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August 05, 2019

They work with us in the same office, stand next in line at Pyaterochka, and once again in a few months they want to drink human blood instead of morning coffee. In Russia, as in the whole world, there is a whole community of real vampires who are looking for donors, meet with them behind the closed curtains of hotel rooms, drink blood and energy, and are often embarrassed to tell their relatives about it. The author of samizdat found out who the sanguinaries are, how to ensure proper “feeding” and whether it is possible to energetically influence the mood of people after a glass of beer.

“Do you want me to draw blood with a syringe or through an incision?” - specified Irina. Katya wanted to experience the maximum sensations, and she chose a knife. Irina took out a blade and peroxide, took Katina’s left hand, disinfected her and made a transverse incision. As soon as the blood began to ooze, the girl leaned against her lips and began to drink directly from her wrist.

Five years ago, because of depression, Katya wanted a new sensation. Trying to break free and get distracted, the girl spent hours searching the Internet for pages and forums related to esoterics, and stumbled upon an ad about finding a blood donor in a vampire forum. Wanting to feel something new, the girl answered the call - and after a couple of days she first met with Irina to get to know each other, look at each other and make sure of the “adequacy”. The next meeting was decided to be held in the hotel room rented by Irina.

Met at the subway, the girls  (names changed at the request of the heroines)  went to the hotel. On the way we went to the store for red wine, and then for a bandage to the pharmacy. Irina took the key at the reception, and the two of them went up to the room, poured wine into glasses and sat on the bed. So Katya first came into contact with the world of vampires. They work with us in the same office, stand next in line at Pyaterochka, and once again in a few months they want to drink human blood instead of morning coffee.


Vampires have not much in common with their prototypes from mythology. On the website of the Russian-speaking community Vampire Community, real vampires ask in black and red not to confuse them with roleplayers and “life stylers”: “We are not immortal, we are not turning into anyone, we are not omnipotent. We do not have a war with werewolves, we do not fly and do not live in Transylvania. <...> We are individuals who manifest certain symptoms, usually labeled “vampirism”. ” Now the forum has registered 2734 users from nine countries, participants from Russia alone represent more than 40 cities.

Calculating the total number of vampires around the world is difficult: everyone is scattered across different communities. In the English-speaking group for vampires on Yahoo 464 participants, on  page Vampire Community News on Facebook Like 3022 man on the  forum Atlanta Vampire Alliance registered 1,004 people, and in the  study Vampire Research Center - the organization which was engaged in 2006-2009 research of vampirism, - 1450 people took part.

December 18, Vampire Community will be 10 years old, but the story began not in 2009, but a few years earlier. In 2006, the 29-year-old community administrator, Michael, with the nickname DarkFess, met the co-founders of the forum at, a foreign site and forum for the exchange of experience and support for real vampires. “There were interesting articles“ without propaganda and agitation, ”and then we decided that they must be translated,” recalls Mikhail, who first tried blood at the age of 19. “Then there was no Internet, and I went through all the circles of hell, trying to figure out what was wrong with me.” The Russian-speaking community was necessary to share experiences, provide support to real vampires and help understand what was happening to them.

In 2009, when more than fifty articles were translated, a website and forum appeared. Today, Mikhail is 42 years old, he still administers the Vampire Community, refuses to talk about himself, persistently transferring the topic to the community itself.


Vampires are divided into three groups: sanguinars - those who drink the blood of people or animals, energy vampires - those who feed on the energy of the elements, animals, plants, objects or people, and hybrids - those who need both blood and energy. At the same time, the participants are not in any hierarchy, it simply does not exist in the community - this is a matter of self-determination. “We do not have the advice of experts who will listen to you and say:“ You are ours, come to us, we will tell you everything. ” Each person decides who he is and how he can continue to live with it, ”explains DarkFess.

