of all kinds of creatures for none are lesser to us spiritually and natively. We entreat you the readers of this saint not unlike that of Saint Francis of Assisi that adored us from afar. To return to the cosmic fold in peace and mutual understanding that before embarking on an exploration of the stars of your universe. That you also explore far deeper your animal biological nature before unleashing your pettiness upon this universe. Not all will be as forthcoming as we the Holier Fae do declare with utmost fervor. Besties Forever. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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