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The Pathway To Self Mastery - Levels



GNOSIS:The Pathway To Self Mastery is divided in 7 levels. The first 5 levels can be taken online FREE of cost. The 6th and 7th levels are given Live in a week long residential bootcamp at our "DEVACHAN The Abode of Gods Monastery" in Khopa Ramgarh, Dist. Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Here is a detailed glimpse of what is inside:


Level 1


Meditation is a scientific method to awaken the most powerful areas of the human psyche. 
Meditation happens when one is prepared. And then comes the Awakening. The awakening of what? The consciousness...

A Buddha is awake! Even when he is sleeping. He is in constant Meditation. We are asleep even when we are awake. 

MEDITATION is the art and science of Awakening. 
The “Mind and Meditation” level prepares you for Meditation. It uncovers the secrets of your Mind for you, so that you can become conscious of your own powers. So that you can know and follow the real purpose of your life. This is what you will learn in this level:

Session 1: 
The Human Machine and Its 3 Brains--Revealing the Movers and Shakers Inside YOU
  • The most amazing revelation about yourself – you have been made to think that you only have 1 Brain – wait till you discover 2 more brains in your body – and how a balanced use of all 3 can make you a master of your mind, emotions and body …
  • What is the root cause of incompatibilities between you and your spouse or  girl/boy friend – and how this simple knowledge of your 3 Brains can help you understand each other clearly – well most of the times …
  • Why following the 1 Brain theory is a sure shot way to worry, stress, depression, an unhappy marriage, premature ageing and chronic diseases …
  • The shocking truth about “why we age” nobody else can tell you …
  • How the imbalanced use of the 3 Brains is the main cause of all stress, anxiety and tension in your life … and what you can do to balance them … and how to maintain this balance for continuous peace and clarity …

Session 2: 
What is MIND? Riding the Dragon  – 3 Types of Mind!
  • Another amazing revelation this time about your Mind – you have been made to think that everyone has only one type of Mind – wait till you discover 2 more types of Mind – and how to unleash their potential …
  • How the first type of Mind traps you in false and incomplete reality and what type of Mind can free you to experience the TRUTH …
  • What is the difference between Belief and Faith – and how this simple knowledge of the 3 types of Minds can help you overcome dead beliefs and develop conscious faith …
  • How the modern education system destroys our real potential, which is why Einstein and many more successful wise men never were academic heroes of their schools …
  • How the subjective reasoning destroys your Intuition and makes your servant (the mind), your master. A simple practice for opening your Intuition …

Session 3: 
How to Transform anything that bugs YOU  – The Dynamic Meditation
  • What are impressions- positive, negative & neutral. Kleshas as Maharshi Patanjali called them. Here lies the root cause of all our pain, bodily diseases and agitation in our minds.
  • Why a disapproving glance by your spouse, girl friend, mother or even a stranger on the road, angry words from your teacher, father or boss, insulting gestures from a worker, colleague or peer hurt you the most? Learn how to transform these impressions, so that you can transform your life.
  • Why do some of us have so many negative thoughts? Or Anger? Or we are depressed? Discover how to transform negative thoughts.
  • Why expressing and repressing both are damaging? And what would be a better way to handle these impressions?
  • Why so many people around us are living on a short-fuse? How to deal with such people?
  • How to do Dynamic Meditation? How to transform these impressions moment to moment? Or at least transform the day’s impressions or what bugs us on a constant basis that brings stress and upset in our daily lives. And also learn how to select impressions?
  • The secret behind a good night sleep will be revealed here.
  • Transform your fears, learn the magic of Riddikulus. Do it the Harry Potter way...

Session 4: 

The Science of Meditation  – The Silence of the Mind! 