The path of any vampire begins with awakening. Vampire Community defines awakening as “the physical and mental changes that happen to those who awaken their latent vampire nature.” There is no generally accepted point of view in the community what exactly is considered an awakening: the moment when a person experiences the first symptoms of Thirst, or when he finally realizes himself as a vampire. As long as the newcomer does not understand what is happening to him, he can attribute the symptoms to anything. When participants first come to the forum, they are invited to first be examined by doctors and make sure that the symptoms are not associated with any disease. According to Mikhail, people are stupid: google on the Internet when they get something sick, and then close the laptop and go to the coffin in shock from what they read. “So it is here. People come, they experience something, we usually ask you to make the most of your efforts to be verified. And only after that we will give them some advice on the topic, ”he adds.

However, despite the individuality of the symptoms, thirst is felt almost the same for everyone: pain in the stomach, hunger that cannot be drowned out by food, fatigue, irritability, and long hunger leads to poor health and a decrease in immunity.


Moderator and co-founder Daria with the nickname EnergoSanga is sure that she woke up at 11 years old. The girl lived outside the city and spent time with friends in the fresh air. Children climbed trees and garages, rushed along paved areas and often fell and received abrasions. First, elbows and knees were washed with water from the column, and then Daria suggested that friends lick their wounds with oozing blood. Then there was no thought about any vampires, the girl just thought that she had saliva that helps the abrasions heal faster. Four years later, EnergoSanga became interested in Twilight and the vampire theme, and already in college she met another community co-founder who invited her to translate articles. Reading foreign sources, Daria found out that she is a hybrid and she needs both blood and energy:

“I did not think then: I translate, I help. And then she just started reading articles about sanguinaries, about hybrids, and more. And she thought: maybe, all the same, yes? Before the opening of the community, there was already a Thirst: a very powerful hunger, as with ordinary food, but you understand that you ate recently. ”


The process of nutrition in the community is called feeding. According to sanguinaries - those who need blood, feeding is primarily about getting rid of symptoms and maintaining health. Some of them feed on their blood, but it only gets worse: their own blood does not bring any benefit: "You consume energy yourself, but it is still wasted because of a cut," they write on the forum. Others feed on the blood of animals: they buy at a slaughterhouse, market or keep livestock. However, many in the community do not recommend this method: animal blood quickly loses freshness and contains a lot of infection. It is generally believed that human blood is best suited for feeding, for which a donor is needed.

The donor community is called donors; for sanguinaries these people are special. Usually, donors become partners, friends or acquaintances, but sometimes donors are sought by posting ads on the forum or third-party groups on VKontakte. Donors most often want to help their loved ones and ease their physical condition, but there are also those who just become curious.

According to members of the community, relations with donors should be built on mutual respect: donors need to monitor their health and take tests to prevent transmission of the disease. In turn, the sanguine must take care of the donors and their safety: do not take too much blood, use disposable instruments, disinfect everything and also be examined. The relationship between the sanguine and the donor cannot be in one gate, they are rather symbiotic: If the sangu (abbr. From the sanguine) receives physical discharge, then the donor - psychological or emotional. Therefore, sanguinaries maintain correspondence with their donors and meet specifically to communicate. However, maintaining such a specific relationship is not easy, sometimes romantic relationships with other people interfere. “The best scenario, it seems to me, - Do not tell your partner at all. The second is to have a donor of your gender. Then it’s absolutely without a pale, ”says Vampire Community administrator Michael DarkFess, sharing his life hacks.

It is not always possible to establish a clean connection without exploitation and damage to people. Sanguinar Egor Litvinov believes that donors are often manipulated and they are psychologically dependent. “Not so long ago I corresponded with the girl, I ask her:“ Why are you doing this? Why do you need this? "She replies:" I see how he suffers, how he suffers. He is in the sun, poor thing, dying, animal blood does not suit him. " - „Nichrome yourself! Is he a foodie or something? "" - Litvinov is indignant.

