Mankind has always tried to graphically represent Images and Concepts to be able to express and transmit them, driven by creativity and will of sharing them with others. The natural evolution of these representations gave rise to the specific symbology enclosed in the Sacred Geometry. It is built following precise dimensions and proportions that flow in the graphical expression of fundamentals symbolisms. The sphere, the cube, the tetrahedron and the other "perfect figures" are always been subject of studies and today they are still the base of the symbolism that belongs in many philosophies, religious beliefs, sciences and meditative disciplines. All the Matter of our Universe interacts with itself by following determinate patterns and rules, viewable and inscribed in this representations that assume meanings symbolizing more complex, important and deep concepts. The graphic design is read as moving frequency, like a continuous dance that presents in its essence an inseparable relationship made of Sound – Color - Number: this relationship translates into Music and Harmony. Sacred Geometry is the “Graphical Display” which lets you express and share between different culture, traditions, ways to communicate the same Aesthetic, Metaphysical, Mathematical and Beauty Values that each of us interprets and lives in his own way.

Flower of Life

fiore della vita


Is the Symbol of the "Beginning", of what is life and what is everything. It is the scheme of the Genesis in which everything finds a place, and which everything starts. By combining the centers of each sphere, you can draw all 5 "Perfect Solids" or "Plato Solids": the cube, tetrahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and octahedron. They are also the two-dimensional view of all the forms that known molecules can take. They, therefore, represent all the configurations that matter of the universe can make, displaying all possible models of reality and creation. It is also an image of models of possible realities and creations that are repeated in all elements of Nature and Man, such as the geometry of the sunflower, of the Nautilus shell, of the snowflakes, and of everything else. The Flower of Life, having this precise and regular forms, contains the frequency of life and represents its unity, transmitting energy of perfection and harmony. In all cultures, the sphere, in its perfection, represents the All or the Void, the God, the Cosmic Spirit. The central circle of the Flower, in which three 8 are designed, one horizontal, one vertical and one oblique, concentrates cosmic vibrations and drives it into its center, which amplifying and radiates the divine energy received, harmonized and amplified.


It is made up of a central Sphere whose center coincides with the intersection of six spheres built around it. Continuing with this rule and following a hexagonal symmetry you can obtain the completion of the image. In total, the circles are 19, with the centers arranged on 9 parallel horizontal lines. The same circles are also viewable on 7 floors arranged in height with the highest represented by the center of the Flower and the others placed in the deep. If we count all the circles, even those that are only partially represented, the count reaches a total of 30 Full Circles. In this construction, you can see the symbol of "Vesica Piscis", which is formed by the union of two circles with the same diameter, whose centers are each on the circumference of the opposite circle. There is also a third circle of the same size which has the center coincident with the intersection of the first two ones, which forms the symbol of the "Tripod of Life." The frame is also a part of the image: it consists of 60 triangles with curved edges, like forming sails, and these rays are the extension of the 15 main circles.


It is one of the ancient symbols shared by different and distant cultures, through different times and places. Despite these differences, the symbol has never been radically altered and we can trace its origins back to the Assire and Egyptian civilizations. The best known is near the temple of Abydos, in one of the oldest cities of Upper Egypt, which preserves the original shapes and proportions. Flower of Life is also present throughout the rest of the entire world: from China in the "Forbidden City", in Japan represented in various temples, in India in the "Golden Temple" and also in Italy. This representation has been traced on Etruscan artifacts of the seventh century, and on more recent buildings such as the Church of San Clemente in Rome or the Church of San Fermo Minore in Verona.