  • How a calm mind knows everything. How the answers you’re seeking come to a calm mind. Learn how to achieve the PEACE of your mind and activate your consciousness.
  • What is meditation? Learn the 8 steps of Ashtanga Yoga, 7th being Dhyana, the meditation and 8th the Samadhi.
  • Achieve relaxation, peace, stress relief, bliss, ecstasy, samadhi, enlightenment, uncover the unconsciousness, increase intuition, become wise and receive information with Meditation.
  • Discover the Perfection of Wisdom Mantra which leads one to Ecstasy and Samadhi.
  • Experience the illuminating void. The Para-Brahman, the Absolute and unmanifested God. Experience being one with God.
  • Learn How to Solve Your Problems? Get rid of mental contradictions that cause conflicts & frustrations.



 Level 2


Session 1: 
The 4 Main Aims of Life  – Dharma, Artha (Money), Kama (Sex) and Moksha
  • What is Dharma? What is Dharmasankat? How to choose between two Dharmas when in a fix?
  • What is the relation between Dharma & Karma? Why do we get pain & suffering?
  • Understand how we keep on sacrificing the higher Dharma for lower Dharmas and incur negative Karma.
  • Learn how by fulfilling the first three aims, you can achieve the fourth aim which is Self Realization. The ultimate aim of human life.

Session 2: 
Who are YOU? Why are you born?  – The Matrix Exposed – How to Self Realize
  • Find answers to the ultimate questions of life. Who are you? Why are you living? What are you doing on this planet? What is the purpose of your life?
  • Know about the ultimate goal of your life according to the Laws of Dharma. What is Self realization? Understand why is there a need to SELF REALIZE?
  • Understand the Wheel of Samsara. Discover the two laws that keep you trapped in the Wheel of Samsara, the tragic wheel of life and death. The Law of Evolution & the law of involution.
  • Break free from this tragic wheel of life and death. Learn about the quickest and direct path to Self realization. Learn about the path of Revolution of Consciousness.
  • How to make a Revolution of Consciousness? What are the three factors that help you attain the Inner Self-Realization of the Being?
  • How and why is it important to attain the Second Birth? What is the easy way to clear our Karma?
  • How to become perfect beings and achieve Moksha/Enlightenment?

Session 3: 
The MEDITATION for Inner Transformation – The One and Only way to achieve Real and Permanent Peace
  • How to achieve permanent peace? Why we are not at peace?
  • Know about the psychological gymnasiums we are trapped in. Learn how we can take advantage from these psychological gymnasiums. How to train yourself in these psychological gymnasiums?
  • Discover the psychological defects/I’s/egos which are stopping your own growth. How to deal with Anger, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Greed & Pride? Learn how to remove these defects forever
  • Why we need the attitude of a spiritual warrior to achieve moksha/self realization? How to develop it?
  • Uncover the power of Psychological Self-observation.

Session 4: 
The Law of KARMA  – The Secret of easily getting what you want in life
  • Learn why are you suffering? How do we acquire negative karma?
  • The golden rule of yin-yang. How to apply it to get rid of suffering? How to get what you want in your life?
  • How to undo the negative karma done in the past? How to pay for your karma easily and smartly? How to neutralize negative karma by increasing good deeds?
  • What is “The Multiplier effect” of the Law of Karma? Why is it so important to understand it?
  • Understand your Karmic obligations. Avoid future sufferings. Attract more positivity, happiness, prosperity, wealth and abundance in your life.
  •  What is the secret of the prosperity of world’s richest people?
  • What are the rules of charity? Why ignorance of them leads one to more negative karma?

Session 5: 
Alchemy of the Hearts ~ The Twin Heart Meditation ~ Supercharge your Intuition and Power up your life
  • Learn about the two superior energy centres that when awakened will help you to achieve illumination.
  • How to develop these two higher centres...and how when these two centres are developed in you, you can experience divine love.
  • Learn the Meditation on Twin Hearts...which through the Law of Karma helps you increase your good karma.
  • How to easily cleanse and strengthen your chakras and aura with regular practice of Twin Heart Meditation.