The tools that are needed for feeding depend on the method. Blood can be obtained through cuts with a knife or blade, a fence with a syringe or a wakutainer. According to Mikhail, it is better to make cruciforms on the shoulders or over the hips - this is more inconspicuous, safer, and the blood flows longer. In this case, you will need alcohol, a plaster, blades or a knife, an ointment for scars. There is even a rule that for one donor - one knife or one blade. A maximum of 15 milliliters of blood can be extracted from the cut. Blood sampling with a syringe or a wakutainer allows you to take a larger volume of blood, but special skills are needed here. For this method, in addition to alcohol, plasters and ointments, you need a tourniquet, disposable syringes and butterfly needles or vakuteynerov.

The community recommends going to medical courses and observing safety measures to correctly put the needle during venipuncture and not to take more than 100 milliliters.

Sensations after feeding sanguine are compared with euphoria. Michael says that this is a moment of special intimacy with the donor: you are grateful to him because he eased your condition and saved you from painful symptoms. At the same time, Daria EnergoSanga, who was once a donor, recalls that this experience was difficult for her: “She lay broken, fell asleep almost immediately, because there was instant fatigue. Then I slept for several hours and drank hot tea. " According to the girl, her former partner later admitted that when he was standing next to him after feeding, he felt how the energy flows around her felt everything like octopuses and pulled energy from all sides to make up for it.

Volumes of feeding and their number are individual. Some eat several times a month, others try to curb themselves and reduce the dosage from feeding to feeding in order to look for fresh blood every few months or even less. Against the background of turmoil with his personal life and problems with donors, Mikhail practiced yoga, meditation and exercises from the book “The Guide to the Education of the Occult Forces in Man” by Brandler-Pracht Karl for years. Now he needs only about 20 milliliters of blood every three months.

While Katya was a donor, the sanguine Irina changed before her eyes: “Before meeting with me, she hadn’t been eating blood for about three years, she decided that she could calmly quit and live without it. But it turned out that this was not so: the body began to fall apart. And a few months after feeding, I saw a radical change. " According to her, Irina lost 15 kilograms, rejuvenated, and her walk became calmer.

Arin Rakhteyenko, clinical director of the National Medical Research Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after Dmitry Rogachev, is sure that blood consumption cannot produce any fantastic effects: “It’s almost the same as eating meat, because there’s hemoglobin and a certain amount of protein, but even nutritional benefits will not be especially - there are few proteins in the blood. Most of the blood is plasma, consisting of 90% water and a very small amount of protein (about 10 grams): therefore, there will not be any particular benefit. Blood cells will simply be destroyed by the acidic environment of the stomach. ”

Katya says that she wanted to become a vampire, watching Irina, and soon asked her to “initiate”. Such requests are received by vampires constantly: most often they write teenagers who ask to turn them into vampires, having seen enough of “Twilight” and inspired by the romance of “Interview with Vampires”. Such people are banned in the community, explaining that they turned to the wrong address. Vampire Community is of the opinion that it is impossible to turn a person into a vampire.

In the forum posts, the girl is more outspoken. Talking about a difficult childhood, bullying at school and the causes of depression, Katya says that she tried several times to join any community: magicians, therianthropes, nationalists, furries (furry people who are interested in anthropomorphic animals), but everywhere faced indifference . The girl writes that she always sympathized with vampires from horror movies: they, like her, were all hated and lonely.

At first, Irina refused her donor, because she did not want to lose Katya, but after some time she called back and agreed. Irina gave Katya a drink of her blood from a syringe, having asked three times before if she did it voluntarily and if she understood what she was going to. A few days later, Katya could not open her eyes in the morning: she was burning from the light, and two weeks later she felt hunger. Today Katya has a regular donor, and right now the girl is looking for a bioenergy teacher to see the aura.


Energy vampires in a community mean those who feed on the vital energy of people. “Many people mistakenly believe that energy is emotions, but in reality they are only a surface layer of the energy structure. Underneath is human energy, it is tasteless, it has no feelings, and almost all people have it the same, ”says 19-year-old energy vampire and member of the Lena community under the nickname Chaos Only.

