BOS Blessing and Candle Rite

I bless this book so that my energies will continue to grow.
And it harm ye none, do as ye please.
May the four Elements, protect and guard my BOS and me,
From any wandering eyes and prying looks that wish to see.
Let it be filled with the powers of the Earth and Spirit,
For the gifts of the ancient one, I shall soon inherit.
Powers of the North, the East below, help me to understand and grow.
For the Element of the North, the flesh is the human manifestation of
I draw on its energies that were with me since birth.
To strengthen my foundation which is my home.
I also recognize this element the pentagram is my stone.
Powers of East, I wield my athame to open and close this circle in my
own way
I command the sylphs and sprites to protect this book in every way.
To be ultimately influenced by the power of the athame is what I now
Open my eyes to the truth so that I may be able to handle this task.
Powers of South, through the flames and the fire,
the dragons of the past shall protect me and be willing to serve.
Anyone who shall try to sneak a look into my book
these forces shall compel them to lose their nerve.
Powers of West, for the water and sea, the mermaids and seals shall
seek out thee.
Let deep emotions and fears get the better of you,
To stop your snooping and find something else to do!
I ask you Lord and Lady to bless what I have and know,
And may I teach others this path and for me to continue to grow.
And for the "others" who wish to see, let them all be confused with
my book and let it be.
Take their eyes from these sacred pages of mine, and bless this book
of the most divine.

So mote it Be!


Candle Rite 1 - Purple

The Color Purple - It is for material wealth, higher psychic ability, spiritual power, idealism, spirituality, meditation, mental healing, personal growth, tranquility.

The color purple is pacifying, refreshing, and calming. It denotes power, healing, meditation and religion, wisdom, and spirituality.
Purple was once a European symbol of royalty and nobility. It is sometimes associated with arrogance or cruelty. In Thailand, purple is related to mourning and is worn by widows.

PURPLE, a powerful and dignified color once worn only by royalty, is linked to the sixth chakra, located in the center of the brow and associated with intuition, or the seventh chakra, on the crown of the head, where it relates to higher wisdom and spirituality. If you've been feeling insignificant or vulnerable--in need of a little empowering boost--or out of touch with your deeper wisdom, then PURPLE is just the color for you. Purple urges us to find our power within, not the kind of power that needs to control or dominate others, but power rooted in connection to Spirit. Wear something purple today to remind you of your own intuitive voice, your own deep ways of knowing what is or isn't true for you. Purple is restful to the eye, encouraging deep states of meditation, so it may be the perfect color for a meditation candle or cushion.

Purple Birthstones

Mystical Birthstone - September
Ayurvedic Birthstone - May
Zodiac Birthstone - Gemini
Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Capricorn, Aquarius
Talismanic Birthstone - Libra
Hebrew Birthstone - May
Italian Birthstone - May
Roman Birthstone - May
Arabic Birthstone - June
Polish Birthstone - June
Russian Birthstone - June
Russian Birthstone - July
Polish Birthstone - September (Sardonyx)
Russian Birthstone - September (Sardonyx)(Sardonyx)
Arabic Birthstone - August (Sardonyx)

Charging the candle
Color is just one of many magickal correspondences that may be used when doing magickal works. It is my opinion that the more correspondences you use in any magickal working the more "oomph" or push your work will have because these corresponding elements add their energies toward the intended goal. You may wish to use the color correspondences for altar cloths, flowers, candles, clothing, and decorations. The most common workings done with colors are candle magick where the appropriate colored candled is charged with the goal that is required by the "petitioner" and then burned in order to reach the desired goal. These correspondences may also be used with visualization to change your mood, calming, relaxing, or energizing. By visualizing the color you may calm, stimulate or relax when the need arises.

By charging it you bring your own energies and magickal desires into the candle. Focus on your goal and physically make contact with the representation of your aim. Make a psychic link with the candle. Charge the candle(s) by:
1. Carving the name of the person or your goal in it with a small knife. Do this while concentrating on the spell that you are creating along with the consequences.
2. Anointing the candle or "dressing" the candle:

You can dress the candle with pure olive oil or a suitable essential oil.