Session 6: 

The Life Drama :: Part I : The External World ~ The World of Forms
  • Discover the three levels of your mind where the whole drama of your life is played - three independent worlds yet deeply connected
  • Know more about the outer layer, the External World, also called the World of Forms – the world of appearances.
  • Is our Personality real or false? Is it good to have a strong personality?
  • How do we acquire a False Personality? And how it starts guiding our actions, behavior and thoughts?
  • Know the lies we say to ourselves and the lies we tell others about who we are!
  • Unearth some bad habits and bad customs which are considered right in this external world but are a deterrent on the spiritual path.
  • Investigate and break your habitual patterns that you’re following unconsciously or consciously and are limiting your growth.

Session 7: 
The Life Drama :: Part II : The World Beneath ~ The Subconscious World
  • Discover a secret world inside you that we don’t want others to know about - the World Beneath – the Subconscious mind
  • Break the shackles controlling your life by uncovering your inner Complexes, Phobias (fears) and Manias.
  • What are traumas and how to get rid of them? How do these traumas manifest as behavior patterns in our lives?
  • Learn to effectively deal with the rejections, personal or professional, you receive from the world.
  • Why do we feel superior or inferior to others most of the time? How to be natural and simple?
  • Understand what ticks you and makes you do the things you do.
  • Discover the magic of ‘Vasudhev Kutumbakam’ – The Divine Oneness

Session 8: 
The Life Drama :: Part III : The Bottom ~ The Infraconscious World
  • Discover the secret workings of the deepest caverns of your own mind where lies the causes of all your sufferings
  • What are the 7 Capital sins? How understanding them and cleansing your mind of them will fast track your spiritual growth?

Session 9: 
Life, Death and The Two Paths To Liberation
  • Why do we exist? What for?
  • Is death an end? Where do we go after death? What exactly happens to us when we die?
  • Discover the three paths that the soul of the deceased person can choose from.
  • How to avoid the unimaginable torments of the “second death” that Jesus Christ mentioned.
  • Discover the two ways to achieve liberation, the two paths to liberate ourselves from this valley of Samsara, from these endless cycles of death and birth.
  • Learn about the secret path, the Pathway to Self Mastery, that takes us to Self Realization, transforming us into a Mahatma, a God.
  • What are the four stages that a spiritual initiate has to cross in order to achieve Mastery, to become a Dhyani-Choan, a Kumara.


  Level 3


Session 1: 
CHAKRAS – The Secret Wheels of Life – How to Awaken these Power Centers
  • What is the difference between Bill Gates and a pauper on the street? Although both have the same 2 hands, 2 legs, 1 brain, yet what sets them apart? Or between His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and an ordinary monk?
  • Discover your superior invisible Energy Body which controls and energizes your physical body. The Indian Yogis, the Chinese Taoists, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Kabbalists – the ancient Jews, Polynesian, Greeks, they all knew about this body since 5000 years ago.
  • Unleash the infinite "hidden energies" in and surrounding the human body, scientifically proven, detected and mapped with the advancement of modern technology.
  • Know about the energy centers inside the Energy Body that govern different qualities like leadership, wisdom, love, general physical strength, communication skills, creativity and intelligence.
  • What is the center which govern the income and wealth generation ability?
  • How to activate, energize and develop these energy centers?

Session 2: 
ALCHEMY  – The Misterium Magnum – Sex and Spirituality
  • Uncover the mystery of Gods & Goddesses. What made Adam & Eve fall from the heavens? Why Hindus worship the Shiva Lingam? Is Sex sacred?
  • How the divine mother is Virgin in most religions of the world?
  • Why the cult of serpents in so many cultures around the world?
  • What’s behind the mysterious concept of male-female union in the form of Ardhanarishwar in India and Hermaphrodites in European & Greek mythology?
  • Discover the real meaning of “Brahmcharya”.
  • Was Jesus married?
  • What is kundalini? How and why to rise the Kundalini?
  • What is the elixir of long life? How to create an immortal Golden body?

