Part 1 

Come ride with me

High up in the skies so blue

Lets fly up to the Babylon towers

And see the rotting apple of deceit.

Through the air I shall take you

Upon my back you are to sit


For a world is now to open

So the future can be freed. 

A soul for a soul he asked you

Nothing more and nothing less

But what if there is no soul to give him

What shall the trade be than?


Would you give that of another?

Or is the prize just too great

Would you step into the fire?

For thy neighbors’ burning hens


Lands far and wide I shall now show you

With magic lakes and forests high

Tales of brave riders they hide

And of a virgin maiden’s death at sea. 


Upon this rock we shall now land

And look down at the earth that you have known

See the worms now crawling out

And taking all there is the to take.


Destroy this wonders you shall

I know I have seen it before

For pride and power you shall bend

Even the truth of thy mother. 


Walk with me now through this lane

And fallow me within the time

An hour passed a minute gone

See the sand drops passing by.

A sun is rising, a moon is dawning

Time is unforgivable for change,

For even you are not able

To feel the wrath of thyself.


See now the world that you destroyed

And the one that could have been yours  

The sea floating with the dead

And the future skies of golden hearts.


So quiet, so peaceful your life could have been

If you only put pride behind.

If you only thought of thy brother

If you only were kind.


For dying she is, 

Don’t you hear her cry,

Hopeless and sad she is.

For she is burring her only child.


Love it never understood

Kindness was a word of the ancients.

Hatred was all that was served.

War is what you have created. 


Look through my eyes and see my world blooming.

Feel the sun upon thy shoulders.

See the birds fly brightly

And the trees wave back and forth.


Messenger of time I am.

Traveler without location.

Nowhere and everywhere I am.

For my wisdom has no limit.

All the times I see, 

All of them that once have been.

All the people I now feel.

All of them as one in me. 


Tell me now and don’t be modest.

Have you ever hurt a fly?

Why do you than are cocky

And act as though one can not fly?


Part 2


There were times long ago

When faith was raging and chaos ruled.

When people fought people in the name of Him.

I was there to defend faith and I was the one to punish them

They had to be destroyed for they used faith to kill

They forced faith and they committed crimes against the spirit. 

No faith is more than that of another man.

I stood there in 1431 and I came to a man prisoner.

I came to him and his brother on that night.

I spoke to him as to Radu.

U shall be the one to have my power

For the reign of terror must be stopped.

A savage is on the loose, I shall be the one to stop it. 


As gratitude and price you shall carry my name

For century’s to come.

An order you shall create with my sign on it.

Kings and queens shall enter it and kill for it.

Books shall be written about it.

And to defend true faith will be its purpose.

The whole world shall see me and know my might. 


You shall create this order I told him.

You shall make them curse you.

So your soul would be free of damnation earthly

When you are through committing my tasks.

Banned from heaven and hell they made him.

Freedom from all boundaries they gave him.

Foolish priests always afraid, oh so afraid,

So delicious their fear is and tastes so well.

For there is no better way to rule than in fear.


Strength he asked me to give him and courage too.

I gave him that and many times more. 

Used it all he did and proud he surely made me.

For his enemy’s he chased many miles away.

Afraid they were, petrified, mortified.

For what he did, he did to his own.

What horrors imaginable he would do to them.


Evil they called him, ruler of chaos and mayhem.

He was none of that at all.

He only committed what I asked him to

For only so his precious would be safe. 

He was just a pawn in faiths battle.


Fight fire with fire they said.

They were very right in that,

For cruelty I fight with terror 

Murder I fight with torture.

Courage I fight with fear.


Evil I surely am not

I am neutral in fact.

I know not evil

I know not good.

I am beyond all that you know

And all the borders that you make, 


High with the winds of change I fly

Low within the waters of the soul I swim.

Deep within the mountains I rest.

Only to rise from my own ashes within the flame of life. 


Bird I am not I never will be.

Fish is too cowardly to ever be me.

The mountain too stiff to transform me

Fire too wrathful to sustain me.


All of them I am and master of them all I am.

For I am not embodied I am only spirit.

Energy of life inside the fire I am

Living in the world of nothing.


Guide I am for sure one with wisdom of the ages

Ancient folks with drums enchanting

Raised me to rule the dead.

The raised me to defend the borders

And stop enforcement of the faith.


Stop it I did with might and glory

For all the world still knows the order I created. 

