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Small Candle Spells

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Spell Jar to Find A House

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Intuition Tarot Spell for Deep Insight

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Tarot Protection Spell

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Bully Be Gone!

National Pink Day (or Pink Shirt Day) started with a show of solidarity by two Canadian boys wearing pink shirts to support another student who was being bullied. It is a day dedicated to breaking the bullying cycle that is found not only in school but outside the classroom as well.Unfortunately, bullies can even be found in the magical practitioner community, especially among those who are power-hungry or insecure in their own practice, so they seek to dominate and abuse others.Taking some inspiration from National Pink Day, hereandrsquo;s an antibullying charm. On a small pink candle (a tealight votive or smaller), inscribe the name of the bully. Light the candle and repeat this chant three times, then let the candle burn out safely:Hurtful words and vicious deeds,Bruised egos make angry seeds.Cool your rage or find the door.Be gone! A bully no more!

Remember Your Dreams Spell

Dreams can reveal a lot of information. Through dreams, our subconscious speaks to us and the language of magick comes through. However, itandrsquo;s not always easy to remember dreams. The first step is to keep a journal next to your bed. Any time you wake up, write down what you remember, even if this is just colors, concepts, or feelings.You can seed your dreams before going to bed in order to ask for specific help. Early in the day, get a small bowl.Put the following items in the bowl:* 1 pinch of dried mugwort* 1 pinch of dried lavender* 1 pinch of dried roseThen fill the bowl with water.Using the first two fingers of your dominant hand, draw an invoking pentacle over the water. Lean close to the bowl and whisper the question or advice that you seek during sleep. Place the bowl of water in the freezer.Before going to sleep that night, take out the bowl of frozen water and put it under your bed. When you wake up, immediately write down anything on your mind. Take a bath, adding in the water from the bowl, and allow yourself to meditate on the dreams you had.

Wash Those Cares Away

The waning moon is a good time for some self-care. I often feel as if the full moon drains my energy a bit. Iandrsquo;ve gotten used to this rhythm and use it to turn inward. For this spell youandrsquo;ll need a bath or shower, plus a bath bomb, a shower steamer, or a drop of essential oil (to add to the bathwater or shower basin). Jasmine, sandalwood, and myrrh are the best fragrances, but any lunar herb will suffice.The spell is simple. Enjoy the shower or bath. Let the water soothe away cares and frustrations. If you are showering, envision the negative emotions and stresses of the day washing down the drain as the water engulfs you. If you are in a bathtub, feel the water drawing the tension and drama away from you, then pull the plug while you are still in the bath so you can feel those energies disappearing down the plughole.

What No Longer Serves Me

After yesterdayandrsquo;s full moon, itandrsquo;s time to observe your internal energy. The shift from a robust culmination energy to a waning vibe can be a harsh one. You may feel depressed or empty, sad or lost. But this is a powerful force to consciously harness.Take time today to sit in silence and reflect on anything you need to reduce, let go of, release, or be done with. Are you relying too much on caffeine? Time to reduce reliance. Do you flop on the couch in front of the TV all evening? Rethink that. Do you hang out with less than uplifting people? Release them.Cultivate awareness. Make a list. Know what no longer serves you.And for the next fourteen days, until the next new moon on March 10, use the waning energy of the moon to help you release, reduce, let go of, or be done with what no longer is needed.

Moon Wisdom

Today is the full moon of February. This phase brings things to fruition. It correlates with wealth and prosperity. The full moon is round like a silver coin. It is the peak of all that has come before.This is a good time to meditate on your accomplishments and how you achieved them. Take a silver coin, such as a nickel, dime, or quarter. Hold it in your hand to use as a focus. Sit in a chair or on a floor cushion.Think back over the past two to four weeks. Consider the financial decisions you have made. How much money have you earned? How much have you saved? What temptations have you avoided? What have you invested in? How have these choices contributed to your prosperity?Turn over the coin in your hand, round and silver as the moon. What mistakes have you made? How can you avoid repeating them? Carry the coin into the next month as you continue working on your prosperity.

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