Session 3: 
ALCHEMY  – It's History and Symbolism – Transcendental Sexology  
  • Read about the Alchemists in the history and why they were called Alchemists.
  • Study about various Alchemical symbols and their hidden meanings.
  • Learn about the three types of sexuality. Figure out which one have you been following?
  • Know what only the divine beings know- The Power of Transcendental Sexology, the one which will make you a Supra human and give you the powers the Gods have.
  • How to give extraordinary capacities to your brains? How to regenerate the brain? How to transform radically with the energy of sex?
  • Discover why we grow old? What has the sex energy got to do with long life?

Session 4: 
ALCHEMY  – The Perfect Marriage
  • Learn how to keep the flame of Love ever lit in your marriage? Understand the four important pillars of a perfect marriage. Achieve marital bliss.
  • How to achieve union of heart, mind and soul with your spouse?
  • Discover how with Alchemy or union at all levels, not just physical, the couple can experience life-long honeymoon. What is the Yoga of love?
  • How to achieve Samadhi through transforming sex?

Session 5: 
ALCHEMY ~ The Great Work ~ The Magnum Opus
  • Regenerate your body and Soul through the divine and mysterious practices of Supra-sexuality revealed for the first time only to a select few.
  • Understand Infra sexuality practices to avoid gross unhappiness and pain and to prevent you from falling on the path to destruction.
  • Learn about the occult chemistry or the ultra-biology of the interior organisms of the human being, which are the fundamental base of hormonal life and the endocrine glands and how the Practice of Alchemy ignite these.
  • How is Sex different from Lust? Avoid the traps of getting identified with the ego of Lust and commit to degenerative sexual practices.
  • What are the dangers of Sexual abstinence or forced Celibacy?
  • Birth control is a crime; control of fertilization is a duty. Understand the difference between Fertility Control vs. Birth Control and save yourself from committing deplorable negative karmas.

Session 6: 
The Seven Planets of Alchemy  – The Septenary Cycle of Your Life from Birth to Death
  • Discover the septenary cycle of planets that governs our whole life from birth till death.
  • How the knowledge of this cycle can help you take maximum advantage of these cycles through the various stages of your life?
  • Discover at what age, which planet guides us.
  • Why expressing and repressing both are damaging? And what would be a better way to handle these impressions?
  • What is our Cosmic Duty? And how to fulfill our cosmic duty for a harmonious life?

Session 7: 
Lamasery Exercises – The Secret ‘Fountain of Youth’ Tibetan Rites
  • Uncover the ‘Fountain of Youth’ Tibetan rites– the secret of an ever youthful body.
  • How a British Colonel found this “Fountain of Youth” in Tibet.
  • Learn the esoteric aspect of these anti-aging rites which helps the spiritual initiate to expedite his/her spiritual growth.

Session 8: 
The Types of Spiritual Schools  – Learn to identify the lower from the higher 
  • Why you should know about the four different types of Spiritual schools that exist in this world?
  • Learn to identify the lower from the higher and know the ones that can deliver on your ultimate goal of Self-realization, Moksha.
  • What are kindergarten spiritual schools? What are their merits for the humanity and the pitfalls for a serious spiritual seeker?
  • What makes a school, a school of Black Magic? With so many schools that seem to be whiter than the snow, yet are blacker than coal, how can you recognize the black schools?
  • In the Hindustani tradition, there exist seven great schools of yoga. There is much that is useful in the schools of Yoga and much that is useless. Distinguish between the useful and the useless.

Session 9: 
The Mysteries of Life and Death
  • Uncover what happens after death. Learn the secret of conversing with the souls of your dead beloveds.
  • Discover the journey of soul after death. The different planets it crosses after death. And understand the learning it gathers there.
  • Understand what is Re-incarnation. And why the Soul wants to return to the planet again. Find out how our Karma decides where we are reborn.
  • Find out how our past life Karma decides if we should be born lucky or born with bad luck.
  • Discover the secret to remembering your Past Lives. Step by step procedure revealed.
  • Learn about the forty-two judges of Karma. And how to communicate with them.
  • Learn how to cancel old debts (negative karma) and avoid grief for ourselves.
  • What are Astral Voyages and how to experience them?

