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Yes indeed, Elspeth, and it really is my pleasure.

Here is a very ancient spell from Quemt or Ancient Egypt which you may enjoy ~ from the Book of the Dead, or as I prefer, the Book of the Destruction of the Fear of Death.(One of my own praise Names of the Goddess of Death and Love)

It goes like this :

"I am a long-lived snake ;

I pass the night

and am reborn every day.

I am a snake,

which is in the limits of the Earth.,

I pass the night

and am reborn,

renewed and rejuvenated every day"

I have always found it amusing that the early 'Christians' (as Christianity wasn't yet around when Issa was alive), also called themselves snakes. There is ample evidence suggesting that Jesus was a Pagan Serpent magician; and this is not strange because all of the various branches or paths of Nature spirituality have the serpent in common, from Taoism to the Druids. As I have gone along in my studies I have found that there can be no doubt firstly that humankind as a whole first venerated the Divine as a serpent; that the Serpent represents the Goddess and God of Nature; though the serpent is a feminine symbol, it possesses both male and female characteristics; both negative and positive, active and receptive, Yang and Yin, which when working together make all good things possible.

This comes back to the Androgynous Goddess of Many Names, who created all things that ever were, are and ever shall be - and Kundalini Shasti within and without of everything..

I,m glad that I was able to make something that others can learn from and maybe use the knowledge in their own ways so that there can be an advancing through their own abilities. It makes me feel really humbled and grateful. Thank you

Awesome Elspeth! So you used to dream of the Macrocosom?

Very interesting Elspeth.....speaking of which we have to work on the Reiki group :) 

sure that's fine Elspeth! Of whoem are we speaking?

Actually I found the 42 Ideals to contain 8 of the 10 commandments, which isn't odd because Moses or Thoth - Sat-An was also a Pagan,as were the ancient Hebrews(the people of Thoth) but they were amended to become commandments as opposed to Ideals.(When the reformers broke the Bronze Serpent (Nechustan = Serpent-Dragon as transliterated)) In these amendments we have the classic difference between patriarchal dualism and Natural Duality; the one commands and forces obedience through fear incentives while Pagan or Nature-centered spirituality is all about creating the life we love all on our ownsome.

Living these Ideals is a way to bringing one's life into accord with the currents, forces and elements of Nature. The Ideals which I posted in the video are not the originals, they were redefined and reworded slightly to make them more in line with today's reality and the demands we face in everyday life by the Priestesses of the Fellowship of Isis.

The transliteration of Hieroglyphs has become subjective, with establishment Egyptologists always wanting to make out as if Ancient Pagans were also believers in the flawed and obsolete system of Parochial Dualism. I find Wallace-Budge to be the most accurate, although even in his respected version there is a misunderstanding of the role of Apophis in the spirituality of our deepest antiquity.The Book of the Dead was also thoroughly amended in part and edited by the earliest Coptic Christians and before them by the School of Annu.

The Serpent is of the elements of Water and Earth, which are Feminine in nature. The male-dominated warrior cults emphasized the powers of the Sun as this was more masculine, and ultimately then consigned anything to do with water and earth as somehow 'evil'. Such as the Goddess and all of Her sacred beasts.They chose the Eagle not as a symbol of communion with Divinity, but because it was martial to them. The power of the Fire was then twisted from being spiritual fire or Kundalini, to being a way to make Pagans suffer and die for daring to stick with the ways of the Ancestors.

Very astute arguments Zep! 

Ah! NIce use of SYMBOL. The MANY waters all flow into ONE 

aaa enti em auset maati, Joseph.
Great who is in the place of right and truth xx

I-a un-a em sau~k...
I have come that I may be protecting thee. xx


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