So what are shadow figures ?Have you ever run across one, catch one at quick glance .
out of the corner of your eye...

there are many types of shadow figures that people have told stories about running across....frequently seen are the man with a hat and cloaked figure with red eyes..
But what are they? are they ghosts, demons, some sort of being from another dimension?

manifestations of ones own negative energies? Id like to hear what you all think...
also if you have a story to share about an encounter with one , by all means..
please do share ( : thankies

(my story)
Very short and creepy -lol
So I'm up late one night chatting...when i needed to get something from the kitchen
so as I'm walking towards the kitchen - passing the hallway door that goes to both bedrooms
I happen to catch out of the corner of my eye a shadow of a cloaked figure.. walking past - but in the opposite direction......I turned to look and it turned and looked at me so it did acknowledge me...there was no face just glowing red eyes and as soon as i seen that i swear to you all
i felt my heart just was a moment a very quick moment of fright..i have to say.........

It never happened again it were only that one time.... but at that time i was In a very bad relationship with this person and a lot of strange happenings were occurring all around me in my home,,,,lights turning on and off.....cabinets opening and closing..etc... there  was alot of  anger, hurt   between him and  i.....

So i felt as though it were a physical manifestation of some bad energy formed by our thoughts
but then again.. who knows right?

so im dying to hear your replies and stories!! do share!


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We've had lots of experiences with these, and I view them in an Hermetic sense. As within, so without. So to me, they are both internal and external, as well as inextricably linked to us. Our own psyche is therefore going to affect if and how we experience them. 

It's good to get your inner demons under control, so that they don't become outer ones. Balance is key, and if things are unruly, they can be managed by certain ongoing practices. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Star Ruby and the Middle Pillar exercise are very helpful in balancing out energy. 

yes  similar to what i felt...or perhaps they were my own demons... our  emotions  are very powerful.....thank you for your reply  Rose ( :

Where I was staying was a very negative mother who hardly smiled, and a fourteen year old girl, who always stayed in her room, her mother even had to slid her dinner plate under the door. The two other boys were no trouble " well the second oldest had a bit of a temper, but the youngest Bub followed me everywhere like I was his hero :) and I got to see bub and look after him when the mother was doing the washing, Good morning I would say to the mother only to get hit by a sharp reply " WHAT'S GOOD ABOUT IT"  

One day I was sitting down stairs and this black shadow past behind me sending the hairs on my neck straight out & a shiver through my whole body. The young girl was in the laundry playing with a sort of ouija board  that she had made, I have never seen anything like this , it was made up of squares and circles that joined in the middle to a Question, She is of South Sea Islander by descent so I would say this is where that magic comes from, I did not find out much I was trying to ask her Questions, but she was squashing my hand against the laundry bench with her crutch a predicament I did not want to be in, but eventually let go just as her mother pulled into the carport.

Two nights later she ended up in my room down stairs telling me it wants to kill her, I asked who, and she said the hooded man on her cupboard.

more soon :/     


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