Grounding and Centering Exercise

Grounding and Centering will form a strong, solid, stable foundation, both for shielding yourself and for using magical energy. Properly Grounded, you will be better able to draw on both your own energy and energy from the world around you. This will enable you to manifest more effectively, not only during your Protection Spell, but in any other spell or ritual you perform.

  • Picture yourself standing or lying in a beautiful, green forest. Engage all of your senses:
    • See the tall pines and oaks around you
    • smell the moss, soil, and loam beneath you
    • Feel the dappled sunlight filtering down through the trees to touch your face with warmth
    • Breathe in the fresh air and feel the life all around you
  • Now imagine yourself becoming a part of the forest. Your feet, legs, and arms begin to grow roots and seek the soil below. Feel your roots pushing through the leaves and moss on the surface, down into the dark, rich soil of Mother Earth.
  • Feel your roots getting bigger and stronger as they dig deeper to be nourished by the rich earth and draw strength from it.
    • Push your roots down as far as they can go
    • Grab onto rocks and boulders far beneath the surface
    • Take a strong hold on the earth with your roots
    • Know that you are as solid as the rock, stable as the oaks and pines, yet as flexible as the willow that dances in the wind.
  • Feel the earth's energy coursing up through your roots into your legs, through your hips, abdomen, and chest to your hands and head. The energy fills every crevice of your body. This energy has always been there; now you know how to find it easily.
    • You have found balance
    • Draw energy from the earth to find new strength
    • Feel how well rooted and connected to the earth you have become.
    • You are balanced and strong.
    • Nothing outside you can disturb these roots or your strength.
    • You are as steadfast as a mountain.
    • Take a moment and feel how strong you truly are.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes and return to the world around your physical body, knowing that you are now Grounded and Centered. Remember: nothing and no one can change this but you.
    • You will probably lose this grounding fairly quickly the first few times. Keep trying, and you will soon be able to maintain your grounding for weeks at a time.
    • As you become more adept at grounding, you will find you can leave off more of the imagery in emergency situations. I often use a "quick grounding", just visualizing the roots growing into the Earth. This will keep you steady until you can do the full meditation.

Shielding Protection Spell

Shielding is the actual "protection" part of the Ground, Center, Shield Protection Spell. Bear in mind that shielding without grounding will allow negative energy to "cling" to the shield. You have to ground the energy so that it cannot harm you.


             Begin by Grounding and Centering as you did above.

  • Begin drawing energy into your body. Let it begin to build in your Chi or abdominal area. This is where your energy and strength begin to build.
  • Form a ball of pure light, energy, and strength at the core of your body.
    • Slowly let the ball expand, with your Chi at its center
    • As the ball expands, begin to see it as a bubble or hollow sphere with you on the inside
    • Let the energy from the earth flow through you and into the shield as it expands.
  • Let the sphere penetrate the ground beneath you, and cover the air above and to all sides of you. You are protected in the center of this bubble. The bubble is incredibly strong. Your roots should either be growing through or from the shield.
  • The energy and strength you felt when you were grounded and centered can now be used as an inexhaustible source of power for your shield. You can keep your shield up as long as you like without much effort. You are protected and safe.
    • If your shields grow from your shield, visualize the unwanted energies flowing around the shield and down through the roots into the Earth.
    • If your roots grow through the shield, you must allow the energies of your shield to constantly flow:
      • Energies should flow around the shield and down the outside of the roots.
      • The roots should disperse the negative energy outward from the lower edges of the roots into the Earth
      • Positive energy should flow up from the earth into the tip of the root, away from where the negative energy is being dispersed
      • The positive energy will rise up into your body to replace the energies you are putting into your shield
    • Make your shield personal.
      • Make the bubble any material or color you want.
      • Your shield can be as thick or thin as you desire.
      • It can be solid like a wall, or it can constantly flow like water.
      • With practice, when you feel the need to raise your shields, you will be able to do so almost instantly.
      • Your shield should seldom be static. A well-balanced shield will be in constant motion, taking negativity to your roots and guiding it into the earth.


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