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The wand primarily has two applications. The first is invocation and the second is directing energy. During circle casting, the witch uses invocation to call the quarters (North, East, South and West) and to invite the Goddess and God to be present at the rite. During Magick work, the energy that is raised is concentrated in the wand and then directed at the appropriate moment at the "item" to be charged with the spell's power and intent.

I found out that inverting the wand “pointing it at you” with particular stones and crystal can heal you. It is a good practice to do this with healing stone because if you use the wand the regular way you are sending the healing energy away from you. So heal thyself before working with others.

Wood to use for making wands
Apple: Love and passion.
Birch: Sacred to the Goddess and the feminine principal.
Cedar: Soothing.
Evergreens: Immortality and long life.
Grapevine: Joy and intoxication.
Hawthorne: Purification and fertility. It is also sacred to Faeries.
Hazel: Wisdom, divination, and insight.
Holly: Brings power and a winning energy.
Juniper: Concentration.
Oak: Sacred to the God and the masculine principal.
Rowan or Ash: Life and protection for the home.
Pine: Rejuvenation.
Sandalwood: Harmony.
Willow: Power, healing ability and magick.

There are various types of wands to use in magic

Personal Power Wand
a personal power wand is the first type of wand one should procure. Personal power wands are highly customized and should be made from a gemstone of special importance to the wand-bearer -- this can be a birthstone or some other gem of importance. Other gems may be added to the personal power wand to amplify the wand's effects. Generally, these should be attached using silver wire. A personal power wand can add strength to healing rites and they may improve the quality of meditation.

Power Rods
Power rods are large, simple wands generally made of two large clear crystals bound together. As with all crystal wands, power rods have an energy receiving end (female) and an energy emitting end (male) and each has distinct healing uses. Power rods are basic and powerful. They are useful for enhancing communication and environment but are too blunt to be pointed directly at someone for healing purposes.

Laser Wands
Lasers, in this sense, refer to highly refined long, slender quartz crystals. These crystal wands are highly useful in directed healing as they emit a powerfully focused stream of energy. Laser wands are useful for directed healing or creating energy barriers. These beautiful and powerful healing tools can also be used to create energy links between distant people. They can also be used for Distant Reiki purposes.

Healing stones for Wands

These are some of the healing crystals and stones to use
it is effective in helping to overcome addictions, aiding the circulatory and nervous system and increasing the production of hormones. Putting an amethyst on your chest can relieve the shortness of breath caused by anxiety. Amethyst also helps relieve migraines and the pain of arthritis.

Blue quartz crystals that are colored by Dumortierite inclusions are thought by some to possess mystical, healing properties. This type of blue quartz is thought to bring about mental clarity and awareness, and to enhance creativity. It supposedly stabilizes emotions and balances the chakra of the wearer. The chakra is a Hindu concept related to energy centers within the body. Balanced energy contributes to wellness and wholeness in an individual.
Healing Properties of Blue Quartz
Some people believe blue quartz promotes healing in the body. The positive, uplifting and emotionally stabilizing properties associated with the stone are felt to help with depression. The association with the throat chakra is thought to mean that blue quartz can help with diseases of organs located in, or connected to, the throat and immediate regions. Proponents claim it boosts the immune system and heals illnesses related to the thyroid or parathyroid glands.

using Cinnabar as a healing crystal strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to germs. Cinnabar can help to avoid getting an infection and is effective in fending off depression.

using Citrine as a healing crystal helps to relieve depression, irrational mood swings and anger. Citrine can also aid in overcoming emotional trauma, grief, beating addictions and removing toxins from the body.

Clear Quartz encourages clarity and neutrality, thereby improving perception and understanding. A clear quartz supply, stores, amplifies, and transmits energy for healing. Generally used with other stones to amplify their effect. It is the most commonly used crystal to heal diseases and tumors. It can be used on any health problem that is physical or mental in nature. Clear quartz can be used to treat circulatory disorders, stop pain from a burn and reduce fever.

Copper is a very powerful metal used to project and direct magickal energy. It is a great electrical conductor, and physically acts as an aide in the body's healing process.
  Copper is used to stimulate the flow of energy, overcome lethargy, and revitalize. The mental attributes of copper are power of communication, channeling, purification and increased self-esteem.
It is also believed to aid in the body's balance of energies when they are out of sync, or one's energies are blocked. Blocked or unbalanced energies result in a person feeling sick, or 'out of it. A person may wear copper to balance these energies and stimulate the natural healing of the body.

Copper is said to improve the body's blood circulation, boosts energy levels, reduces inflammation, stabilize your metabolism, and improve oxygen usage. Mentally copper is believed to strengthen the consciousness of its wearer and strengthens family bonds.
In magick, Copper is used to for love and attraction, used in many rituals for money and the healing of body mind and spirit.

using fluorite as a healing crystal is beneficial against stress. Fluorite can heal infections and when taken as an elixir, is particularly effective against viruses. Fluorite regenerates skin to aid in healing ulcers and other wounds, and also regenerates the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract. This healing crystal makes joints more flexible by dissolving adhesion's.

Blue fluorite is the best type of healing crystal for nose, ear, throat and eye problems. Green fluorite is ideal for intestinal cramps, infections and stomach disorders. Violet and purple fluorite healing crystals are good for bone and bone marrow disorders. Yellow fluorite helps the liver and aids in releasing toxins from the body.

this healing crystal has a high concentration of copper that helps reduce inflammation, which reduces the pain of aching joints and muscles. Malachite also can be used to prevent heart and liver ailments.

Rose quartz
the stone offers inner peace because of all the good and healing it does. By clearing the mind of negative energy and removing bad feelings, rose quartz promotes inner peace and self-awareness. The stone also helps the user gain forgiveness and compassion while encouraging tenderness, peacefulness and positive emotions.




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