The fact that he is an energy vampire, 29-year-old Yegor Litvinov from the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk Region did not immediately understand. Trying to deal with problems with his father, he wrote on the forums - he looked for help and described his feelings during quarrels with dad. Now he understands that his father is a strong energy vampire who has been fed by his energy and strength since childhood. Once, Katya, a witch from St. Petersburg, answered Yegor's message on the forum. According to him, she brought him together with Sam, a powerful energy vampire from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, who helped Litvinov get rid of his father’s manipulations and saw “great potential”.

The vampire site describes many techniques for traction energy, the most popular of them - tentacles. It is necessary to imagine the tentacle from its energy, which is attached to the person, and pull them, but this way the energy will come from only one person - it can be damaged. Someone in public places represents a ball of their own energy, into which the energy of other people falls. “There are some very strange people who use too,” Lena shares. - For example, they create an object from their energy, leave it on the street and leave. He accumulates the energy of people passing by during the day, for them it is safe. In the evening, the vampire returns, takes the item and receives its energy. "

By the way, the Glagolev FM radio has an excellent pah-pah-pah podcast about the impure and unknown power that is still somewhere nearby. Here is the issue of mermaids

Lena recalls how, at age 12, she accidentally pulled energy from a classmate in a Russian lesson: “I felt a very strong influx. Then I really got scared: I thought that I was taking her soul. I panicked a little, didn’t understand what it was, I decided to return everything back, and the feeling disappeared. ” She recalls that from childhood she wanted increased attention to herself, liked to perform at concerts, because attention also gives energy.

Energy vampires, like sanguinaries, have postulates in relation to donors: to treat reasonably and with respect. But all the interlocutors share stories, at least once connected to a person without his knowledge. The community is also not accepted to take energy from the elderly and children - they have so little of it.

Energy vampirism is almost always closely associated with esotericism and spiritual practices. But of all the energies, only Yegor admitted that he can see a "cast of the soul", influence the mood of people and almost read minds. Upon a request to tell something right during the conversation, he replies that he is already tired, smoked a hookah and drank beer, and therefore offers to try another time.


Doctors look at vampires with less optimism - there is no evidence of a positive effect of blood on the body, while there are dangerous side effects. First of all, blood consumers are threatened by infections, despite the fact that the community recommends regular testing for donors and vampires, not everyone follows this rule. At the same time, even if both sides are tested, it is impossible to check for all infections, according to the clinical resident of the National Medical Research Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after Dmitry Rogachev Arin Rakhteenko, the more commonly they are checked for the most common diseases, and about rare vampires, nor his donor may not even suspect. No less important is the method of blood sampling, as well as sterility and storage method. "Despite, that blood breaks down in the stomach during digestion, some part of its proteins or other components are absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal mucosa. There they can trigger an immune response - a reaction of the immune system to foreign agents (antigens). From one or two tablespoons of blood - there will be nothing, if more, then there may be an unpleasant reaction, ”Rakhteenko adds. According to her, the immune response is something that is feared during transfusion, and why blood groups are so strictly checked. Otherwise, hemolysis may begin, that is, the destruction of blood cells directly in the vessels. it could be an unpleasant reaction, ”adds Rakhteenko. According to her, the immune response is something that is feared during transfusion, and why blood groups are so strictly checked. Otherwise, hemolysis may begin, that is, the destruction of blood cells directly in the vessels. it could be an unpleasant reaction, ”adds Rakhteenko. According to her, the immune response is something that is feared during transfusion, and why blood groups are so strictly checked. Otherwise, hemolysis may begin, that is, the destruction of blood cells directly in the vessels.

Another "vampire" disease is porphyria . It is called a hereditary blood disease, in which hemoglobin synthesis is disturbed, because of this porphyrins, toxic substances, accumulate in the organs. This leads to photodermatosis, hemolytic anemia, neuropsychiatric and gastrointestinal disorders. According to vampires, no one admitted to doctors that he drinks blood, and this greatly complicates the diagnosis or finding out the reasons why people may want blood.