In any magick that is 'calling' (attracting things, like money, health, love) you rub the oil from the top of the candle to the base. In 'banishing' magick (getting rid of things, like negative influences, addictions) you rub the oil from the base of the candle to the top.

Candle magick is probably one of the simplest forms of magick to get started with. You need nothing but the candle and fire to light it with. Candle magick can also be seen to be complete within itself, as the body of the candle is made up of the elements of Earth, Air, and Water. To complete you need fire and spirit. Fire is easy, and Spirit can be represented by the wick of the candle, as the wick is where the potential of the candle lies and will be unfolded. With the candlelit, the flame of your intent will burn.

It has been used for centuries for magick and ritual. We light candles at holidays, a practice that takes place in many different religions, cultures, and traditions. Candles invoke the divine, they create a sense of ceremony and they are fascinating to look at.

Through their ability to help you to focus on your wishes they make your heart's desire come true. Try it next time you want to make something happen in your life! Below are a few simple guidelines for using candles in magick! Unwittingly you probably performed your first act of Candle Magick when you were very young on your birthday, blowing out the candles on your cake and making a wish!

This tradition is based on the three principles of magick;
1. Concentration - direction of attention to a single object
2. Will power – for energetic determination
3. Visualization - formation of mental visual images

Concentrate and then blow out the candles and then make a wish and see your dream coming true.

Important pointers on choosing a candle:
Choose a plain candle, of uniform shape. Having unusual or large candles can be distracting and is therefore not suitable for magickal use.

Candles used for magick should always be Virgin (unused) at the start of the ritual. Using secondhand candles or other materials in magick can have disastrous effects as they might have picked up vibrations from previous use, even if it was just on a dinner table!

It is a very good idea to make your own candles if they are for magickal use. It will increase the magickal potency of the candle many times.

Charge your candle before using it in ritual. This can be done by anointing it with oils associated with the ritual or magick you intend on performing, or by simply touching it and charging it with your own energy.

Whilst charging the candle, visualize the North and South Poles - rub the oil into the candle starting at either the North or South end and always brush in the same direction.

The oils used in the anointing of your candle should where possible always be natural fragrances.

Try to color the candles according to their color associations.

Astrological Associations for Candle Magick

Sagittarius attractions:

Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Virgo

Sagittarius colors:

beige, blue, purple, bronze

Sagittarius stones:

amethyst, turquoise, citrine

Sagittarius plants:

chestnuts, asparagus

If you wanted to use candle magic for healing, you would select a red candle to burn. To pass an exam, burn a yellow candle, to gain esoteric knowledge burn a blue candle, or for material gain, burn a purple one. It is obvious these colors relate to the signs of the zodiac and the planetary forces.

The simplest form of candle magic is to write down the objective of your ritual on a virgin piece of paper. You can use color paper, which matches the candle. Write your petition on the paper using a magical alphabet, such as the ban, Enochian, Malachain, etc. As you write down what you want to accomplish through candle magic-- a new job, healing for a friend, a change of residence, a new love affair, etc.-- visualize your dream coming true. Visualize the circumstances under which you might be offered a new job, imagine your employer telling you that your salary has been increased or conjure up a vision of your perfect love partner.

When you have completed writing down your petition, carefully fold up the paper in a deliberately slow fashion. Place the end of the folded paper in the candle flame and set light to it. As you do this concentrate once more on what you want from life.

When you have completed your ritual, allow the candle to have completely burned away. You do not need to stay with the candle after the ritual, but make sure that is safe and that red-hot wax will not cause damage or fire. Never re-use a candle, which has been lit in any magical ritual. It should only be used in that ritual and then allowed to burn away or be disposed of afterward.

If you are conducting a magical ritual, which involves two people (e.g. an absent healing for a person some distance away), then the second person can be symbolically represented during the ritual by another candle. all you need to do is find out the subject's birth date and burn the appropriate candle for that zodiacal sign.

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