Session 1: 
CORE DECOR  – The Values of the Soul 
  • What are the values of the Soul? How we can develop these values in order to crystallize our Soul?
  • What is Human Consciousness? What is Divine Consciousness? What is Group Consciousness?

Session 2: 
The Magic of Runes  – The Judo of the Spirit 
  • Discover the esoteric exercises of Runes that awakens the consciousness.
  • Experience the Judo of the Spirit which can produce marvellous changes in your interior.

Session 3: 
 Hidden Face of Our Psychological Moon 
  • Discover the invisible face we all have that we are not aware of?
  • Understand why some particular type of people annoy us so much? Why we find some people very irritating?
  • How do we unconsciously project our own defects on others?
  • How envy has become the axis of civilization.
  • How to illuminate this hidden side of ours? How to self-explore and self-observe our hidden face.

Session 4: 
Resistance of the Ego  – The Unconscious and Sub-conscious Defense Mechanisms
  • Learn about the defense mechanisms of the ego to save itself from the death. How the ego plays inside us?
  • Understand how some of us use humor as a way to hide aggressive impulses.
  • Find out how defeatist thoughts handicap us from elevating our mechanistic life to superior states.
  • Why we stay trapped in the psychological song that we never have opportunities to change or to triumph?
  • Learn the difference between education and wisdom.
  • How to create your own circumstances by letting go of the defeatist attitude?

Session 5: 
The Transvaluation  – Revaluating our values 
  • Learn about the three kinds of Love- Sexual Love, Emotional Love & Conscious Love. Discover why we should develop Conscious Love for our fellow beings.
  • How Superiority is an obstacle in awakening? How to develop Tolerance?
  • Understand why there’s a need of Transvaluation in your life? What are the obstacles we have to overcome to advance on the Spiritual Path?
  • Identify the social and economic interests that keep you from progressing in the Esoteric Work.
  • What is Buddhist Annihilation? How to attain Nirvana? Find why it is important to eliminate the ego.

Session 6: 
 Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini – Part 1:The 8 Virtues
  • Discover how Kundalini rises only on the merits of the heart. Discover the 8 virtues of the Kundalini.
  • Understand the harmonious way of looking at life. Learn how to have a harmonious understanding of things and how wrong perception leads to suffering.
  • Know how comprehension is the most elevated form of thinking.
  • Uncover the 4 Nobel Truths which are the foundation of Buddhism.
  • Find what’s behind endless competition, conflict, injustice and oppression. What egos are hidden behind these intentions.

Session 7: 
The Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini – Part 2:The Word
  • Discover the Power of words.
  • Understand whatever you have in your life-love, hate, money or the lack of it, respect or disrespect- everything came to you through the use of words.
  • Learn how with words you can create magic. How they can be used to create the events in your life?
  • What are Negative Emotions? How watching soap operas and emotional dramas can be harmful for you? Identify you own negative emotions.
  • Why should you avoid people who carry negative emotions like virus?
  • How one becomes a Liar. And what is the Karma of a Liar?
  • How to transform these negative emotions? How to close our hearts to negative emotions of others?
  • What is Purity of Speech? Discover how positive emotions lead to Harmonious Speech?

Session 8: 
 Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini – Part 3:Action & Vocation 
  • Find how Right Conduct is related to Karma. How wrong conduct brings you bad Karma?
  • What are the consequences of making a living out of something that harms people? What is the destiny of people who deal in weapons, slavery, prostitution, poison, intoxicants etc.?
  • Are you fed up of your job? Understand what is your true calling in life. Do you have a purpose in life? Reflect on this aspect of your life. And learn how to discover your true Vocation.