Tree of Life

albero della vita


It encloses within it various symbolisms, which are all linked to the concept of Cosmic Creation. By observing the image, you can highlight the symbol of Ankh, an ancient Egyptian key symbol of life, which is formed by the trunk and the main branches in the form of "T" at the center of the drawing. Continuing, you see how the circular head of the Ankh doubles and it is mirrored upward becoming an 8. Inside the trunk, to the height where the branches cross, there is the "Eye" rotated vertically. The Eye is also set at the height of the heart of a Man, which, by symbology, is bound to the drawing in every kind of representative versions. Another common feature of all the designs of the Tree of Life is the Roots that in this case are similar to the Celtic knots and are always very dense and intricate. In addition, the Roots are always connected to the Branches at least in one point inside the symbol. The meanings of this draw are also associated with the tree in the garden of Eden, as a symbol of a source of life and nourishment. The branches symbolize the "Heavens" and the intricate roots symbolize the Origins of Humanity. These two types of meanings are not distant or disconnected from each other but they come together by finding a meeting point. The Tree of Life is also a symbol of connection between Mother Earth and the Universe, in which the trunk represents the connection between the “earth floor” and the “celestial floor”: the Man, like the Tree, is the son of heaven and earth, and he is the intersection point and key link between everything that is up and all that is down.


The graphic shapes of the Tree of Life are many and heterogeneous, but the stylization of each type of representation leads, at its maximum simplification, to the formation of two triangles with center-oriented tips. The major bases of these triangles are one in the bottom and one in the top, almost like forming an hourglass.


It is a very ancient symbol, Sharing its origins with the symbol of "Flower of Life", and it is spread all over the world through different cultures and eras. We can trace this representation in the Cabala and in the Celtic and Gaelic civilizations and cultures, in which it was called Crann Bethadh. The Tree of Life is also present in Sumerian cultures where it was a symbol of divine Creation in Inanna's myth. She is who planted the sacred Huluppu tree. We can go on by tracing it in America in the ancient Cherokee traditions. The Tree of Life has been handed down from different cultures in different places but it transports the same universal Creation values.

Metatron Cube

cubo di Metatron


It represents the will, the manifestation of the Divinity or its will within the issues that belong to our World. Starting from the center, you can see a circle divided into 6 parts by 2 "Phi", mirrored one up and one down. It is the same you can see in the center of the Flower of Life made by the curved line. Starting from the 2D drawing, we can see the representation of the Solids in 3 dimensions: the pyramid, the cube, the tetrahedron and the other Perfect Solids. The point in the center made by the union of the 6 lines is the Vertex of a hexagonal base pyramid, and it is also the Edge of two cubes, one bigger and one smaller. These cubes are not empty: there are two pyramids in them. Continuing, you can find the representation of a Diamond seen from above, formed by the six triangles that have their bases coincident with the outermost edges of the figure, and the central part of the drawing becomes the vertex of the Diamond oriented in-depth respect to the figure. The 5 "Perfect Solids" and their interweaving are the two-dimensional view of all the forms that known molecules can take. They, therefore, represent all the configurations that the Matter of our world can make, displaying all possible models of reality and creation.


Formed by the representation of 13 spheres whose centers are joined and linked by precise lines. The encounter of these Lines makes possible the three-dimensional representation of all 5 "Perfect Solids" or "Plato Solids": the cube, tetrahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and octahedron. By concentrating on the structure, they become visible following the edges that start from the centers of the circumferences. In addition, there is a double representation for each of the Solids: a larger one from the 6 outer circumferences and a smaller scale one with the most internal circumferences.


An ancient symbol that founders its origins in the symbol of the "Fruit of Life" and it is connected to the meaning of symbol of "Tree of Life" in which the Metatron Archangel and his counterpart, the Sandalphon Archangel, are holding the symbol of the Tree respectively from the top and from the base. Its ancient origins start from Jewish oral traditions and the first transcripts of it appeared in the book of Zohar (Book of Splendor) describing Him as the Angel of the Lord. In Christian tradition, the same figure can be identified in the Old Testament as the Archangel Michael and with the same meanings are also present in some aspects of Islam tradition. It is a symbol of conjunction between the Man and the Divine, helping all those who are willing to assume the responsibility for their own actions in the realization and attainment of their “Life Task”.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang


