Love at First Sight, or Something Else?

Lake George New York will always hold a special place in my heart remembering the summers that I worked at The Shepard Park Diner and Café. The summer energy of all the college and university students who take summer jobs there is uplifting and exciting. Especially for someone like myself who considers himself an energy intuitive. All of these young people were the future of America and they relished the idea as they relaxed for a summer of work and play before their next semester.

     The diner I worked in that first summer was designed like many in New York City. The kitchen area was right out along one wall in the main dinning room so the cooks, which I was the night cook, were in full sight of the customers. I had worked in pizza places before where I was exposed to the public so this set up didn’t bother me at all.

     Lake George, if you aren’t aware, is a tourist town so the tourists bring their own relaxed energy into all the restaurants and shops. And so it was great for me as I absorbed their free flowing happiness to be away from their normal lives a they ate and talked over their days adventures while planning for the next day.

     It was on one of these nights where I was just happy to be alive and relishing my summer job when everything changed in an instant. This is hard to explain, but I’ll try. It would be kind of like feeling nice and cool in an air conditioned building and then walking out into a hundred degree heat with eighty five percent humidity. Your whole body feels an instant and momentary shock as it tries to adjust to the change in temperature. However in this case it was an emotional shock not physical. As I was cooking an order the entire energy in the room shifted so fast that I was caught completely off guard. I turned to the front door of the restaurant because I knew where the change had come from but not the why?

     A family of five was just entering into the dinning area. At first I assumed it was a mother and father with two younger boys and one older teenage daughter. It only took a moment to realize that the energy shift that I was sensing was coming from the daughter. What I first noticed was that she seemed different from even the family that she had entered with. They were dressed in t shirts shorts and jeans and she was dressed in what I would guess was black leather. Even the way she carried herself as she walked gave me the feeling that she had class and she knew it. I was instantly transfixed on her but not because of looks, she was gorgeous, or her demeanor. It was internal, and by internal, I mean her soul had shifted my consciousness in a way that had never happened before nor has it ever happened since. I wasn’t instantly in love with her and it certainly wasn’t lust. She just literally over powered my entire aura.

     It turned out that she, and her Aunt and Uncle and two Cousins, were French Canadian. I learned this because one of our servers spoke a little French and they didn’t speak English. I was able to pull myself together enough to make their order. And I’ll be honest here, I bet those were the best club sandwiches they ever had, because I doubled the ingredients. And yes, it’s been forty years, but I remember that they ordered club sandwiches. I also learned that she had come mostly as a babysitter for her younger cousins and to get a taste of America.

     One last piece of this puzzle before I move on. Was she aware of my interest in her? Oh yea! It didn’t take long for her or her relatives to realize that I was overwhelmed with her presence. If the sandwiches weren’t enough to convey that I had lost all interest in everything else going on in the restaurant that night the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her sealed the deal.


     I’ve had forty years to try and figure out what and why I melted like butter in a hot frying pan that night. And it still isn’t clear to me what it was about her that entranced me? But here’s what I’ve got. I know that somewhere in a previous lifetime I knew her. Was it romantic or something else? I don’t know? It may have been that I knew her as like a celebrity that I was infatuated with? I don’t know?

     This is what I’m pretty sure of, I made my guide or guides, promise me that I would get to see her at least once in this current incarnation of myself. And I made them promise that because she was such a powerful influence on me in whatever lifetime or lifetimes we shared in the past. And I also know that I desperately want to spend more time with her in a future incarnation. My soul craved her energy like none I have ever felt.

     At some point if I can afford it I really want to see a hypnotherapist and have a past life regression to see if I can find an answer there. The other possibility would be to talk with a very good Medium and see if spirit is willing to answer my questions.

     Last thought here. In that hour that we shared a dinning room. I felt closer to her soul than I have ever felt with anyone else in my entire life this time around. But why? And if she’s a soul mate why didn’t she seem to recognize me?


Bill Walker

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