Session 9: 
The Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini – Part 4:Mindfulness & Samadhi
  • Learn how to stop running after the means instead of ends? Discover what is purpose of a human life?
  • Discover Mindfulness. How to be in the here and now and not let the mind float in past or future?
  • Identify how the mind distracts you through the 3 brains. How the ego hypnotizes you?
Session 10: 
The Knowledge of Oneself 
  • Discover what is Spiritual Restlessness.
  • Understand your Anger and disintegrate it through deep comprehension.
  • How to permanently get rid of the ego of jealousy?
  • Understand how we are trapped in the Law of Recurrence. Identify the patterns repeating in your life and break them by understanding them deeply.
  • Get to know why it is important to be aware? Why Self Knowledge is important? Learn how not to get identified with others and forget your real self.
  • Learn how to stop worrying. Master yourself by knowing yourself.
  • How to take advantage of the unpleasant circumstances of our life? How to make the most of them? What is good about suffering?

Level 5

The infinite Universe and the origins of man are mysteries about which the modern science knows very little. The wise ancient cultures who had profound spiritual wisdom as the Rishis in India, Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico, Tibetans, Egyptians who build pyramids, etc. knew much much more. As Krishna, the Master who showed the whole universe in his mouth to mother Yashoda, we will decipher all those profound truths about our Cosmos, about us - the human race and about our planet in this level.

The topics covered will be Kaballah: The Spiritual Essence of Man - The Tree of Life, The Aquarian Era, CosmoGenesis: The 7 Races and Sub-races, Global Warming: End of Time Prophecies and the 13th Katun of the Mayan Calendar, The 7 Rays, The Ten Commandments, The Nine Dantesc Circles and Spiritual Kung Fu for the psychological gymnasiums of life, etc.


Level 6


One fight is outside, to succeed in a high pressure world without selling your soul; one fight is inside to defeat the enemies within. The Spiritual Warrior knows how to win both the wars, the outer battles to win in the outer world and the inner battles to achieve Enlightenment. You will learn the art and science of Spiritual Kung Fu in this level.

Nobody becomes Krishna without fighting the Kansa, nobody becomes Rama without killing the Ravana, nobody becomes Buddha without winning over Mara, nobody becomes a Christ without defeating Jhave-the anti-Christ. 

The topics covered will be The 3 Seeds: The Blue Pearl, The Initiatic Path, Mind and Mental Representations, Clairvoyance - Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition, Dreams and the Astral Splitting, The Five Skandhas, The Paramitas and Brahma Viharas, etc.

Level 7

Level 6 & 7 to be covered  in a week long residential bootcamp at "DEVACHAN The Abode of Gods Monastery" in Khopa Ramgarh, Dist. Nainital, Uttarakhand, India.


If you want to master any teachings, teach it to others. Once you have embraced the priceless teachings and techniques to bring about healing, balance, and transformation in your own life, you get the opportunity to share these gifts with others and master those teachings. 

Those who do not want to teach but want to become "Volunteers" can also participate in Level 6 & 7 bootcamp. These "volunteers" can help and support the teachers and help in other charitable activities of CFEL.

That is why the Level 7 is a teacher's level program known as Pathway Guide. Most students find their own practice and understanding is elevated when they start teaching this precious knowledge to others. 

Moreover, being a "Pathway Guide" entitles you to be part of an elite group which is always under the direct guidance of the CFEL directors, Dr Amit Jain and, his wife and co-director Acharya Monika Jain. 

"Pathway Guide" Certification offers you the opportunity to open a CFEL Center for the members of your locality in your city. 

Most of our life is spent as a Moon always feeding ourselves from other’s light. Opting to become the Pathway Guide, one chooses sometimes for the first time in one’s life to become a SUN – to share this light with others. 

The past participants and present students include business owners, factory owners, shop owners, corporate managers, teachers, doctors, chartered accountants, healers, housewives, gurus (yes), students, govt. employees, bankers, advertisement professionals, call center executives, gym trainers, etc., etc. 

The Pathway Program offers knowledge, guidance, instruction, and coaching for your unique situations, challenges, and personality. Each participant is encouraged to grow and realize his or her true self.


"The past participants insist this is the most effective personal and spiritual development coaching on this planet"







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Please register for the program for FREE at http://gnosis.thepathwaytoselfmastery.com if you feel this can change you.

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