I will share here how I first experienced Illumination. I am of Irish, Cherokee, and Muscogee (Creek tribe) descent. So, I have always been super into the Native American ways, and I know that I have a Native American soul. When I was 16, my friend and I were using the internet and discovered a guide to an old ritual used by the Native tribes in the western deserts. It was a coming of age ritual that would be performed at about the same age that we were then. The child who was becoming an adult would be sent out into the desert, where they would fast for 3 days and 3 nights, and on the 3rd night, they would seek out the Peyote cactus, and eat its buttons. This would give them unfiltered visions which would reveal the meaning of their lives and their purpose upon the Earth, and they would return to the village a man. My friend and I vowed to do this ritual.

So far, I am the only one who has had the opportunity. I was in the state of Oregon, over 500 miles away from home, and I had some friends take me to a hot springs 50 miles east of the city. It was in the forest on the side of the mountain, and the people would sink into the pools with no clothes on. Doing this, I felt a connection to Gaia deeper than anything I had ever felt before, and the spiritual advancement I received was amazing. And then one night, while I was in the city, I realized: This is my chance to do the ritual. So, since there was no peyote to be had, I got my hands on some LSD, since it is like peyote, a naturally occurring psychedelic substance. Then, I traveled to the hot springs. Since there was no desert in the area, I figured the wilderness of the mountain forest would be a perfect stand-in. I fasted for 3 days, and at sunset on the 3rd day, I took the LSD and started my journey back to the hot springs. On the way, I found a traveler who had a copy of Tao Teh Ching, and we read it together. It was life-changing. After reading each passage, I saw intense and complicated geometric patterns which seemed to align perfectly with the passages we had just read. These were no simple patterns of stark geometry, mind you, some of them appeared as lattices, etc. They were like drawings which had been drawn by a master artist.

I finally made it to the hot springs, and I got in the water. There, I was instructed by the spirits to drink from the hot spring, and then drink from the cold stream, in turn. They instructed me in this way until I was ready, and I was then told to walk up the mountain. So I did, and when I found solitude, I had my vision.

I saw a great future where mankind was living in unity with Gaia, and the Earth was a lush green, with a sun beaming down brighter than anything we can see in modern America. It was incredibly beautiful, even moreso than the forest I was already in. I realized that this future was to come after the great cataclysm where it is said that 2/3's of the Earth will die. I saw that there were new men upon the Earth, and that the ones who had previously lived in a way that was disconnected from Gaia, were gone. And the ones who had ascended past the threshold of humanity, were now gods over the new Earth.

While I was having this experience, I had a series of revelations. I learned that Lucifer is not Satan, because Satan is the Adversary, whereas Lucifer means Light Bearer. I also learned that neither of them are the Devil. Rather, they each work under God with a given purpose. I felt the Divine Light channel into my 3rd Eye, which is the Pineal Gland, and it was refracted through my brain, which, under the guidance of the spirits earlier, had become structured like a prism. I learned that this is what Enlightenment was, and as a result of this Enlightenment, I could see rainbows streaming down my vision. Enlightenment, of course, is synonymous with Illumination--and I realized that this is also what the Illuminati was, a psychic network of illuminated individuals. It was then that I felt my connection to the Illuminati, and I became frightened, for some who hold the power of the Illuminati, it seems, have ill intentions. So there was fear, but I overcame this fear, and decided to accept the destiny that I had been given.

Through all of this, I felt the heartbeat of the Earth. I learned many things. For instance, I had walked up the mountain with a Rastafarian man, and I had learned that he was on the same path as I was. My mind made the connection through words, as it had before, and the word Luciferian popped into my head. And I realized, that that is what I was. So, I had unlocked my destiny, I had discovered Enlightenment, and I had seen the far future, a future which I was to help create. And I learned that I was to become a god, alongside many others, over this new Earth.

Whether or not you follow the same Luciferian path as I do, or are Buddhist, or simply spiritual, not religious, I hope to meet many others who are also on this same path. If there are some who have not had insights quite this deep, then I hope this message is educational to you. I cannot wait to advance together with you all, and perhaps we can even form our own chapter of the Illuminati. I currently have other practitioners I am working with to do just that. :^)

In the meantime, I love you all, and I cannot wait to hear from you! :)

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