Order carrying my name by the man with my name. 

A hero and the devil I made him

For it is what he needed to do to win the war.


Devil he is not for sure

Neither he has ever been. 

Power he knew that is a fact

As no other ever has since than, 


So look now into my eyes and tell me

Can you handle power of that level.

Can you be above the strains

And swallow good and evil as one whole

Commit acts humans don’t accept.

Can you kill and feel the pleasure

Or give birth and cry for the sin.


Do you think you’re able to handle me?

I know you are but I am asking you?




Well that is good.

I know you don’t believe it but I surely do.

I will give you all I gave to him and more.

Your life’s road you shall master. 

Evil you shall be with the foe

And a saint with the friend. 

Power I give you because you are still standing.


Unchain him I will as well.

For a bird is not made to be in cages

It is made to fly free and roam the airs.

High above the clouds all the way to the sun.


By those words I accept the master of the south.

The tamer of chaos and the killer of innocence.

All of which you are not yet

But with my help you surely will.

I know this even if you don’t

For I know all the ancients knew and more.


All you need to do is let the music play

And set your soul free as it was meant to be. 

Part 3


See now the valley creeping under the hills

Look down under your feet to feel the magic

Of the you beneath your skin.

The you that’s hidden from everyone around

The shadow kept under locks and chains.

Who is that I am, certainly not who you want me to be.

So often misjudged and miscalculated.

Manipulated and discarded.

Only for the me that you can not see.


A veil of shadows covering this face

Older than the time you count in.

Swimming between the fibers of space

All the way into the clouds

Hidden inside the white sun.

A soul I am like any other

Just me and nothing else.

No label and no name I carry

No body and no shadow covers me.

Like the mist free I am

Like the water emotion becomes me.

The passion of the flame I am

And the stability of terra.

A sauceress I am of gray.

No darkness and no light consumes me.

An empty ball of nothing inside a hollow earth.


Who I am you want to know so dearly.

Yet no idea you have of who you are inside.

I have been here when the world was created.

The rise and fall of empires I have seen.

Beings came and went in silence.

Worlds arose and were destroyed.

The circle of existence was never ending

Inside this virtual insanity of men.

A universe another my home was

Yet I came here without questions.


A unity of souls I come from.

A collective where all is one and one is all.

A beautiful world where no injustice is created

And no dishonor against thy kin.

Separated I am from the we.

Divided and split into a duality

Inside the space of the no mind.

The person you are sadly matters more

Than the people you live with, the people you love.

All is well if you are well.

That is egocentric, that is hurtful.

That will never be unity.

This is the thought that is keeping you from balance.

For we are the collective of souls.

The collective that is our home.

Negativity and possitvty is but a dream.

We are both, and both is us.

I as well as all of us know all sides of the moon

Ergo we stand above the dualistic explanation

Of existence that you have here.

We are neutral for we use both darkness and light.


So many of you fear the dark.

Yet you can only see the light in it.

Also to all of you so keen to the dark arts

How else would you know what darkness is

If you never knew light.

Those are such dual perceptions of reality.

I am created with both,

The ying and the yang.

Both are in me as I am one with creation.

Do not fear what you don’t understand.

Do not run from parts of you that you fear.


For I as well as all of you

Am just me. Nothing more and nothing else.

Secret eternal holds in the name you carry.

Not the one your mother gave you

But the one you hold within your soul.

The eternal sound of your spirit.

A vibrational  symphony of notes

That tell us all the you that you are.

Stop looking for who you might have been.

Look for the one that you are right now

And the one that you are meant to be.

Don’t lose yourself in the words of another

Listen to your soul, it knows all your secrets.


For I as well as you but follow a path

I walk the road less travelled

To learn the lessons I have set.

For the only reason one chooses to be divided

Is to experience division in the flesh.

Though a secret I shall tell you.

The soul is like a tree.

It has to be nurtured and cherished to grow strong and stable and wise

If you cut a branch it grows another.

It is a home for creatures many.

But neglect and it crumbles, it dries, it falls apart.

Take its soil, replace it and it dies.


Because it is not who it was anymore.

Just like the soul. It is who it is supposed to be.

You rename it, replace it, put it in another world.

And it loses it essence. It loses the deviancy that it had inside.

Because one needs no labels and no places

To know who one is. One just needs to feel themselves.

That and that alone is enough for you to hear

The melody, this beautiful song that your soul creates

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