Among some of the most famous and used symbols is the symbolic representation of two different counterparts: "Yin" the black and "Yang" the white. They can be translated literally from the Chinese as "the sunny side of the hill" and "the shadowy side of the hill". They symbolize two arguments in opposition to each other such as Day and Night, White and Black, Positive and Negative, Sun and Moon, Fire and Water, Passive and Active, Clear and Dark, Heavens, and Earth. These two halves are not only in sharp contrast, but they are both necessary to complete the formation of the Circle, which is the representation of Everything, of the Universe, of Perfection. There are also two small spheres that are in contrast to the half in which they are positioned. In the clear white part, a small portion of black is placed in, and in the dark black one vice-versa. This symbolizes that there isn’t math and pure completeness in each of the two halves, but there is also a little portion of the opposite "Element".


It is drawn from a circumference with a sinuous line inside. This line is the partial representation of two tangent inscribed circles. At the center of this two inner sphere, two other small spheres are built. If you mirror two Yin Yang one over the other one, in the center you will form an 8. The color of the two Halves is also integrant part of the symbol: the left one is clear part with its right counterpart which is dark. Finally, the small sphere at the top is clear and it is opposed to the small sphere at the bottom which is dark.


Symbol dating back to the ancient Chinese philosophy, probably born from the observation of the day and night cycle. Two moments in contrast to each other, but fundamental in the same measure for the passing of the day and of the Life. It is the graphic representation of the perfect equilibrium that exists between opposing forces, in everything that is material and spiritual.




They are geometrically sinuous and harmonious figures that with their precise and particular shapes transmit serenity and positivity. This Yantra can be catalysts for the concentration and meditation of those who take the right time to observe it. They are a symbol of everything that is positive. Every single part, line, or bow is in perfect harmony with all the others that draw the Yantra. They are drawings that we can find in every Nature Elements. For example, looking at the center of the sunflower from above. Or by displaying magnetic fields with iron powder. They transmit a sense of movement, from the center to the outside and then mutually back from the outside to the center. It is always possible to find triangles, that is the basic and fundamental representation present in everything. Some of these triangles are inward-oriented and some are oriented toward the outside, this creates a sense of movement and alternation, as in a harmonious frequency. Curved lines lead to the development of the optic to read the sphere, a 2D surface that becomes 3D, like the reflections on the surface of a drop of water. The frame is a square with 4 "T", the Tao, representing the trinity of Man. The sum of these 4 trinity forms the number 12: the complete year, the complete man, the cosmic man. These drawings are the mirror of the geometry we have inside.


Symbol constructed from the central intersection of numerous arc, developed clockwise and anticlockwise. All present curves have the same radius. There may also be present a geometric shaped frame with a rectangle built on each side forming a “T”. This starting composition can also be integrated with a series of concentric circumferences that have their radius equal to the distance between the center of the symbol and the intersections of the arches.


They are symbols of precise geometries that have long been used in radiesthesia and radionic disciplines. They have always had values of symbol and graphics emitters, catalysts for concentration and positivity. Aesthetically harmonious and geometrics they are dynamic symbols that have intense, dynamic and positive frequency inside their rhythm.

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra


The Sri Yantra represents the creation and equilibrium of the Universe. The central point, called "Bindu", is the geometric representation of the beginning of creation. Around this central point, the 4 upright triangles represent "Shiva" the male essence, harmoniously balanced by the 5 remaining downward triangular that represent "Shakti" the feminine essence. The 43 smaller triangles, that are formed by the intersections of the 9 major ones, represent the "Cosmic Uterus", the Universe. This Yantra is considered one of the most powerful Symbols in absolute and has enclosed within it the meaning of harmonious birth and coexistence of male and female duality, evil and good, black and white, but this duality is dispersed and integrated into the biggest unequal completeness of the universe.


