Herbs For Magical Teas

Alfalfa Leaf: home protection; money draw; prosperity; security.
Bergamot: money draw; success.
Black Cohosh: relaxation; turn worries aside.
Boneset: call upon devas; divination; protection; ward negativity.
Burdock Root: protection; purification; ward negativity.
Chamomile: calmness; meditation; prosperity; purification.
Chickweed: Crone wisdom; divination; honesty; love; trust.
Comfrey: health; money draw; safety.
Damiana Leaf: attraction; divination; love.
Dandelion Root: divination; Fairies; good luck; honor/invoke devas; psychic Power.
Echinacea: body’s self-defense; empowerment; invoke healing devas.
Elder Flower: Fairie blessing; honor/invoke the Goddess; healing; prosperity; rest.
Eyebright: mental sharpness; psychic awareness.
Fennel healing: honor/invoke Horned God; protection; purification.
Fenugreek Seed: attract money; skill in verbal communication.
Feverfew: health; protection; purification; ward sickness.
Goldenseal: healing; honor/invoke the God; joy; prosperity; success.
Hops: comfort; good health; relaxation; well-being.
Hyssop: purification; ward negativity.
Irish Moss: invoke Fairies; luck; money draw; protection.
Lemon Balm: health: love: success.
Linden (Tila): love; luck; Otherworld; Protection; rest.
Mint: Devas; money; protection; prosperity.
Mugwort: Hecate; divination; inspiration.
Mullein: between the worlds travel; courage; divination; health; protection.
Nettle: healing; love; protection; ward negativity.
Orange Peel: divination; love; luck.
Parsley: purification; protection.
Raspberry Leaf: Fairie blessings; health; love; protection.
Rose Hips: divination; love; protection; psychic healing.
Rosemary: blessing; consecration; Elves; protection; ward negativity.
Skullcap: healing (esp. headaches); hidden knowledge; Lord of Shadows; protection; wisdom.
Slippery Elm Bark: clear communications; persuasive speech; protection from envy, gossip, and slander.
Uva Ursa: divination; honor/invoke Artemis; purification; psychic awareness.
Valerian Root: Crone magic; love; protection; purification; rest; sleep.
White Oak Bark: fertility; honor/invoke the Green Man; health; protection.
Wild Cherry Bark: creativity; divination; love.
Willow Bark: health: mental acuity; reduce headache pain.

- Grimoire for the Green Witch, Ann Moura

Follow these steps to empower your tea:
As you steep the potion, envision yourself covered in either a blue or green light (whichever color represents healing to you)
As you drink the potion, visualize a blue or green light coming from the liquid.
Once you drink , the light will start radiating from within throughout your whole body and then out into the world around you
See it reach heaven (as above) and into the earth (so below), extending your will and desire into the universe
if you are the kind of person who likes affirmations and chants, try saying: “Herbs grown naturally, health and wellness come to me” (Robbins & Bedell, 2017)

  • Angelica Root: Angel work, protection, hex removal, exorcisms, health, meditation, divination (do NOT use if you are diabetic)
    Basil: Loves exorcisms, wealth, astral travel, rituals for the dead, house blessings, ancestral work, calling on and working with dragon spirits, calling draconic or dragon spirit–based energy into your spell, protection, attracting money
    Blackberry: Healing, money, protection, exorcism
    Catnip: Love, beauty, happiness, calling on the energy of cats, working with cat spirits, used as an offering for cat spirits, breaking spells, fertility, psychic powers (may cause drowsiness, avoid if on lithium or sedatives)
    Calendula (marigold): Money, prosperity, health, psychic development, protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, psychic powers, healing (may cause drowsiness, avoid if on sedatives)
    Cayenne Pepper: Fidelity, hex breaking, protection, removal of blocks and negative energy, overcoming obstacles, fire, strength, passion (avoid taking with medications that slow blood clotting an with theophylline)
    Camomile: Protection, luck, money, sleep, peace, purification (may decrease effectiveness of birth-control pills and some cancer medications, and may increase the effects of warfarin; discuss usage with your doctor if you are taking medications for your liver)
    Cinnamon: Sexuality, lust, wealth, money, consecration, purification, love (avoid taking with diabetes medications)
    Dandelion (both root and leaf): Purification, manifestation of wishes, enrichment, money (avoid if on antibiotics, lithium, or water pills; discuss usage with your doctor if you are taking medications for your liver)
    Elderberry: Exorcism, protection, healing, prosperity, sleep, protection against witchcraft (avoid taking with medications that decrease immune system)
    Ginger: Love, money, success, power, protection (avoid taking with medications that slow blood clotting)
    Ginkgo: Healing, mental clarity, fertility; avoid taking with ibuprofen or with medications that slow blood clotting; numerous medications have interactions with ginkgo, discuss usage with your health care practitioner before taking)
    Ginseng: Fertility, sexuality, lust, manifestation of wishes, healing, beauty, protection (do NOT take with medications that slow blood clotting; avoid taking with diabetes medications or with MAO inhibitors)
    Goldenrod: Money, divination (may cause drowsiness, avoid taking with sedatives)
    Lavender: Love, protection, purification, happiness, peace, healing, meditation, psychic abilities (may cause drowsiness, avoid taking with sedatives)
    Lemon Balm: Love, success, healing, cleansing (may cause drowsiness, avoid taking with sedatives)
    Nettle Leaf: Protection, exorcism, healing, jinx-breaking, lust (avoid taking with sedatives, lithium, or medications for diabetes, for high blood pressure, or that slow blood clotting)
    Parsley: Healing, fortune, success, lust, protection, purification, ancestor veneration, working with the dead, traveling to the land of the dead, calling upon the energy of death and decay (do NOT take with medications that slow blood clotting or with diuretics)
    Peppermint: Purification, love, healing, psychic powers, (avoid if you have acid-reflux disease; avoid taking with cyclosporine; discuss usage with your doctor if you are taking any medications that are changed by the liver)
    Pine Needles: Cleansing, drawing the aid of spirits, love, mental focus, protection, lust, exorcism, healing
    Thyme: Health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification, courage, good luck (do NOT take with medications that slow blood clotting)

Magickal Tea Recipes

Attract and Protect Money
¼ tsp goldenrod
¼ tsp chamomile
¼ tsp basil

¼ tsp angelica root
¼ tsp nettle leaf
¼ tsp elder flower

Spirit Aid
¼ tsp parsley
¼ tsp rosemary

Love and Lust
1/8 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp catnip
¼ tsp ginseng

¼ tsp dandelion
¼ tsp lemon balm
¼ tsp thyme

¼ tsp pine needles
¼ tsp elderberries
¼ tsp blackberry leaf

¼ tsp goldenrod
¼ tsp peppermint

Psychic Development
¼ tsp calendula (marigold)
¼ tsp ginkgo leaf
¼ tsp lavender


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