In this example, we will choose to make a planetary bag for health. We would first begin by choosing a planet that best suits our needs. Gemma Gary, in her book: Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways, describes the Sun as a good candidate for strong bodily healing, and the Moon as a good candidate for gentle bodily healing. We already have two here. Let’s assume that we wish to maintain strong and good health and thus we go for the Sun as the fundamental planet of our ritual.

We have chosen the Sun as the Planet of Focus, and now we can begin to structure our ritual accordingly. To gain the best benefits, this work would have to include strong solar aspects, thus it would best done on a Sunday during the Hour of the Sun. I am a firm believer that any act of Solar Magick is best done during the day with the sun in height and all acts of Lunar Magick are best done in the evening with the moon in height. If we wanted to tune deeper, we can look at what the sun governs over in health and from our studies we can find that the sun governs over the heart, vital fluids and the circulatory system. If this was not what we were looking to heal, then we could look for a planet that governs over what we are looking to heal and plan that the ritual be done on the day of either the sun or that planet during the hour of either the sun or that planet ie. Sunday: Hour of Extra Planet or Planet Day: Hour of the Sun.

For the sake of convenience, this bag is to be used for all round general healing.

We have the day and hour sorted, now we begin on the bag and its contents. The Fabric of the bag can be made with the colour of the Sun, those being white, gold, yellow and orange. It can be made beforehand and prepared for the ritual. From there, we choose our paper talisman, essentially acting as our petition for the purpose of the bag, and some examples will follow:

We see above that there is the kamea (the planetary square), the Planetary Sigil, and a small glyph. These can be drawn on a piece of paper with gold, yellow or orange ink. These can then be added with complementary sigils and declarations, a simple one being:

Whosoever bears this charm will be under the healing powers of the sun, that all illness and infirmity be exorcised and that to their former state return. S.M.I.B”

Another seal is given to us by the Book of Oberon

In the same way, this can be drawn and given the declaration as above. From there, we begin to construct the other parts of our ritual.

The Charging Method

Considering that this talisman bears strong solar qualities, then it would be a given that it can be charged by an invocation to the sun, and by the holding of it in the solar rays for the remainder of the hour of the sun, as to promote its effects.

Another charging method could be the saying of prayers over it, wafting it in planetary incense, anointing it with planetary oils and so on.

A way that I use is to take a plate, that already has a Sigil of the sun drawn on it, and place the talisman atop it, thereafter placing a bowl upside down over it so that it covers the talisman in full. Then the working candle (gold, white, yellow, orange) that has been prepared for the working is placed on top of it and is lit. The prayers and hymns can be said, alongside any extra incantations while the candle burns down, and at its completion, the talisman has been charged and can be taken to use.

The Other Contents

The sun has various correspondences: herbs, trees, crystals, metals etc. and using the correspondences of these, we can strengthen our little talisman bag.

Pine is a tree that is associated with the Sun, and one of its correspondences is healing, and thus this can be used to empower the bag. Oak, another tree associated with the sun, is tied to strength and masculinity – thus in the improvement of bodily strength – this can be used.

Citrine, a crystal of the sun, is a strong healing crystal and is thus a very good candidate for this bag, so is tiger’s eye for its protective, grounding and strengthening qualities.

Any number of items can be added to this bag but it can also be noted that the smallest sacred number of the Sun is 6 (Qabalistic) and thus six items or six pine needles or six pieces of oak bark, two Citrine pieces and four pine needles etc. can be added.

The Ritual Itself

One can create the ritual to harness the energies of the sun. This can be done in the way of colours, incenses and symbols.

A yellow, white, orange or gold candle can be prepared for the ritual, being anointed with either solar oil, holy oil, healing oil or pine scented oil to emphasize the healing qualities. An engraving of intent is also recommended.

The usage of incense, either a solar incense, a healing incense, pine incense, frankincense etc. is also an idea. Frankincense, it should be noted, greatly magnifies the energies of the working due to its high vibration.

His Hymn can be said during the ritual and is as follows:

Hear Me, Golden Lord whose eternal eye
Sees all as it illuminates the sky
Lord of the Seasons with your Fiery Crown
Self-born fierce god of mighty renown
Agile and vigorous, thou venerable Sun
In bright splendour around the heavens you run
Source of existence, pure and fiery bright
All knowing, all pervading light
Blessed with Immortal Flames to Set and Rise
Revealing all that occurs beneath your awesome eyes
O’ Sol the faithful defender and eye of might
You shine with life and power and light
Propitious on my labours shine
And bless me with thy rays divine

Furthermore, a spell taken from Advanced Planetary Magick by Jason Miller can be incorporated

I (ee) This is the sound of the Sun

Oh Father of Force and Fire
The Lord of Living Light
Illuminate me, from within and from without
Inspire me to achieve my full measure
Ignite in me the invictus spirit
make me your magnificence manifest

The Finalization

A sealing verse can be said after the ritual and a symbol drawn over the ritual to seal it.

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