It is composed of 9 triangles inscribed in a circle whose center is clearly represented. Five triangles are oriented downward and the remaining four upwards. It is often represented with one or two crowns of stylized Lotus petals, respectively formed by eight and sixteen petals. The nine triangles form another 43 smaller triangles.


It belongs to the category of YANTRA, a Sanskrit word that has the meaning of "medium", "instrument to favor it", which are all inserted in a wider category: the Mandala. We can trace the oldest Sri Yantra in southern India inside the Vidyashankara temple in Sringeri in the state of Karnataka, dated about 2500 years. It is still largely used today in India, China and Tibet as a symbol of good fortune: it promotes abundance, helps to circumvent and overcome obstacles in achieving desires, is a catalyst for peace and harmony and also promotes material and spiritual growth.




Famous for being one of the most popular symbols of ancient Egypt with the meaning of Life and Eternity, was often used combined with two other symbols in the maxim: "Life, Prosperity, and Health", Ankh - Wedja - Seneb. Also called Key of Life or Cross of Life, it has come to us in different variants but always bringing the same energies and values ​​of hope, union, well-being, and life. The highest part, formed by one of the most recurring figures of Sacred Geometry is the Circular section. The circle represents the All, the Perfection, the Completeness, the Divine's Plan. This figure is rested and joined on the horizontal arm of the Tao symbolizing the material world where mankind exist. The union of these two previous parts continue on the vertical arm of T. This last element is "the product of the Divine force that enlivens the matters" (Giovanni Grasso) and it supports the above two entities. The exact proportions of Tao are very important: the union of the two ends of the horizontal axis and the tip at the bottom of the vertical axis, make exactly an Equilateral Triangle. The triangle has been for ages an important symbol for mankind, Like the Trinity of Reality or the Link between Men with the Divine. As all the sacred geometries, even The Ankh key can be easily found in Nature, both in the micro and in the macro. A curious example, very close to us, is visible in the " Willis's Polygon or Circle". It is an arterial anastomosis system placed at the base of our skull and is formed by the encounter of some big arteries that closely remind the Ankh Key. Another example in nature is visible in the images of the Terrestrial magnetic field deformed by the solar wind: the field lines draw a very close figure to the Ankh's representation.


Composed by two main elements, the circle and The Tao, Ankh has a relatively simple geometric construction, but its own proportions are very precise, and each dimension is created in relation to the others ones. As Giovanni Grasso writes in his study, "The Power Of the Symbol", the whole Ankh figure is inscribed in a perfect Rectangle with Golden Proportion. The horizontal arm of the Key is drawn at a precise height: it is the base of an Equilateral triangle with the main vertex oriented downwards and coincident with the lower edge of the golden rectangle. Above this horizontal axis of the Ankh, we finally find the circular part that conforms its diameter to be completely inscribed in the same rectangle. In this way the circumference becomes lightly elliptical and not perfectly rounded. Another very important thing is the thickness of the Two "arms" of the Tao: it isn't the same throughout their length but becomes bigger by moving away from the center of the Key, which is located at the meeting point between the circumference and The T.


The oldest traces of representations or Artifacts with the shape of the Ankh date back to predynastic Egypt, about 5170 years ago. We find it depicted in many Egyptian tombs, not only Pharaohs's ones. Ankh was given in gift by different gods to the with the meaning of Eternal Life. In many scriptures and painted representations, this symbol was also used as a real amulet and instrument, held in the hand with the fingers inside the circle. His traces go through history even in the Roman culture where he was represented and used as a symbol of Fertility. It remains a symbol known and widely spread today in many Modern and diverse cultures. We also know about an ancient practical use: Ankh was crafted with a mirror in the upper circle, and the most famous one was found in Tutankhamon's tomb. In the Egyptian culture, life on earth was considered the Mirror of the World Beyond, and the mirror itself was considered an object capable of hiding mystical meanings. For example during the Lantern Festival in Honor of Neith goddess, oil lanterns were lit up all night creating the mirror image of the Heavens on Earth, by reflecting the stars of the sky.


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