Vampire life is usually associated with stealth. Community members do not seek to share their thirst with others, but sometimes make exceptions for loved ones.

The reaction of people to the recognition of vampires is different. Daria recalls: when she told her already ex-young man about the community and that she was a hybrid, he forbade her to enter the Vampire Community. So she left for three years, stopped feeding on blood and was sick: “It was hard to leave, I was very worried. I wanted to go back, because everyone was very close to me, they loved me on the forum. ” Many do not share with their friends and family, because they know that they will not be understood or considered crazy. Yegor was a little more fortunate in this regard: according to his stories, vampirism is transmitted in their family along the male line, and everything is in the know, so he does not need to hide that he drinks animal blood, and his girlfriend is also a sanguine.

“A large mass of people are negative. I understand that this is strange when you say: “But I drink blood.” Everyone immediately looks askance: “Is it all right?” We do not kill anyone, we do not cut it by force. This is voluntary and with the consent of the donor, we do not bear any danger; maybe completely undecided - yes, but these are maniacs, we do not approve of this, ”Daria is upset. Recently, a video about the community has been released on the Webseeker Youtube channel . According to her, the comments were mostly troll: “It is clear who they consider us to be. They think we're crazy. ”

Katya says that she has few friends and everyone is aware that she is a sanguine. My mother knows from the family: “She, in my opinion, does not perceive this and has a negative attitude. She has a common belief: drinking blood is fu. "Is there cadaveric meat - beef, pork - no fu?"+

Lena does not tell anyone about herself, because the term “energy vampire” is unsuccessful. If everyone in the community understands that nothing terrible is hidden behind it, just a need for energy, then people perceive it incorrectly and recall articles from Google about dangerous energy vampires that need to be protected. “I'm not looking for understanding,” Mikhail admits. “I just want to live calmly, normally, so that no one touches me.” I don’t want to be perceived, based only on the need for blood. We are the same as all other people, ”he adds sadly. Apart from problems with acceptance by society, it is difficult for vampires to accept their essence. Some people have no difficulties with this, and they calmly relate to their need to eat blood or energy. According to DarkFess stories, he knows many examples of people who began to fight with themselves and stopped drinking blood. It didn’t lead to anything good: their chronic diseases worsened, new ones appeared, and in the end they all the same started to feed again. There were those who stopped drinking blood for good. So, one of the co-founders of Abyah for several years does not feed on blood and does not participate in the life of the community. However, Mikhail still recommends not to go hungry: "Even if there is no desire to bother with donors, then animal blood should be consumed, just so as not to bring your health to some kind of sore." who stopped drinking blood for good. So, one of the co-founders of Abyah for several years does not feed on blood and does not participate in the life of the community. However, Mikhail still recommends not to go hungry: "Even if there is no desire to bother with donors, then animal blood should be consumed, just so as not to bring your health to some kind of sore." who stopped drinking blood for good. So, one of the co-founders of Abyah for several years does not feed on blood and does not participate in the life of the community. However, Mikhail still recommends not to go hungry: "Even if there is no desire to bother with donors, then animal blood should be consumed, just so as not to bring your health to some kind of sore."+

Relations in the community are horizontal, there are no main and subordinates. Over the past 10 years, the Russian-speaking community has split up several times, vampires cursed each other, went to other forums and created their own sites, most of which are now dead. For sanguinars, energy vampires and hybrids, the community is a place where they can be understood, be themselves, not hide and discuss their problems and feelings, although in recent years the activity on the forum has fallen sharply. Forums are dying out as a format, all communication flows into social networks, so DarkFess decided to follow the example of colleagues from foreign communities and started a Discord server (a channel for communication on a service popular among gamers). But so far there is little activity on it, although Mikhail hopes that this will someday change.

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I never knew the pros and cons of drinking blood. I guess with the people who actually drink blood see the benefit of it, unlike the doctors.'s the life the energy they need .


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